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By March 25, 2020May 2nd, 2022Video Production

Ever since the rise of live sharing, recording events with devices has been the new wave. So, how do you capture your favorite moment? You take out your phone and start recording vertically, the exact way you take it out, enabling easy-peasy online sharing.

Social media marketing is known for making the most advances, from including influencers to sharing contests, social media is an ocean of opportunities. Approximately 42% of world’s population uses social media, making 3.2 billion users worldwide! Interestingly enough, 57% of the video traffic comes from mobile phones.

For years horizontal videos served their purpose of films, TV shows, infomercials, tutorials, music videos portable on major platforms. Platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Wisita, Netflix and many more are swarmed with horizontal videos, and that’s great but are they the future of video marketing?

Stats suggest:

– We hold our phones vertically 90% of the time and changing the orientation of our device is seen as an inconvenient task by most of population
– Vertical videos have a 90% higher completion rate

Why are Vertical Videos the Future?

Biggest names are getting involved: The biggest names like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat started pushing their users to share stories, which are vertical videos that disappear within 24 hours. This feature added to all the three platforms with an identical name, introduced an inclusive and an immersive method that allowed users to play full screen without having to turn their phone’s orientation. The rise of vertical videos was catalyzed by the largest platforms encouraging content creation.

Convenient: Easy to shoot and post! The simplicity of Social Media Videos translates to a hassle free, cost efficient and interactive way to up your engagements. The fluid nature of vertical videos suits every single brand, whether it is a restaurant promoting its new cuisine or a designer launching a new line of clothes, everybody can shoot and post away.

Better Performance: Vertical videos, in comparison to horizontal videos have a higher rate of completion. The hassle free viewing experience promotes this viewer behavior.

Spread like wildfire: Social media marketing is arguably the most effective method of creating a buzz around your brand. Social media videos are a no brainer when it comes to generating leads. Video Marketing on Social Media enables a brand to reach out to a wide spectrum of audience.

How to make the coolest vertical video ever?

Keep it short: It is recommended that the most appealing elements make an appearance in the first 3-5 seconds of the vertical video. Usually 15 seconds for a vertical ad are enabled on Instagram, depending on the importance of the video the time can be extended, although our social media video experts wouldn’t recommend that as the users lose interest after first couple seconds.

Most importantly, don’t overwhelm your audience!

Make it FINE: Fun, Interactive, Nifty and Engaging: Our social media experts whipped up an easy-to-remember abbreviation to create the coolest vertical video. Interactive and trendy content is a breath of fresh air when compared to other cliché methods. Tailored algorithms enable users to come across brands of their interest, this personalized approach appeals to the viewer more than a generalized approach.
Focus! Focus! Focus! The subject should be under constant focus. The product or the service being offered ought to be highlighted throughout the video.

Mind the Composition: Fill up the spaces around the focused subject. Only vertical videos give a brand the power to create an intimate experience, connecting with its users. Adding sneak peeks, behind the scenes, have a great psychological impact on the user blurring the gaps between the brand and its user.

Communication Crafts provides social media marketing solutions to a very diverse portfolio, so we know what it takes to be on top of the charts! Vertical videos have a very raw impact on your viewers and are a great tool to break the ice. They work wonders as tutorials and how-to-videos for your product. Don’t miss out on the magic of vertical videos.

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