Harness the Power of Motion Graphics – A Boon for Business Promotion

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Motion Graphics is loved by marketers all over the world. The countless benefits and versatile uses are simply unparalleled. Animation has an inherent quality that enhances everything. Even dull and complex information can be easily explained through animation in an engaging manner.

Consumers simply love motion graphic videos, gravitating towards attractive animation for guidance and purchasing decisions.

In this blog, we’ll understand the significance of Motion Graphics by answering the following questions:

  • What is motion graphic design?
  • Why is motion graphics important to your business?
  • What are the benefits of motion graphics?
  • Reasons why motion graphics are more effective in advertising nowadays?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of motion graphics?

What is Motion Graphics?

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In layman’s terms, Motion graphics is a form of video production that involves animation and graphic design.

It comprises versatile elements like shapes, images, texts, audio, voiceovers, music, and more and puts them in motion to create a remarkable experience for viewers. Brands of all sizes, types and industries can utilise the power of motion graphics to convey specific messages or communicate different ideas.

It is especially effective for stealing the spotlight and turning heads, an attractive method of storytelling through video.

Different technologies used for creating motion graphics:

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Check out this example of a motion graphics video made for Bible Force by Communication Crafts:

Let’s begin by discussing the benefits of motion graphics…

Top 6 Benefits of Motion Graphics for Businesses

It is a proven fact that Motion Graphics possess countless advantages for businesses growth and promotion, yet many business owners overlook these perks because of doubts and myths.

Let’s discuss the advantages and bust some myths to emphasize why motion graphics is important:

1. Cost-Effective & Time-Efficient

Many business owners firmly assume that motion graphic services are unnecessarily expensive, which can’t be farther from the truth. People think of cutting-edge animation and imagine a massive hole in their budget.

Videos with motion graphics are cheaper and simpler than you think! A reputed motion graphics agency will deliver high quality animated videos with a minimal budget, effort and time.

2. Brand Recognition

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Users retain 95% of the information delivered through video content, while text content provides a mere 10% retention.

With motion graphics, you can share content that is memorable as well as attractive. Complex information, pictures, stats and ideas can be simplified and presented in an easy-to-digest manner with motion graphic videos.

3. Maximise Outreach

Video content is easily shareable. You can post videos across all social media networks, generating likes, shares, comments and followers with ease.

Impactful animated videos can be remarketed over and over to maximise brand awareness. Additionally, people tend to share social media videos 1200% more than other types of content.

4. Customer Engagement

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The audience tends to gravitate towards videos with motion graphics. Consumers love discussing content by sharing and commenting, boosting customer engagement.

Branded videos are preferred by 85% of consumers.

Comments are a form of feedback that lets you optimise your content for your audience. Real-time communication and discussions allow you to gain a deeper insight into your users’ preferences and behaviour.

5. High ROI & Conversion

Animated videos with motion graphics generate a 300% increase in online traffic.

Integrating motion graphics videos in your marketing mix provides a high Return On Investment along with a high conversion rate. Purchase decisions can be heavily influenced by an animated video, converting traffic and generating revenue with ease.

6. Creative Outlet

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Creating videos with motion graphics is an effective way of building authenticity and originality. Animated videos can uniquely sculpt your brand’s personality, allowing business owners to convey messages creatively through their motion graphics video makers.

Also, motion graphics let you stand out among your competitors and stay relevant to emerging trends.

Although the aforementioned benefits are significantly important, the pivotal advantage of motion graphics lies in its versatile uses.

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Top 9 Versatile Uses of Motion Graphics for Businesses

1. Storytelling Video

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Animated videos allow you to share your brand’s story engagingly and attractively. Highlight your brand’s objectives along with its work culture, achievements ideas, ethics and values.

Share your brand’s journey with motion graphics.

Here’s a motion graphics video made by Communication Crafts- highlighting the brand journey and key factors of IMS:

2. Educational/Informative Video

Educate your audience with style and elegance. Address the pain points of your consumers and show them how your brand can solve these challenges with a cutting-edge motion graphics video.

