The Guide to Determine the Perfect Length for your Video

By April 20, 2020May 2nd, 2022Video Production
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The future of marketing is here with video marketing! We’ve all heard the praises of digital video production and how effective it is. Whether it is a live action video or a whiteboard animation product, the impact stays. Now the question is: what should be the ideal length for the video to ensure that your audience stays while you deliver your message? With lower than ever attention spans, how will you get your message across through a video?

Let’s jump into some stats, shall we?

-People’s attention spans have dropped to 8.25 seconds.
-Great engagement is generated when the video is kept under 120 seconds.
-95% of the information is retained when viewed in a video, compared to textual information.
-6 out of 10 people would rather watch their videos online than on television.
-Mobile video consumption is rising by 100% by every passing year, which is not surprising at all!

With all the stats in front of you, you don’t need to put yourself in a box and freak out about trimming that video from 2:30 mins to just 2 mins! That would just make it worse! The message wouldn’t be delivered and the impact you want won’t be created. We suggest you let our digital production team to handle it!

Appropriate video lengths for different platforms

For Instagram

Instagram provides its viewers with multiple tools to upload videos, from posting stories that last 24 hours and disappear to its newest IGTV feature which lets you post 10-60 minutes of videos. Instagram is a highly preferred tool amongst the modern youth. Your average viewer is constantly on the go, is often multitasking, and relates and resonates with trendy content. Vertical Videos are the new wave and there’s a reason why? Check this blog out (link of vertical videos blog) It’s important to keep your Instagram story within 30 seconds. Short, to-the-point content appeals and creates engagement. The important message should be delivered within the first 15 seconds. For Instagram Live Videos- it’s an entirely different ball game all together, the longer you are live the more audience you generate! So hit that button and keep shooting.

For Facebook

An ideal Facebook video’s length ranges around 24 to 90 seconds. The flexibility of Facebook videos are such that they can roll for four long, good hours. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should right? This social media platform also has the story feature, the same rules apply here! Just like Instagram Live, Facebook Live is a great way to connect with your viewers in real time! You can post a live video on that booth you have at that convention. It takes the first 10 minutes for your Facebook users to be notified and tune in.

For YouTube

B2B videos can rock your business on YouTube. Make short videos that last 2-4 minutes. YouTube allows for 12 hours of video content to be uploaded, but it isn’t necessary! If you’re posting a YouTube ad, stick to bumper ads that last for 5-6 seconds or 10-15 seconds of an ad for maximum benefits. This length intrigues your audience and creates an impression.

For Vimeo

Vimeo is ideal for posting your explainer videos, whiteboard animations and any B2B videos! This platform enables easy interaction with various businesses. There are no specific timely restrictions when it comes to Vimeo. Just ensure that you’re uploading 500MB worth data per week. Although it’s Plus plan users can upload 5 GB worth video content every week!

For Snapchat

Do yourself a favour by not compressing a long message within a couple oof seconds! Snapchat is to appeal to the younger masses. It helps to cover a wide range of audience. Drop a 10 second video of behind the scenes, show your cool teammates, your machinery and all that cool stuff. Engage and interact with your viewers by posting links, hashtags, games and blogs on Snapchat! Snapchat is famous for its interactive quizzes too.

For LinkedIn

With a maximum of 10 minutes, we recommend 30 seconds to 5 minutes of video! LinkedIn’s audience isn’t your average social media surfer, they’re professional and precise with no time to beat around the bush. Nearly 3 quarters of business executives claim they watch videos online every week! Ideal LinkedIn ad should roll around 15 seconds with a maximum of 30 seconds to keep it effective.

As a leading video production company, we know it’s important to strike the right balance. Often finding the right content to deliver with timely restriction is what most of the businesses struggle with. But, you should leave that worry to us! Our experts know just the right length of the film to capture the essence of your business.

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