8 Top 2021 Video Marketing Trends You Need To Know

By January 25, 2021March 7th, 2022Social Media Video

Is video marketing really worth it?

A question many people keep on asking us. And every time our reply has been the same- a wholehearted yes!

Let us tell you why that is.

The ROI of Video Marketing

We always tell people to trust the numbers first. According to a statistics report for last year, Wyzowl found:

  • 89% of business owners found video gives them a better ROI.
  • 95% of video marketers plan to increase or maintain video spending in 2021.
  • 83% of video marketers say video helped them get high-quality leads.
  • 87% of video marketers say video helped them increase their online traffic for their website.

The takeaway from these stats is that people enjoy watching videos the most.

We live in a world where business success heavily depends on social media.

The majority of the people feed off video content the most. By far, YouTube is the largest social media network in the world. With more than a combined 1 billion hours of videos watched daily on it.

Social media videos have taken over the content landscape by storm. And it might seem intuitive to you- and that’s because it is.

With social networks built around video- YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram & Snapchat, marketers and businesses have now grasped the true potential of how a great video marketing strategy can play out in their favour.

But every year, new video trends come and go. And you cannot know for sure what video trend can work for you until it’s tried and true. That’s why it’s good to keep an eye over the latest video trends as you continue on your quest to optimize your video strategies.

These are the top video marketing trends in 2021 you should surely keep an eye out for.

Let’s dive straight in!

Facebook Video might be frowned up, but the live video continues to amuse

Facebook live Video
Facebook videos are old news. With the introduction of Facebook Live in recent years, people have been enjoying interacting with them. Facebook live & Instagram live videos are watched 3x times more than non-live videos.

It is a trend that refuses to die.

Continuing to gain popularity among different types of demographics, Facebook’s live video is incredible at engaging with people.

8 billion views happen on Facebook live every day
The secret ingredient? Live interactions with real people.

But not only that, with the introduction of Facebook Watch in 2017, Facebook officially entered the video streaming game. Videos on Facebook Watch range from mini-documentaries, live sporting events.
And this great video trend quickly caught on with brands.

What made it unique was:

  • Original and exclusively free video content.
  • Personalized videos feed
  • Real-time audience engagement in terms of comments and reactions to the content.

People love getting recommendations for the things they love. And Facebook watch allows tremendous personalization. That’s why to this day, it continues to have strong social viewing.

Facebook Live & Facebook Watch allows brands to humanize themselves and connect with fans in real-time.

As a result, Facebook Watch videos have seen higher content creation and social engagement rates than any other social platform.

That’s why Facebook Live, along with Instagram Live, was seen to be adopted by brands on a higher scale.

See how your audience responds to it, analyse the data and then create the type of video content to share that resonates best with your audience.

But also, if you’re planning to run Facebook Video Ads, it’s best to optimize it by keeping up with the newest trends in mind. So that it can maximize your ROI.

Live video streaming is only expected to grow in the coming years. And 2021 will be its breakout year in various ways, so try incorporating live video or Facebook into your video marketing strategies gradually.

Shop while you watch

Yes, you heard it right. Shoppable videos are a thing now.

Instagram, Facebook & Snapchat have introduced new features that
Has enabled the viewers to buy product or service while watching the video ad or short video.

Video ads are now embedded with a link that redirects the user to buy the products. This has removed the need for the users having to go and specifically search for those products online.

This ability to provide potential buyers with a seamless and friendly experience is what most brands and businesses are going to be betting on this year.

Everyone will be vlogging more this year

Vlogging is one of those video trends that’s easy to laugh at but in reality, it’s hard to ignore. Sure a great blog post is still one of the effective ways for content marketing efforts and we’re not denying that.

But in 2021, vlogging is going to be seen even more.

With influencers and popular video bloggers stepping up their game, more and more brands & businesses have discovered influencer marketing as a quick way to their success.

With Instagram, YouTube the most popular vlogging platforms, vloggers are diversifying the type of video content to create and share on these platforms that sit best with people.

