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By September 30, 2020March 7th, 2022Social Media Video

Who doesn’t love drooling over a delicious meal? Search about food dishes on social media platforms and there is always some video trending. People spend a large amount of time watching food content on social media. Infact, Facebook gets 8 million video views each day!

Let’s face it, people love dining in or ordering food from restaurants all the time! But there are hundreds of restaurants in any neighborhood. As some of them are people’s go-to dining place while the rest they might have not even heard off.

How do you increase a restaurant’s popularity? It’s easy. Let me lay it out for you.

The trick to getting restaurant marketing right is to use social media channels to create content that customers will value. Engaging content will keep you at the top of the consumer’s mind. Visuals matter just as much as taste.

Creating a unique type of video marketing strategy can bring in audiences from multiple social media platforms and demographics which helps to increase the popularity of the restaurant. Go with a pro and make video marketing work for your restaurant!

8 effective strategies for Restaurant Marketing


1. Interview the head chef

The chefs prepare gourmet meals that customers enjoy eating. The delicious meals they cook- people just want more of. The customers always love watching personal stories. Interviewing the chef’s journey of how they found their passion for cooking and the approach they undertake to develop their creative dishes can help personalize your restaurant and be the start of a great relationship with them.

2. Client testimonials

Many video marketers think that a restaurant is all about the food. Which it is, but the neighborhood and the community which it is a part of is also as important if not more. So why not use the community to promote the restaurant?

Video testimonials add a personal emotional touch that customers can directly relate to. It makes your restaurant seem more authentic and appealing. Let your customers share their experience of the food & drinks they had at your restaurant – it can turn out to be a success story surely. Creating the best testimonial videos helps connect with the audience and reflect the true nature of the restaurant which is valuable in gaining new customers.

3. Tour of the kitchen

People love watching the chefs prepare gourmet meals. Provide a glimpse of how the restaurant operates. The kitchen staff rarely has the time to interact with the customers. Creating a restaurant video that has some storyline helps foster a connection with them while also tempting them to try out the food.

4. Custom restaurant videos

Any restaurant always has regular patrons. Delight loyal customers by making them feel special by including them in a restaurant video. Utilize the loyal customers as important advocates for your restaurant and create a video of them talking about their favorite aspects of the restaurant and what keeps them coming back for more. This is sure to boost the credibility of your restaurant as well.

5. Recipe Videos

A good recipe video takes the internet by storm. Before diving into the recipe process, show the final product. This entices the viewers to stick around. Take a mouth-watering photo or video clip of the delicious meal and put it right at the front of the video. Ensuring good lighting, high-quality sound, great video angles are key for the video to be appealing to the eye.

Creating a simple yet effective recipe video that people would love to share with their friends and family- makes the restaurant stand out even more! Ultimately the goal is to convert the passive viewers to visiting customers. Video marketing makes the perfect platform to help increase restaurant traffic with its high engagement and recall rates. Many restaurants know this for a fact as they tend to hire a video production company that delivers engaging videos.

6. Tell Your Story

People love a good storyline. Create a restaurant video that shows how the restaurant endured through time- good and bad, and where it is today. This gives out a personal feeling and also creates an emotional bond with the customers.

7. Blend it with music

Even if the restaurant video is appealing to watch, without the right music it’s going to be yet another dull video viewers won’t resonate with. Adding good music is an important element of any restaurant video that helps set a good mood for the viewers & curates a positive vibe for them. The goal is to make your customers or potential customers equate your video tune straight with your restaurant name.

8. Call to action

Any restaurant wants more customers that will increase their revenue. The restaurant videos should always have a persuasive call to action. The key is to never make the CTA sound like a sales pitch. CTA messages like “Call us now” or “Get your reservation now” are not exactly the best choice. Something explosive like “Check out the customers’ favorite dish” or “Get discount on your first order!” can easily catch the customer’s attention and make them want to check it out. This way people are likely to interact more with the restaurant.

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