6 important reasons to adopt a Video Content Marketing Strategy

By May 19, 2020March 7th, 2022Social Media Video
Video Content Marketing

If you’re still laid back about creating video content for your business or brand, what are you waiting for?

A video might be the only thing you still haven’t tried for your content marketing strategy, but just the one you need that’ll re-ignite your social media!

You can take your brand reach through the roof with a video! You heard it right. With over 1 billion hours of video watched online daily- the stars seemed to be perfectly aligned for you to start making video work wonders for your brand or business.

And no, you don’t need to create a lengthy video for it to work. Matter of fact, a short and sweet 90-second video has seen to increase the traffic on websites by 87%.

Video content marketing has been named one of the most powerful and effective marketing strategies. We’re sure you might have already noticed the growing impact of video marketing around you.

The importance of video marketing should be highlighted because of its frequent usage and interactive qualities that lead to an increased number of people resorting to video content for the mixed purpose of entertainment, education or simply exploration. Video content is accessible everywhere, anytime and on all platforms. It’s obviously a no shocker that it is already a $135 billion industry.

Video content marketing provides varied opportunities to engage, enhance and stimulate potential customers. Videos are a great tool for someone who wants to break that ice between the brand and their consumer or even help you stand out amongst other brands.

Have a look at these crazy statistics of video!

  • 92% of marketers find video important part of their strategy.
  • By 2022, videos will make up 82% of consumer traffic.
  • A survey found that including an explainer video in an email saw click-through rate jump to 300%.
  • 8 out of 10 people have purchased software or an app after watching an ad video.

If you thought this was impressive, hold your horses! Did you know video content can easy your marketing efforts and increase your ROI?

No? That’s all right, neither did I once! But since I found out about it, video has completely changed the way I looked at social media marketing.

Here’s why!

6 Reasons why Video is King of Content

1. Video content appeals to one’s emotions
2. Easy to share
3. Voices and reflects the company’s values directly
4. Generates leads and is great for SEO
5. Simplifies complex concepts
6. Video content can be repurposed

1. Video content appeals to one’s emotions

Video content is a great tool for storytelling and everyone loves a good story!

Videos have quickly become the heart of marketing because they’re so emotionally packed. They have the power to move you, inspire you and evoke feelings in a short time. With powerful, cinematic visuals, audio, vivid characters, colour palettes and relatable stories, you win your audience over and make an everlasting bond.

These emotional gems stick with the viewer even after your audience has exited the page. The brand name thus becomes engraved in the memory of the audience. This psychological benefit can only be availed through videos. Pure text just lessens the impact.

2. Easy to share

We’ve all been a part of this, from sharing viral videos with our loved ones to reposting a witty commercial on our social media platforms. It’s tried and tested! The ease of sharing compelling videos increases a brand’s reach. The viewer appreciates an amazing video which can be easily shared on multiple platforms.

Social media allows just that. With new and upcoming social media features such as Live, IGTV and Stories, the users are encouraged to post and share high-quality content- making it accessible to all! When your brand posts that well-scripted video, just remember viewers are waiting to share that Social Media video!

3. Voices and reflects the company’s values directly

Letting your viewers get to know the values behind your brand increases and engage your customer interaction. Most of the times, businesses are highly structured and have formal constraints. Personalizing your brand increases your brand awareness and loyalty. Videos like behind the scenes, company culture and about the company are some great examples of humanizing your company! Let’s face it- everyone wants to know what goes on behind the closed doors and what better way to do it than transporting your future customer, employee or investor to your company!

This cool blog we wrote on company culture videos is surely going to provide you with an insight into how to do it correctly.

4. Generates leads and is great for SEO

Video content should be posted on your web pages, shared on social media platforms and even your monthly newsletter. Video posts on social media increase your brands reach by 135% compared to just a photo!

The conversion rate on your website is also bound to increase by 80% when you have a great video on your landing page. According to research, if you have an embedded video on your webpage, it is 53 times more likely for it to show up on Google search rankings.

Why are we seeing video rank better?

Google’s algorithms are constantly changing. Since some time now, Google is giving more and more ranking preference to websites that have video content. Play your cards right and producing a high-quality video can see your organic traffic on your website increase by 157%. And if you’re video is really good, people will spend twice as more time on your page.

This is where the real magic happens.

The better the video, the more people will stay on the site to watch it, thus better will be the ranking, which allows more people to see you and will lead to more click-through conversions.

Quick things to remember while creating an SEO boosting video:

So basically, when someone spends more time on your website- pat yourselves on the back for that 5-min long about us video that you decided to put in there! This in turn increases the activity on your website and boosts your ranking!

5. Simplifies complex concepts

The diverse nature of video content makes it one of a kind! You can make videos for any audience, with any budget and about anything! From whiteboard animation videos to vertical videos for social media- their diverse nature serves every purpose!

Explainer videos are a great example of video content that simplifies complex concepts for better understanding. It’s proven that people who have watched explainer videos for a product retain more information than people who haven’t! Such videos work because they are unique, fun and highly interactive!

6. Video content can be repurposed

You might not always have new content at hand, so what do you do?

Re-purpose original content and use it in creative ways! This is a great thing about videos. Even re-sharing old video content can effectively engage.

Whether you’d like to use images to create an impactful slideshow video or clips from videos for a promotion or share some behind-the-scenes stuff with your audience, there are endless possibilities to edit & reuse your video.

Achieve your business goals with videos!

All you need is a great video.

That’s the content customers love consuming, and that’s what is going to convince them to buy!

Need to increase business sales? A great video marketing campaign can help achieve it for you.

But to whom do you go to for a great video marketing strategy?

You bring on board the best in the business- Communication Crafts!

Our highly experienced team of video marketing professionals have worked on thousands of video projects for global clients. We know how crucial it is to script, shoot and upload that perfect video.

But what’s more crucial for us is understanding your audience- what they like and don’t. This helps us create just the type of video that they will be able to easily resonate with. After all, a great video campaign can elevate your brand. Your vision comes to life when you work with the team next door!

Stand out from the crowd with Communication Crafts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to create a great video?

Tell a good story. People love stories. When creating a video, always keep in mind that the video you produce for your audience, people expect some value in it. If the video is dull or focused on selling the products from the start, chances are they won’t watch it till the end.

Keep it short and sweet, and create resounding content that your audience can resonate with. That’s key to lasting success.

2. How video helps SEO?

There are endless ways a video can help with SEO. Here are some

  • Video keeps people longer on your website
  • Generates more traffic
  • Google prefers Video over any other type of content

More time on your site leads to a reduction in bounce rate. This is an indication to Google that your website has great content, valuable to the viewers. This leads to better ranking for your website on Google

3. Should the video be informational?

Absolutely. There will be questions regarding your brand, products or services that your customers would like to know. Answering questions of the hour will allow them to make better decisions while making a buying decision.

If you keep at it, soon more and more audience will recognise you as a meaningful voice that will help make them the right decision. This will lead to your brand earning recognition and being more credible in the market.

4. Can a video really boost sales?

If a video is crafted to perfection, it will be of great value to the customers. This will lead them to directly make a purchase, without having any doubts about it.

And once your customers find a great use for your products or services, they are sure to share it with their friends and family.

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