Vimeo Vs YouTube: Which one’s your best bet?

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Your business needs visual stimuli. Reaching the masses is best possible with video content. Videos easily take the cake! Video content has taken over more than one third of the entire internet- it doesn’t even sound like a surprise anymore! With new video platforms popping constantly, choosing the right platform that works best for your company is extremely crucial.
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Perks offered by YouTube

Second most popular platform

YouTube is the most searched search engine according to the survey conducted by various ranking sites. People resort to YouTube for instructional videos, movie trailers, music, news and yes of course, funny viral videos. With more than 1 billion users, literally one third of all the people on the internet, YouTube’s growing and dedicated audience is undefeatable. YouTube reaches and appeals to more 18-49 year olds than any other platform or network in the US.

Search Optimization: Google suggests YouTube videos in search

We’re sure that when you search for something on Google, you’ll directly see relevant YouTube video links pop up as search result. Google restricted and limited video snippets from other platforms in its search engine, however this had no impact on YouTube Don’t just take our word for it- check it yourself! Look up a How to video and you’re mostly going to see YouTube videos and no other platform’s videos.

It’s free!

YouTube is free of cost for both its viewers and business owners. This platform allows unlimited free storage and the option to upload countless hours of footage online! Vimeo, on the other hand, charges its members and has various other user restrictions.

Drives revenue

The huge audience of YouTube has its own set of perks. You can directly turn your videos into ads, thanks to the huge customer conversion rate! Start your ad campaign by setting your budget and your target audience and voila!

Don’t feel left out. Our experts will guide you through setting up the perfect YouTube profile!

Hassle-free on all platforms; even mobile!

More than half of YouTube’s viewers use the platform from their phones, that too with no compromised user experience.

Benefits of Vimeo

High quality content

Vimeo refers to its patrons as ‘creators’, and the users take this very seriously! This community of viewers, sorry, creators include videographers, filmmakers, documentarians, marketing geniuses and fellow indie artists. The ‘staff picks’ section puts content curated on a pedestal, often high in production value.

No ads!

Good news! Your viewers won’t get frustrated by that 10 second long un-skippable ad that just played before your video! Ads before a video are known to drive away your audience but with Vimeo, you can have your comfort knowing that the viewer is bound to stay!

Supportive and selective professional community

Its niche community can be attributed to appropriate constructive criticism and generally has no space for trolls or spammers or those annoying 13 year olds arguing in its comment section. Intellectual debates and stimulating philosophical conversations are often seen on Vimeo.

Easy review options

Vimeo gives its users an easy to review option, making team collaboration easy! With this advanced analytic feature your client can exactly comment on the specific frame that they love, or can directly point out at a frame they want changed. This in turn makes for a great and a hassle free method to edit content and get precise feedback.


With selective permission options, you can allow your team members, freelancers and clients to view your project privately. Allowing limited permission to edit is also given to your fellow team mates. Vimeo gives a secure and a safe platform to send across larger video files.

Monetization of your Content

Vimeo lets you convert your videos into a source of income! Vimeo OTT and On Demand features are known for helping professionals set up their business.

Live Streaming

Vimeo let’s its users live stream, easily connecting the company’s with their patrons all around the globe.

Customizable and embedded player

You can customize your video however you want! Want to add your own logo through a third party platform? You got it boss.

Picking a player largely depends on your requirements. If you’re looking for a niche and a creative community driven by B2B leads- your best bet is Vimeo! Vimeo ensures a high quality experience for both the viewer and the company. Whereas if you want to appeal to the masses, rent out ad space and have the best search optimization- YouTube is your best bet! Who even said you have to pick? Why don’t you combine both! Hold up, there’s no pressure. Communication Crafts’ video production experts are sure to guide you to your destination- whether it is YouTube or Vimeo or both!

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