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Excellent tips to use videos for social media marketing.

Explainer videos have become a key element of showcasing brand information for organizations all over the world. They make first hand contact with customers and clients simpler and more effective. Explainer videos help you share your vision about your product and services to the world and how those products and services will make life simpler for anyone availing them. Rather than reading long manuals and brochures, customers prefer seeing short explainer videos instead. It is essential to keep your explainer videos short and crisp and the message should be absolutely bang on, which provides complete satisfaction to the viewers. Most of the explainer videos are based on the widely acclaimed ‘Magic Bullet’ theory which says the ideas should be extremely penetrative and should make their place permanently into the minds of the viewers. Explainer videos need to be executed to perfection. Halfhearted explainer videos hardly see the light of the day since they fail to impress and connect with consumers.

The biggest and most influencing brands around the globe know the utmost importance of explainer videos and their great impact on people. Due to this reason, all the mammoth organizations have their own set of excellent explainer videos that help them maintain a great relationship with their expansive user base and customers.

Animated content has become the most widely used form of content for creating explainer videos today. Animations provide a great aesthetic and make videos more appealing and easier on the eye. The biggest of the brands now rely on animation when creating explainer videos for their users and consumers. The best explainer videos are within 2 minutes and have a uniform flow. Sound and narration are also extremely crucial elements of making explainer videos.

Let’s look into a few great examples of explainer videos made by some of the biggest organizations in the world.

Parameters of video content creation:


Before we go into further details on how to use video length over different platforms, we should know the maximum length of videos allowed over major platforms on social media:

Facebook – Though Facebook allows us to post video content for a good 240 minutes, the ideal video length to grab attention is 2 minutes. The average viewer on Facebook does not want videos to be over 2 minutes long when they want any form on entertainment or information. If your video exceeds the 2 minute mark, it is very important that you convince the viewer to watch the video within those 2 minutes by offering them a gist or a concrete idea about what they will achieve on watching the rest of the video. When it comes to advertisements and brand promotion videos, the ideal length on Facebook is 15 to 30 seconds. The consumer gets instantly attracting to a brand video that is short and crisp. Keeping the advertising and promotion videos within that 30 second mark is extremely crucial.


Deciding the aspect ratio to post your video content on social media is extremely important. Every social media platform has its own style and general design. Viewers expect content to be posted in the same format on those respective platforms. Let’s discuss the most common aspect ratios used in social media marketing and where they should be used for most engagement.

Vertical – The vertical aspect ratio has gathered a lot of popularity on social media platforms in the last few years. Instagram and Snapchat are very reliant on the vertical aspect ratio due to their story feature. The vertical aspect ratio is popular for offering a perspective or POV from any source. It’s very popular among regular users since it’s very useful in sharing daily happenings and instances from their lives. Even Facebook has a story mode now where the vertical aspect ratio is coming into use very frequently.

Horizontal – The horizontal aspect ratio is most popular on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It’s used to provide a wider perspective to things and these two platforms like to have videos with much more content and visual appeal. There are no limits to which you can use the horizontal aspect ratio. It can be used for anything and everything. Facebook posts and YouTube videos are the most common horizontal aspect ratio videos you can find on social media. If you have a large amount of content to share without compromising on appeal, the horizontal aspect ratio is your perfect tool for social media marketing.


Promotions are an essential part of social media marketing since they provide a spotlight to your products and services. Most organizations and brands are very reliant on product promotions and advertisements and social media has become a very important platform for that. The amount of reach and engagement all the major social media platforms are generating is enormous and they are cost effective and more efficient than likes of Television and Radio. Promoting and advertising your products is very cheap on social media is very cheap compared to other mediums and hence the popularity of video content on social media is increasing every passing day.

For platforms like Facebook and YouTube that allow you to post longer and larger video content, the advertisements and promotions can be more detailed and more explanatory. You can showcase your product or service in detail which offers a wider perspective to the consumers.

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