Top 10 Motion Graphic Trends Of 2020

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The beginning of every decade has almost always signified a new era in motion graphics. In the second half of 2010, we saw the emergence of minimalism, contrasting neon colors, morphing, and glitch effect in motion graphic design. A study found that in 2018, the global animation market was worth 259 billion U.S. dollars, and is expected to increase to a staggering 270 billion by 2020!
These animation trends are still going strong in the wake of 2020, and they have paved the way for several other cutting-edge styles that, experts hope, will define the new decade we have just stepped in.

But what exactly is Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics is animation, but with text as a chief component. Motion graphics are small pieces of animation that when combined together- appear to be in motion.

And why are Motion Graphics so popular?

Motion graphics are an effective medium of communication for the viewer. When combined with music and effective copy, they add a certain depth to the story.

Here are 10 motion graphics trends you should look out for in 2020

1. Motion-tracking

Motion tracking is unique. It brings with it the ability to harness out of the box ideas to the live-action world. It tracks a movement of an object, so that other motion graphic elements can follow this movement to create an appealing graphical animated output.

Motion videos have been performing staggeringly better than most other forms of media including images and traditional Infographics. Motion tracking is the go-to trend for the best motion graphics studios to transform inanimate Infographics into interesting and interactive videos.

2. The use of mixed media

In 2019, mixed media was in high demand. The entire year showed an unexpected appreciation and demand for a mix of 2D and 3D animations, images, and existing footage.

Motion graphics with a blend of 2D and 3D animation has left a lasting mark in TV commercials and online ads. It is a superbly inexpensive way to design videos using mixed-media motion graphics video maker that is visually attractive and informative.

With so many small to big scale brands demanding such from video production agency this year, it is impossible to think that 2020 is ready to bid the trend of using mixed media “goodbye” just yet.

3. Hyper surrealism

It is not one particular technique, but the mix of several design methods that produce a surreal world which people can relate to. It takes simple elements and clean (sharp) visuals and transforms them into something real as well as fantastic at the same time.

This relatively new trend makes familiar objects behave in unexpected ways that capture one’s attention and imagination. Your motion graphics agency should prepare for some of the best works of digital hyper-realism in 2020.

4. Smooth transitions

Seamless transitions are everything that a viewer loves to watch in a video. The motion design process is critical when it comes to uninterrupted transitions. Creating fluid and natural stories helps simplify the fundamental concepts easily while guiding the viewer from scene to scene across the narrative.

With the right transitions, even a less sophisticated design can truly shine, leaving the audience captivated and educated.

Six effective motion design transitions to choose from are:

  • Dissolve
  • Cut on Action
  • Morph
  • Hard Cut
  • Match Cut
  • Dynamic/Infinite Zoom

The seamless transition has become an incredibly important trend in the world of motion graphic trend. These transitions are uninterrupted and peaceful, pushing the viewers to pay more attention. And if you need help choosing the right one for your video, a great video production company can always help with that.

5. Kinetic typography animation

Kinetic typography animation is a fancy name for motion texts in the video.

A recent study estimates that video marketing is growing by 14.6% each year. By unleashing the power of kinetic typography for videos, you can easily attract new customers.

You are likely to have come across kinetic typography in several TV ads already, but 2020 is ushering in the era of disruptive kinetic typography. Think of it as the newest trend of motion graphics that brings intriguing type fonts of the copy to life.

Kinetic typography is not only cost efficient but also contains all the factors to impress the audience. From adding appealing aesthetics, great music, and animated texts in the video, you can easily promote your brand and grasp the attention of the viewers. It is all about taking the viewers on a visual journey of impactful storytelling.

6. Hyper-minimalism

The previous decade inducted minimalism to graphic design and motion graphics indiscriminately. We have seen flat designs, use of pastel shades, and darker backgrounds, but none of them have stuck around in 2020.
Hyper-minimalism not only makes the video clean and easy to follow, but it also allows the users to focus on the more important elements in the animated piece.

7. Utilizing GIFs

From IKEA to Uber, a number of brands are taking Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) to the next level with a mix of 2D animations, 3D graphics, and disruptive typefaces.

GIF’s should be included in the video as they help curate a fun atmosphere for the viewers and help set the right tone. Neat and attractive animation has been a forte of the leading consumer-centric brands since the end of 2019 and the experts expect this trend to remain strong in 2020. Your motion graphics company should consider creating branded GIFs, which are both eye-catching and inexpensive for upcoming digital marketing campaigns.

8. Use of retro motion graphics

Retro motion graphics are back with a bang with nostalgia from the 80s. Although we don’t see much of it in branded animations, the 80s-inspired graphics are making a huge comeback with backgrounds.

They are intriguing, easy-to-follow and they command attention to the message of a video with ease. Retro text animations and transitions have become the go-to style for new-age brands that target millennials. We hope to see more retro ideas in this decade.

9. Isometric design

We have got to be honest here! Isometric designs have been around since the beginning of 2018, but motion graphic designers are not yet ready to part ways
with it. Due to its unique ability to be able to provide the viewer with a better perspective on a subject, it comes as no surprise that isometric design for motion graphic videos are trending yet again.

Isometric design refers to the technique of rendering 3D elements on 2D screens. While it is not easy to pull off (think of it as the love child of 3D and flat design), it definitely draws the viewers’ attention to the objects/elements that matter.

10. Great UX for motion graphics

User experience (UX) is more important than it has ever been and motion graphics services working on websites and branding are now using templates for motion graphics to offer their visitors an enhanced UX. A great UX can help drive user’s attention to a particular object and convince them to take the desired step.

In fact, in 2020, motion graphics templates have become quite common in the world of website designing and app designing. It is a welcome trend we hope to see become mainstream in the next couple of months.

These ten trends barely cover the tip of the iceberg we refer to as motion graphics trends. However, these are the styles and techniques experts deem indispensable in 2020 and the new decade.

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