6 mistakes to avoid in a whiteboard animation video

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Whiteboard animation videos have taken over the newsfeeds- on every platform! They’re everywhere. Companies are leveraging animation videos to create a human connection while explaining their product, services, or even the company value! Everyone needs a good whiteboard animation video maker to yield exceptional marketing results. Whiteboard animation videos enable a unique brand identity while providing easy to digest information- through arresting visual styles.

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Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Whiteboard video:

1. Too many distractions

Whiteboard animation videos are known for its raw and simplistic qualities. The idea fueling the creation of whiteboard animation videos is to provide large amounts of information in an easy to interpret method. When you create too many distractions such as gaudy images or even coloring the whiteboard rainbow- it’s likely going to take away the attention from the more important details of your video. Quite often, clients prefer a subtle background with bold and thick lined animation in the front along with a guiding hand to get the most out of this medium! Thus, it’s important to keep the essence and the standard style of whiteboard animation-without to get the most out of your video!

2. Not having a guiding hand

Whiteboard animation videos are known for their educational style through the guided storytelling, the audience enjoys seeing a story unfold in front of their eyes. This is exactly what makes a whiteboard animation video different than other videos. The whole idea of having a human hand ‘drawing’ adds a human feel to explainer videos. Removing this important element leads to losing the charm and jeopardizing the impact of whiteboard videos.

3. Forgetting the CTA

After creating an extremely informative video on product services, where would you want to direct your audience? Give it a thought- once your audience is at the end of your video, how do you retain their interest in your brand? Creating and developing a strong call to action leads to fruitful results. Provide your audience with the right direction without letting their thoughts run wild!

CTA’s such as: Like, Share and Subscribe, Check out our social media, etc are known to boost your conversions.

4. Bad Script

A bad script can break your video, no matter how aesthetically appealing your video might be! Consistency is the key, which does justice to your story! Clear and streamline storytelling enables a connecting and enthralling learning experience for your viewers. Remember the last time you saw a film with boring dialogues and wondered- who in the right mind wrote this script? Well, we don’t want that. Without consistent storytelling, your whiteboard animated video is just a cartoon film and not an explainer video.

Here’s your guide to perfect scripting!

5. Poor Animation

Quality of your whiteboard animated video has a vast impact on your audience’s viewing experience. Your whiteboard animation video can be a mirror to the quality of your products or services. Hiring the best animation team, such as ours ensures the highest quality deliverables for your company!

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6. Consistency

Consistency is the key! It ensures your audience stays glued to the screen. It’s absolutely important to make sure that events in your video unfold in an organized manner. An abrupt ending or a disorganized plot leads to chaos and confusion. How often are you willing to post? It’s imperative to understand what message are you trying to get across and in what series are you developing the plot. The length of your content also has a huge impact on your storyline. Thus consistency in the video, as well as the posting schedule, should be maintained

Whiteboard video services meant to get your message across, in a sharp, precise, compelling, and engaging manner are not difficult to find when you look at the right places. The perfect whiteboard animation company leverages the visual appeal that best suits your requirement. With a unique whiteboard video maker, you can get the most complicated message across by grabbing the attention of your viewer right from the beginning till the very end. Being the leading whiteboard animation company, our expert video production team caters and creates unique and significant educational whiteboard videos, which benefit your company tremendously.

Communication Crafts delivers expert whiteboard video services which consist scriptwriters, illustrators, animators, and project and account managers. Our whiteboard video services come with lower costs, seamless communication, bespoke strategies, brainstorming, higher conversions, and even higher profits. Whiteboard animation services enrich and enhance brand awareness, along with creating an impeccable impression every single time! Whiteboard animation services work wonders when availed from the right whiteboard video company. Customization along with a unique approach elevates your overall whiteboard animation service experience. With 24×7 support and hassle-free communication channel, the best whiteboard video company is here to help you unlock the next level.

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