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In a world which is changing even as you are reading this, videos that can be uploaded on social media platforms are revolutionizing the way people are consuming content. Every business world-over has recognized their potential and wants to leverage on these video production services.
What’s important is while there are thousands of viral videos, there are very few that cater to specific business needs. Every brand’s requirement for a video is different and hence, before making a video, it is important to define your needs. Here we shall explore different types of videos that can surely help your business reach a wider audience and help the brand grow faster organically.


Explainer Videos:

Explainer videos are the perfect format to explain complex business models and service processes easily to your customers. An explainer video with a duration around 1.5 minutes is the most impactful. Character Animation is also a part of Explainer videos which we excel at creating. An explainer video can completely change the outlook of the consumer towards a product or a service.

Social Media Videos:

Video content is dominating almost all social media platforms today. If your social media accounts don’t have video content, you are doing it completely wrong. Social media videos are very crisp and to the point. They require a huge amount of creativity. But this does not mean they are expensive or time consuming. Short clips, GIFs, stories, dramas and emotions dominate the social media content space.

Whiteboard Animation:

This type of video is great to explain complex concepts and business models in an easily digestible way. In a way, this technique also reminds one of the classroom education format with the whiteboard/ blackboard and hence connects with a wide range of audience. They are quick and easy to execute and fun to watch. Whiteboard animation gives you a great creative outlet to express an array of ideas and visuals.

VOX POP Videos:

It is a form of the testimonial videos but the difference being it uses quick cuts, well-placed graphics and subtitles to add that much needed impact. It can be used for event attendees, employee excerpts and various other styles of videos. Quick cuts, subtitles and some place graphic usually do the job. Vox Pop videos give consumers a great outlook into the work culture and vision of any organisation. It helps form better relationships with your clientele and future customers as well.

Real Estate Showcase:

This is CC’s home turf. We excel at creating showcases for real estate developers, lettings, hotels, clubs, luxury and travel. We will knock the ball right out of the park with amazing concepts, powerful visuals, sophisticated animation, delightful SFX and a range of playful VO options to choose from. (Clients provide the 3D renders). Real estate is one of the most competitive markets when it comes to advertising and marketing. A real estate showcase really needs to stand out to attract more views and interest into the project. Creativity and aesthetic of a real estate video are absolutely essential.
Gala celestia:

Book to Video:

Everyone loves when their favourite story or comic is brought to life. Modern age VFX and animation can bring all our fairy tales and fables to life in very short time. This can include book previews, author profiles, E-books, and book to episodes. It’s time to transform the art of storytelling by making it lifelike and fun like never before.

Event Videos:

As the name suggests, this style is ideal for brands that wish to showcase their launch parties, annual meets, award nights, conferences etc. It is the perfect format for a host of functions which presents the entire event in a smart and easily understandable way. It kind of also works as a quick recap of the event. Event videos helps viewers understand the work culture of an organisation better. Familiarization with your brand is very essential for clientele and event videos go a long way in creating a certain image about your brand and its work environment and ethics.

Tutorials/ How to Videos:

This style of video production is a fantastic way to introduce a product/ service to first-time users. The video will break down the operational aspect screen by screen which makes the idea easily understandable and relatable for the audience. If you have a complex product or service to sell, go with this option. Tutorial videos have great viewership as consumers have doubts about a product or a service from time and to time. They find how to or tutorial videos very helpful in understanding the optimal usage of products and services.

Presentation Videos:

Why make a PPT, when you can make a video of the PPT? This style of video is very futuristic and is estimated to become one of the most sought after formats by 2020. It lends an edge to the brand over the competition as the presentation is presented in a video format. You also have the option to add a voiceover, if required.

Product Videos:

The ultimate purpose of Product Videos is to showcase the unique and attractive features of your product or service that would make a customer interested in it. Product videos also add to the after sales communication by offering tips and demonstrating the functions and application of your product. Our purpose is to create the most creative and outstanding videos to offer the innovative context to a product or a service.

Fundraiser Videos:

NFP organizations require documentation of their charity events and CSR activities to offer a better perspective to the world. Creating Fundraiser videos offers a point of contact to NGOs, NFPs and other organisation with the general public.

Other innovative formats:

We’ve ventured into the dark arts of paper crafts, stop motion, cinemagraphs, sand art, photo treatments, line animation, shape typography and many more. Adding to that we have puppetry and shadow art as a part of our arsenal too. Any amount of creativity creating video content is welcome by consumers. The more your content is creative and exceptional, the more it appeals and attracts audiences. Innovative video formats attract eyeballs instantly.

It’s important to understand that though there are many types of videos and production services, the brand needs to decide which one works for them best. Every style of video has its unique advantages which when leveraged can create wonderful results. Always remember that the customer connects with brands that keep it honest while talking about the most complex situations.
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