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The novel COVID-19 outbreak has shook the core of humanity. During this pandemic, we encourage everyone to stay indoors, calm and well-informed. These basic steps can ensure safety and good health not just for you, but for the ones you love as well. The purpose of this blog is to spread the right information, preventing the spread of fear mongering or panic initiating messages. These coronavirus awareness videos serve the purpose of delivering crucial and lifesaving information about the disease, in a light nature for easy message retention. Using good quality animation and a balanced approach, the videos have enabled successful delivery of the message to a diverse target audience from the age of 10+ and over.

CC picks top 5 videos on Coronavirus

1. Coronavirus – seven steps to prevent the spread of the virus by WHO

This 30-second clip provides us the crucial measures one should take to avoid the spread of Coronavirus. The friendly and easy-to-interpret graphics connect with the user while leaving a lasting impression of the steps. The music does not distract the viewer and the text of the video is bold and easy to read. This short clip can be the perfect content for in-feed Instagram videos. The bonus part is that even if it played on mute by its viewers, the message is still conveyed and there is no loss of important information.

2. The Coronavirus Explained & What You Should Do by Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

This 8 minute and 34 seconds long video is the perfect example of an explainer video. The tone of the video is quite the opposite of the first video, thus being true to the educational and interactive nature of explainer animation videos. It gives us a brief on the pandemic and also various safety precautions that can be adopted by its viewers. The audio and the graphics of the video definitely set a very precautionary tone. The vivid color palette, exquisite animation enable the audience to retain complex information very simply. This video provides everything one needs to know about the pandemic! All in all a great video!

3. Coronavirus video – Social Distancing by Australian Health Department

This 30-second long short clip briefs its viewers on the concept of social distancing. In the times of mass panic, videos ending with a positive connotation tend to motivate and give hope to viewers. The overall animation, as well as the color palette of the video, makes this information clip easy to watch while taking down the unnecessary panic a notch.

4. Global COVID-19 Prevention by Stanford Medicine

This video is a team favourite. The exceptional use of sound effects, bright colours, and simplistic animation has got our eyes glued to the screen. This witty narrative easily depicts the spread of the disease and gives us preventive methods in the simplest way possible! This video has no audio and no subtitles, just a great message to take away.

“Help prevent the spread, we are stronger together.”

5. What Happens When You Have Coronavirus by Northwell Health

This simple explainer video provides us with all the details regarding the virus. The absence of audio is made up for with thorough frame to frame descriptions. Viewers can easily remember the important points through the colourful characters. The detailed text helps the viewers understand all the important aspects of the disease.

Let us all be there for one another in the time of need. Stay home and stay safe!

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