Also known as product demo videos, share a step by step guide or an educational video to teach your audience how to use your product to solve their problems.

Many consumers believe that a product demo video helps them make purchase decisions. Also, animated videos can be used to generate awareness about products or services.

Here’s another motion graphics video by Communication Crafts, generating awareness for ACTT Med:

3. Promotional Video

Promotional Video

Motion graphics promotional videos are made for the sole purpose of attracting attention towards a brand or its products/services. Business ads that last 30-60 seconds are designed with spotlight-stealing animation, enabling brands to retain existing customers, attract potential ones and generate conversions with ease.

Promotional animated videos require witty content to turn heads and grab attention wherever it is shared. Along with generating sales, promotional videos are also shared for boosting brand awareness and recognition.

Check out this promotional video made for Eveons G by Communication Crafts, promoting electric bikes:

4. Explainer Video

Animated explainer videos increase conversion rates by 20%

Share key factors of your products and services, providing deeper insight into the main benefits of your brand’s products and services.
An engaging and attention-grabbing way of video production that effectively boosts brand loyalty and trust.

An explainer video is a short and concise video with versatile purposes with approximately 90-120 seconds duration, efficiently conveying the message of a business and describing products/services in an engaging, informative and simple manner.

Why do businesses prefer explainer video production? In terms of creativity, animated explainer videos provide an empty canvas for you to display your brand’s image and personality.

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Have a look at the explainer video made for Elysiot App by Communication Crafts:

5. Whiteboard Video

Whiteboard Video

The traditional white background and the drawing hand are timeless gems when it comes to animated video production.

The significance of Whiteboard Animation Video Makers cannot be underestimated. It is one of the most effective ways to entertain the audience and at the same time inform them.

It has been proven that whiteboard videos generate a 15% higher retention rate and they’re 3 times more likely to be shared on social media platforms.

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Here’s a classic whiteboard animation video example:

6. Testimonial Video

Animated testimonial videos allow you to cultivate trust and loyalty among your audience. Positive reviews from loyal customers can attract potential consumers with ease.

Simple and natural testimonials help your brand build credibility and authenticity while enhancing your brand’s image altogether.

7. Logo

As a business owner, you can use motion graphics to create enchanting logos for your company. You can integrate logo graphics into your brand’s website, app, advertisements, banners and more.

Here’s a great example displaying the impact of motion graphic logos by “All Design Ideas

8. Social Media Video

Social Media Video

Animated Video is an effective way of conveying your brand’s message and promotions to your audience, and it pairs best with social media platforms.

Most of the world is active on social media in the digital era, and motion graphics videos are not only easy to digest and remember but attractive for many other reasons.

Also, you can remarket the well-performing animated video across all social media platforms for optimum engagement and conversion.

Here’s an example of a short social media animated video:

9. Digital Marketing

Video content can be integrated with all types of marketing on the internet. In fact, your marketing mix gets significantly enhanced when you add motion graphics videos.

Search engine marketing, email marketing, display ads, social media marketing, add a special touch to your digital marketing strategy by adding a unique animated video.

Now that you have learned the benefits and uses of motion graphics, let’s expand a bit more on why is motion graphics important to your business…

Why is Motion Graphics Important to your Business?

Stylish and witty animation videos create a perfect balance between simplicity and engagement. With high-quality voiceovers or music, motion graphics video content can convey your brand’s message with a long-lasting impact.

Consumers are gravitating towards video content rather than articles and blogs in recent years. Videos are easy to react to and share, cultivating a healthy connection with your audience over time.

Attractive animations and motion graphics can deliver a better understanding of your brand’s objectives, ultimately leading to more sales and revenue.

Monitor analytics and user interactions to make sure your video content resonates well with your audience. Also, keep your animated content relevant to your brand and its products/services.

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