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The significance of Whiteboard Animation Videos cannot be undermined. It is one of the most effective ways to entertain the audience and at the same time inform them.

It has been proven that whiteboard videos generate a 15% higher retention rate and they’re 3 times more likely to be shared on social media platforms.

Along with stats, there are many other reasons for adopting whiteboard videos:

  • Easy to develop
  • Cost-effective compared to other types of ads
  • The effectiveness is scientifically proven
  • Highly sharable content

Most businesses require the help of whiteboard video makers because developing the best whiteboard animation video requires skill and experience. You need to know some important tips and tricks to have an edge over the competition.

But before that, let’s understand the meaning of whiteboard explainer videos.

What is a Whiteboard Animation Video?

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This is a style of video making that is both entertaining and informative. Static images are displayed on a screen to convey a specific message or a story.

The video includes an animated hand that creates the illustrations on a whiteboard with voiceover or music, forming a story that informs the audience as well as pleases them aesthetically.

This type of Whiteboard video production is simple, yet extremely captivating.

Here’s an example by the Whiteboard Video Makers of Communication Crafts:

1. Plan a captivating story

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Before starting the process of animation and developing unique characters, you need to structure a gripping plot for your whiteboard animation video. The main plot or story keeps your viewers hooked to your video.

Eye-catching animation and characters may turn heads, but without a properly structured story, your video will end up with a high bounce rate.

Your whiteboard animation video script should have an attractive hook, a gripping story and a convincing call to action. Copywriters and creative strategists can help you create a story that not only increases views but leads to a high conversion rate.

Write a script and develop a storyboard that satisfies your video production needs, consult with your team and keep improving till you reach perfection.

Here’s an example of a story-based whiteboard video:

2. Do not underestimate the traditional whiteboard animation style

With the ever-evolving trends and technologies in video production, many whiteboard video makers try new styles of animation, which is utterly unnecessary.

The core reason behind a whiteboard animation video’s success is its simplicity. The classic whiteboard animation style keeps the content attractive and easy to digest.

The traditional method includes:

  • The white background
  • The hand that sketches the content
  • The continuous flow of drawing

Integrating modern technologies and different colours to enhance the video’s authenticity and effectiveness depends on you, but refrain from changing the entire format of a whiteboard animation video.

Here’s an example of a classic whiteboard animation video:

The traditional style is most effective because of the satisfying drawing hand.

3. Do not undermine the power of the drawing hand

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The efficacy of the drawing hand is frequently overlooked by many whiteboard video makers. The constantly moving hand that draws the content on the whiteboard delivers a level of satisfaction that is unmatched by any other style of animation.

This style of animation keeps the viewers engrossed in the story and cleverly persuades them to take the required actions. To suffice, the drawing hand reduces bounce rate and maximises the potential of your call-to-action.

Moreover, the drawing hand has an aesthetic appeal that resonates with most viewers, adding an oddly satisfying effect to your video.
Attractive characters go hand in hand with the drawing hand.

4. Insert unique animated characters

Develop unique and compelling characters to integrate into your whiteboard animation video. The best whiteboard animation has characters that resonate well with your audience and create a long-lasting impression.

Fancy characters can transform dull information into an amusing story. After thorough research and brainstorming, the animated characters must be relevant to your video’s story as well as flawlessly reflect your users’ preferences.

Perfectly placed characters can enhance your video by delivering a sense of authenticity and creating a brand personality that retains your users and attracts potential ones.

A bit of colour goes well with the animated characters

5. Add a balanced colour palette

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Although a classic whiteboard video comprises a black and white theme, modern whiteboard animation videos tend to have vibrant characters with different colours.

Experimenting with colourful content doesn’t hurt, find the perfect balance for your brand.

As discussed above, the traditional whiteboard style delivers the best results, but integrating attractive colours and unique animations further improves your video content.

Different colours trigger different emotions among your audience. Studying colour psychology is pivotal for your video’s success.

Learn more about colour psychology

Also, select the colours that reflect your brand’s image and insert them strategically to attract attention towards the characters and essential parts of your video.

Here’s an example of a whiteboard video that uses minimal colour for maximum effect:

Emotions play a huge role in whiteboard animation videos.

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6. Trigger the right emotions

Consumers are heavily influenced by feelings and emotions, affecting their buying decisions constantly. If your video successfully and logically solves a particular issue, then the conversion rate will skyrocket in most cases.

Some emotions may convince your viewers to share the video, some emotions may influence them to buy the product, some emotions may urge them to contact your business, and so on…

Emotions are critical when it comes to connecting with your audience. Strategically targeting different feelings like joy, empathy, fear, etc. can make your video more captivating, memorable and sharable.

Furthermore, a video with the right emotions can easily persuade your audience to take the desired actions.

Here’s an example of a whiteboard video that uses emotions to attract audience:

Along with emotions, your whiteboard animation video must be informative.

7. Entertain & Inform

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Your whiteboard animation video content is not just for entertaining your users, it should be used to convey specific messages and information.

With a gripping story and attractive animations, your whiteboard explainer video must educate the viewers about your brand and its products/services.

Add colours, unique characters and an appealing script to simplify your message and present it in an entertaining and easy-to-digest manner.

A whiteboard animation video is where education and entertainment meet, providing a way for brands to deliver their messages with maximum creative freedom.

Make your videos even more gripping by adding a sense of suspense.

8. Poke your viewers’ curiosity

Triggering a sense of anticipation and wonder yields effective results when it comes to whiteboard animation videos.

Persuade your audience to ask the question “What’s coming next?” with the drawing hand animation. Just like any famous movie, the characters interlinked in the plot should create a build-up that keeps your audience waiting for the big reveal.

Develop a story that creates suspense with elements like product teasers, new services, etc. Always keep your audience at the edge of their seats.

All of these aforementioned tips and tricks can be easily implemented by consulting professional whiteboard video makers.

9. Find a whiteboard video production company

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Not everyone is proficient in video production, and the learning process is quite time-consuming.

If you decide to do it on your own from scratch, you may waste a significant amount of time and money. Also, you may end up with an amateur level video that not only provides a minimal return on investment but deteriorates your brand image.

Always consult experts and take full benefit of their experience in the video production industry. You can convey your needs and the experts with turn your vision into a breathtaking piece of art.

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