With a short attention span of people, came the new perfect solutions for the marketers to continue quickly grasping hold of their audiences’ attention. Reels and IGTV videos. So to speak, vlogging content has become quick, easily consumable and highly engaging so to speak.

In some cases, brands have been turning live streaming into their weekly or daily video blog content. Considering what an impactful trend vlogging has become these days, one thing is for certain, vlogging is here to stay for the arguable future.

We’ll all be watching more silent videos

When Facebook introduced its auto-play feature it was a game-changer. It enabled viewers to go through their stream of videos, without turning on the sound.

And soon, it has become a global video trend.

Now video platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter use this auto-play feature in their feeds.

That’s why creating videos with no necessary need to turn on the sound is the call of the hour these days. By creating videos with subtitles, imagery to give context over what they watch, along with adding appealing animations can help enhance your marketing efforts. Play your cards right and your videos can serve as a catalyst to help increase your brand awareness in an effective manner.

Just what brands and businesses have been looking out for. So get ready to see more online videos that play out well to this particular need of the people.

Videos will be easily visible on search engines

Videos are becoming more search-friendly. Search engines like Google, have integrated video into their core offerings.

Matter of fact, videos rank on the top of organic search results for both desktop and mobile pages.

After the insane amounts of effort you put into creating content for your video, you will want to make sure your target audience can find it!

With Google’s announcement that they’ll be using AI to identify key snippets of the video related to the search queries and put them on an autoplay feature on the result pages just like Facebook, SEO for videos is even more important.

What you can do to enhance your digital marketing efforts in this scenario is add a transcript along with the video. This will enable the search bots to look for additional text for keywords that can help you rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs).

SEO for videos just got a whole lot important for brands and businesses to reach their target audience. And we will witness them working on this aspect a lot more this coming year.

Vertical videos are being adopted more

Vertical videos
We live in a world, where everything is done on mobile phones. Essential smartphones. They have become an integral part of our lives and it’s hard to imagine life without them.

Smartphones are the clear choice for consuming videos in a mobile-first era. In general, people are watching videos on their smartphones and they don’t prefer to change their phone’s orientation. To be honest, it actually gets kind of irritating to have to do so.

And that’s why vertical format for videos has become the ideal video orientation. And why more brands and businesses are focusing on creating vertical videos.

Hands down, creating vertically oriented videos is going to be one of the most adopted video trends in the market this year.

Immersive Experiences through 360 Videos and Virtual Reality

Interactive 360 video has been here for a while. And these type of videos have opened a whole new world of interaction.

People are just seeking passive experiences anymore while they watch a video. That’s where innovative virtual reality (VR) technology comes to play.

As VR continue to grow and evolve with time, 360 degree videos have been integrating with VR even more to provide users with an immersive overall experience while they watch the video.

Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube and Instagram all have VR features that allows users to greatly experience how products work and feel in a 360 field of view.

Talk about taking the user experience to a whole another level!

Innovation is the name of the game and people want more of it. And that’s why you’ll be seeing more of such immersive 360 degree videos this year.

Educate the audience through videos

Training and education video platforms are already a huge part of the online learning.

The pandemic has largely shut down the traditional ways of educating for now. For a couple of years at least, people are going to be shifting their focus to online learning.

Explainer and instructional videos are going to be the heart of learning in 2021.

These kinds of videos are the best because they are highly-engaging and get the intended message across to the viewer in an intuitive and easy way.

Whether it’s for an explainer product video or some other learner video, the number of such videos are going to be found more on social media platforms this year.

More and more brands, businesses and online educational institutes are going to step up their game to create engaging explainer video content to inform and educate their audience better.

So what’s the right video trend for you?

Nothing remains forever. Not even trends. They come and go, sometimes very quickly. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t experiment with them.

Because that’s what marketing is all about, exploring new ways that can resonate well with your target audience.

That requires understanding your target audience well and then creating a great video marketing strategy that can help you successfully incorporate the right marketing video trends that sit well with your business best.

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