Why Motion Graphics Get You Ahead Of the Crowd

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Since caveman days, our species has constantly relied on visual stimulation so that we literally don’t die of boredom. It isn’t any different from the current era, nothing seems more boring than reading a looooong text based email, or a document consisting thousands of words.

The human brain is capable of retaining the most information when provided through visual mediums. As a result, videos have gained popularity with the rise of technological advances.

– Using videos on a landing page can increase conversions by 34%.
– The average consumer spends about 6 hours per week watching videos
– Close to 80% of the traffic already consists of videos
– Using videos for marketing result in good ROI for 83% of businesses

However, creating original, effective, and compelling videos is not a work of an average Joe. Partnering with the right motion graphics video production service provider can put your worries to ease. It’s common to have questions pop up in your mind, such as:

– What type of video content creates brand identity?
– What captivates the users in a short time?
– How can one assist the users through the buying journey?
– How to get high returns with little investment?

Producing the right motion graphics with a proper strategy in a cost-effective manner is one of our fortes as a leading digital marketing agency.

Let’s understand motion graphics a little better.

A decade back, graphic designing was the most popular way to explain ideas visually. Creating posters and engaging graphics were the way to go. With advanced technologies, it shaped into the image of motion graphics, which is undoubtedly the best form of visual communication that blends graphics, audio, sound effects, and voiceovers in an appealing package. Motion graphics can be 2D animated videos, 3D renderings, and GIFs that are popularly seen as AR videos, VR videos, or 360-degree video.

With growing preferences for motion graphics, brands are using animated videos as a part of their content marketing strategy in the form of advertisement, promo videos, product explainer videos, social videos, and sales collateral. Besides, the benefits of motion graphics can be maximized when they are used in conjunction with character animation, whiteboard animation, and live-action.

Why should brands give credence to motion graphics?

Motion graphics revolutionize the marketing campaigns in terms of directing users through the buying process and assisting users with understanding the brand’s vision. Motion graphics are definitely your savior when the user wants to conserve their mental energy or is simply running low on time.

Engages, Attracts and Grasps Attention

In a crowded marketplace, rising above the average and creating an impeccable brand image that is easily recognizable and memorable is impossible unless the brand awareness is created. Motion graphics videos are incredibly helpful in communicating more in less time. Plus, the unique presentation of the brand’s message could help in creating an indelible impression.

Motion graphics videos work wonders as they are capable of visually explaining the complex process or an article of 1000 words in a matter of minutes using minimum words and build the purchase intent with compelling content. How cool is that?

Psychologically and emotionally stimulating

Due to a phenomenon called emotional contagion, we empathize and displace our emotions to the onscreen experiences. Powerful voiceover, intense music, relatable characters captivate us emotionally. Emotional stimulation drastically influences our buying habits.

Easy to understand and captivating

Simple and vivid things are easy to learn, understand, and act upon. The best motion graphics work the same magic. It’s a powerful weapon in the organization’s arsenal to split up the complex processes, extract and showcase insights from the impenetrable data, explain abstract concepts with crystal clarity, and turn boring tutorials interesting.

The information distillation enables organizations to make the users effortlessly understand the content in context.

Shareable on all platforms

Most of the video content is consumed by the users on mobile rather than desktop. The motion graphics videos play flawlessly on every device irrespective of its type, screen size, and resolution. The unique feature makes motion graphics videos a one-size-fits-all solution to distribute the content in the target market covering a wide range of devices and the users.

Making the video content viral on social media won’t take more than a couple of hours if it’s created and shared aptly.

Hassle Free Repurposing

Once the marketing campaign is successful using the motion graphics video, it can actually be reused unlike a printed brochure. The video content can be tailored and used again somewhere else to promote the brand. Moreover, the existing video can also be leveraged in E-books, Whitepapers, or presentations to make them impactful. They can be repurposed and serve several purposes for months.

So what’s the takeaway?

Investing in motion graphic videos offers phenomenal results. Teaming up with the leading motion graphics services, like us to create the ideal video is the way to go. Communication Crafts knows that motion graphics are a game changers when it comes to delivering instructions. Visual storytelling breaks down the information, further enabling your viewer to sit back and relax. Lucky for you, we have got your motion graphics video needs sorted.

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