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By June 24, 2020March 7th, 2022Social Media Video

Video marketing has the power to help you boost your online presence with the added benefits of helping your company stand out from the competition. Not only that but it also competes with the marketers from various other companies that are vouching for your prospect’s attention. It’s established that videos are a powerful medium, but how can video content compete with the human element present in the sales pitch? Well, it’s pretty easy if you ask us. We’ve all been sent a witty, funny or an empowering advert on our social media profiles. That’s exactly how video is your best salesperson! With the hectic routines we all have, it goes without saying that we would rather prefer watching a 5 minute video rather than 15 minutes of a sales pitch.

Some mind blowing video facts

– Video marketing services make for most of the internet traffic! About 82% of global internet traffic comes from video streaming.
– An average internet user spends approximately 7 hours weekly consuming video content
– Your video has a lot of influence when it comes to purchasing power! 8 out of 10 people make a purchase after watching a brand’s video
– Your video marketing content will keep your viewer more engaged to website, boosting their stay time by 88%

So, why exactly is video is your best salesperson?

Delivers your message; that too while staying on script!

As a successful video production company, we know you and your requirements like the back of our hand! Thanks to that awesome brief and brain storming session we had! Once we plan your video, script it and shoot it, your message will be delivered the way we planned it! Having a sales team is cool and all, but will they be capable of passing on your message the way you can? Probably not if they’re not well prepared or lack the right resources! They might go off-script, might even have bad days and what not! When you team up with the right agency delivering great Video marketing services, you ensure a 100% success rate in getting your message across! While staying on script- over and over again!
Scripting process you ask? Check this blog out!

Represents you, flawlessly!

The quality of your video content speaks volumes about your brand. When you work with the right video marketing company, you ensure high quality services that add meaning to your company! When your video quality is superior, you’re indirectly reflecting the quality of your company or even a finished product! Your videos will be smooth, clean, well thought out, interactive and most importantly, flawless! Finding these qualities in a salesperson is quite hard. After all, you want your client to fall in love with your company, not your salesperson!

Guarantees a boost in your conversion rates

Your video content is just like any other investment! We all know the wonders that videos create when paired up with any other platform or even your website. The buying behaviour can be influenced through the right video. Here your video content converts your first time visitor into a customer as opposed to just boring old text information plastered over your entire website. Videos are a power-packed, emotional tool and only the right video marketing agency can help you achieve the perfect video. Their flexibility and range being quite diverse can shift its form, from a how to tutorial to a testimonial or even a company culture video! The possibilities of your video content are truly endless.

Takes email marketing campaigns to another level

With a boom in the number of email subscriptions, it’s rather hard to get everyone to open your email and getting people to visit your website through just an email is a different challenge altogether. With just the right video, you increase your open rate! It’s proven that inserting a video has led to a 200-300% increase in click through rates.

Search Engines and Videos are a match made in heaven!

Search engines totally love content that engage with the masses! Nothing entices views like videos! You boost your search engine visibility when you put your video on your website, YouTube, and even your social media platforms. This way, your rates of getting found will always stay on an all-time high!

Builds credibility, loyalty & trust

Your video adds persona to your brand, ensuring and enabling to emotionally appeal and connect to your company. As previously mentioned, 90% users claim that their buying decision is influenced directly through a video! The more videos you have, the better chances you have to educate, inform, connect and influence your audience. A strong bond between you and your audience has higher chances of translating into your sales. We as a leading video marketing company know just the right path to this!

Boosts your social shares!

92% of viewers share videos amongst their social group! Your social media platform gives you the chance to tune in with the fun side of your brand. When your use your humour and wittiness, your company’s personality will shine through and thus lead to higher shares every time!

When you’re creating content for your next video marketing strategy, you’re only limited by your imagination- the outcomes are countless! Communication Crafts being a leading video marketing company knows exactly what you need to do to create an effective video sales pitch! Don’t let your salespersons mood swings get the better of your company! Choose who represents you wisely.

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