Video Marketing- Present and Future of Content Marketing

By September 17, 2020March 7th, 2022Social Media Video

It is no secret that video marketing works wonders in effectively increasing sales for any business- small or large. In this emerging digital era, social media traffic has increased to a whopping 3.6 billion people worldwide!

Social media is not only used for socializing but also as a platform to carry out business operations. With traditional marketing strategies are redundant, most of the business market is gradually shifting to video marketing for promoting their brands.

But why are marketers inclined towards incorporating videos as a part of their content marketing strategies? It is even said video marketing is the future of effective marketing.

But is this true? Let us see why people keep emphasizing this.

Why Video Is Future of Content Marketing:

1. Videos improve SEO performance

People prefer watching a fun interactive explainer video than going through the hassle of reading about the same. Having small explainer videos on your landing page can help increase your website’s dwell time and reduce the bounce rate significantly. These factors are indirect indicators of Google’s crawler which indicates that people find your content more engaging and enjoy spending time on your website. Google loves video content! It is even seen that video content ranks much higher than written content. Creating small promo videos or explainer videos can benefit your SEO performance in the long run and help you rank better on SERP’s.

2. Video Testimonials make your job easy

Seeing is believing. Show your customer testimonies in a way that simply compares your products with your competitors. Why is your product the ideal choice for the customers? Answering these unique questions through a video will help people trust you more.

Keeping the buyers’ demography persona in mind while producing testimonial videos is important. The better your story-telling, the better they’d be able to relate. Producing such a video testimonial can help convert your leads into actual profit for your business!

3. Video creates brand recall

People grasp visual information much faster than text. A study conducted by Hubspot found that more than 80% of the customers remembered video content much strongly than written content. As a leading video production company, we swear by video marketing strategies for increasing brand awareness!

The simplest thing you can include in your content marketing strategy is a fun explainer video! Not only does it easily boost popularity for your brand on social media platforms, but are also appealing and fun to watch. Nothing beats a well-narrated story that keeps the viewer glued to their screen until the end. Appropriate use of the right typography, color combination, and sounds can make the video come to life!

It can provide an effective environment for the target audience with which they can happily resonate with and help your content marketing strategy be effective. Adding animation in the video would be the perfect cherry on the cake! Let’s face it, everyone loves watching animated videos!

4. Demonstrate your leadership in this industry

One of many content marketing goals is to build a trustworthy relationship with potential customers which would in turn help increase business sales. But customers wouldn’t want to double-guess the products or services they use. They would want to be sure that they’re using the best available product in the market. The best way to convince your leads is to create an explainer animated video. Producing such videos can easily demonstrate years of the expertise you have in your industry. These videos can also be used to highlight all the innovative processes you undertake to provide the best customer experience.

Going forward with the right video content marketing strategy can help cut through the noise and help establish a great presence of your company on social media platforms.

5. Videos can easily go viral

Thinking outside the box and creating a unique interactive video for your brand can easily go viral. If you think it must be difficult, well it’s not! All you need to do is do thorough research on your target audience about the type of content which would keep them interested. But most businesses prefer not going through this hassle and rather hire the pros who know how to produce just the right, trendy video content!

6. Videos can help with customer support

Customers will eventually face problems at times with the products or services they use. Contacting customer support for help can be quite a headache. Creating explainer videos that adhere to FAQ’s can help customers in quickly finding solutions to their problems. Not only does it makes their life easier but also enhances their customer experience. And if your customers are happy with your products they are sure to share the video with their friends!

Lights, Camera, Action!

Creating unique types of video marketing strategies can bring in an audience from multiple social media platforms and demographics that can help increase the popularity of your brand. Go with a pro and make video marketing work for your company!

As a leading video marketing and video production company, Communication Crafts have experience in this industry of more than 15 years. Our team of marketing professionals have worked on the production of many animated explainer videos, promo videos for our customers all around the world. These videos have not only helped increase their audience reach significantly but also helped in boosting their business sales. We have the best graphic designers, scriptwriters, expert animators, video marketing experts, content marketing specialists, explainer video makers working for you, whose goal falls nothing short of meeting all customer requirements satisfactorily. Being pros at what we do, we cut through the noise and curate specifically designed content marketing/video marketing strategies that helps promote your brand. Along with accelerated ROI’s that help deliver your customer’s insight for your business platforms, we provide better insights about your customer’s behavioral patterns and help you attend to their needs more effectively.

An established video marketing company expediting in digital marketing and producing trendy explainer videos, we provide a superior scope for your business to grow in this digital age!

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