Time-Saving Shortcuts for Video Editing in Adobe Premiere

By May 6, 2020March 7th, 2022VFX, Video Editing
Video Editing in Adobe Premiere

This software designed for video editors provides great tools for enhancing their work and the quality of output. Adobe Premiere video editing software is a remarkable platform which has been used by video editors from all walks of life, whether it is a video maker in Hollywood or a freelancer who’s just starting out! The platform isn’t just limited to providing tools to edit footage but gives the liberty to fine tune audio, adjust colours, composition- all while enabling professional touch.

The most prominent benefits of Adobe Premiere video editing software:

– Immersive Virtual Reality support
– Hassle-free editing
– Supports multiple file formats
– Extensive templates to choose from
– Responsive interface

Not to mention the fact that this software is really easy to use as well as provides great value for money!

Adobe Premiere video editing is known for improving efficiency, and with the video editing tips we’re about to share through our expertise, you’re sure to slide your way through the next edit!

Ctrl + ~ Full screen

When you have your client looking at the edit right over your shoulder, you can efficiently manage to show the cut using this command. Pressing Ctrl + ~ Full screen will full screen the source monitor or the program!

Command +S- Save

We’ve used this shortcut on literally every MS Office program! Creating a pitch presentation? Save it right away. Writing down notes during a team meet? You guessed it, save it right away! This function can help you save your progress effortlessly. It’s always a great habit to keep on saving new additions to a project as soon as you can.

Up and down arrows- Move quickly across clips

This one is a total life saviour! If your timeline is just as cluttered as our creative geniuses, flipping through longer videos becomes easy-peasy with this trick! Navigating between multiple clips will have you jumping around your timeline like an absolute pro!

Left and right arrows- Move frame by frame

Another video editing trick that we’ve been using for super easy navigation! Use left and right arrows to move frames. Want to move 5 frames at a time? Better yet, hold shift and left right arrows to move more frames at a time!

Cmd+Alt Rearrange edits

Once everything is shifted around because you inserted an edit, rearrange your clips simply through this shortcut. This will enable you to insert an edit in only one track instead of all the tracks.

Q+W ripple trim

This one’s pretty cool! Using these two shortcuts will help you trim a sequence of rough edits. Pressing Q will ripple trim the previous edit to the playhead and W will do it for the next.

L- Speed up

Reviewing entire footage too time consuming? Quick way to playback is by pressing the L key! The more you press it, the faster you’ll cruise through that footage.


When you’re fine tuning your edit, zooming in is crucial. Ditch the mouse and use + – to zoom in and out. If you’re way too zoomed in and want to see everything at one glance, click the forward slash / to zoom out!

These video editing tips will not only save your time and efforts but they can probably save you from carpal tunnel too!

Now that you have got the shortcuts jotted down for your next video production, why don’t you find the right platform for your video

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