Types of Animation – Animation Styles That Work For Your Video Marketing Strategies

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Animation has been the game-changer in marketing. It has paved the way to make storytelling appealing yet informative. These days while marketing their products, many businesses are incorporating different animation styles in an innovative yet cost-effective way which effectively engages with the Target Audience.

But what exactly is Animation?

Simply put, ‘animation‘ is a process of manipulating images, drawings & designs using computer technologies to render them in such a way that they appear to be in continuous motion. They are used in creating explainer videos, multimedia and gaming products; combined with visuals, graphics, and texts to produce creative yet engaging video output.

Back in the day, each frame for an animation video was hand-drawn! In-fact in the first series of Tom and Jerry cartoon that came out 70 years ago, each frame of animation was drawn on a piece of paper! The traditional animation style has paved the way for new modern animation techniques. But which are the eleven most favored animation techniques businesses prefer for marketing? Let us see!

Top 11 Animation Styles used for Marketing:

1. 2D Animations

2D animation date back to the early 1900s, where it gained quick popularity, thanks to the great work of Walt Disney. To this day, it is one of the most popular and broadly implemented animation techniques.

The two-dimensional animation video is easy to make. It makes it possible for in-depth customization which leads to an emotion-evoking piece that can appeal directly to its intended audience.

2. 3D animations

3D animation stand out for delivering a state-of-the-art, high-quality animation video. The use of computer graphics is fascinating as it makes objects appear as if they are moving in 3-dimensional space. It has its use in many different domains such as:

  • Medical
  • Architecture
  • Short-films
  • Video explainers
  • Video ads

But because of continuous iterative changes that need to be implemented to make the animations better, producing a 3D animation video can be quite stressful process and expensive to produce. If not approached correctly from the beginning, it can be troublesome to proceed with. It’s because of this that many businesses tend to go with a pro while creating animated explainer video explainer or animated ads.

3. Whiteboard Animation

Dynamic creative graphics that help address complex information easily, is what makes whiteboard animation stand out. The white background and the smooth black animations are the main features that distinguish this animation style from the rest.  Your awesome guide to ‘how to make a whiteboard animation

Due to its minimalistic design, it is the most preferred animation style for creating educational content and for B2B & B2C marketing ads. Because of which it keeps the focus of the audience intact. After all, who can resist a story told in such an intriguing manner?

4. Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics are pieces of animation with text as a major component, which create the illusion of motion. Such animations not only add depth to a story but also drive the message across easily to the target audience. Read this blog, Why Motion Graphics Get You Ahead Of the Crowd?

Such motion graphics design animations, combined with sound are used for multimedia projects such as business ads, short films, and explainer videos. In other words, it can elevate almost any marketing task at hand!

5. Rotoscope Animation

Rotoscope animation technique was invented in 1915 by Mac Fleischer, with an aim to improve the movement of animated characters and make them look more realistic. In this animation technique, animators trace over motion picture footage, frame by frame, to produce realistic action content.

These days, Rotoscope Animation is created using innovative graphic computer software and has made animated visual creation much simpler.

6. Typography Animation

Typographic animation, in its essence, is a mixture of text and motion. By unique implementation of fonts and animation design, this type of animation style can do a great job of emphasizing specific readings that your audience won’t easily forget. This type of animation technique is great for creating short E-learning animation videos for students as it is more engaging.

7. Screencast Animation

Recording content on the screen, backed by narration – creating Screencast animation video is simple as that! Easy to use, cost-saving in production, this animation technique has proven to work wonders for a business from a marketing point of view. It does a great job in getting the message across in a systematic & comprehensible way.

8. Stop Motion Animation

In a nutshell, the essence of this animation technique is that the creator takes several photos by moving objects slowly, so as to create an illusion of continuous video being played. Not only is it easy to produce but also effective in engaging the audience very well.

How to produce a stop motion video? Read this blog

9. Cut-out Animation

Cut-out animation is one type of stop motion animation. Essentially, cut-out animation involves producing animations using 2D characters, scenes cut from materials such as paper or card fabric. Animators then divide characters into smaller segments, piece together the cut-out shapes and move them in small steps. After which they take a picture with a film camera capable of taking single pictures at each step, to create the illusion of movement.

With the introduction of innovative technologies, it has become much easier to introduce the computerized images into cut-out animation videos.

10. Erasure Animation

This is a unique approach to add to your video marketing strategy. Many popular charcoal erasure films have been created using this technique. Erasure animation uses 2D animation for motion graphics. Photography and animation have to be done in every single frame to create a fluid motion in the film.

11. Flip book Animation

“Old but gold”. Even back in the day, artists used to carry a small flipbook that had a series of images on each page, with little changes to each image. So when the book was quickly flipped, you could see the series of images come to life! Flipbook animation is one of a kind animation technique that fascinates people watching it. Using innovative software these days, creating flipbook animation for video marketing is not only easy, but also makes your company look innovative and stand out amongst competitors.

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