Working From Home: Your How to Guide

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Tips for Working Remotely

Our motto during this pandemic is: Working during a lockdown is no reason for the work to lock-down. With shifting global scenarios, larger numbers of companies have started to work remotely or have flexible working options. Our company enabled an efficient Work from Home model since the end of last month and yet there is a great consistency in the output of the work. That too, when most of our work requires different teams to coordinate on a single project. Despite all challenges, we make sure that our clients continue to receive high quality deliveries.

Here are a couple of interesting stats:

– The number of people who work from home has increased by 173%
– Over 40% US employers offer remote working options

What exactly is working remotely?

Working remotely is a phenomenon when an employee works from home or other location which isn’t a traditional office. Working from home is an alternative phrase for working remotely. Various reasons come into play as to why people work from home. Normally it would be if the employee is located further away geographically, work is being outsourced, to avoid stress or to enable efficient working.

2020’s remote working isn’t because of any of the mentioned reasons but due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and to avoid the further spread of this pandemic by flattening the curve. India imposed a 21-day lockdown as all the routine activities were stopped until further notice. Communication Crafts imposed Work from Home as soon as this was announced.

Work successfully in a Work from Home setting

Balancing work and the daily routine can be a challenge and can potentially hamper the productivity. But then, we’re the experts when it comes to adhering to deadlines and delivering high quality services. , It doesn’t matter whether we are working from our swanky office space or from the comforts of our homes.

So let us share some tips that helped our teams to kick-ass while Working From Home!

Dedicate a space for your work

It’s essential to choose a dedicated and exclusive space for work as it minimizes distractions and makes for a productive work environment. Ensure that your family members or roommates are well informed so that boundaries are established. Picking a clean, tidy, comfortable and well-lit area for work is important, especially if there is video conferencing involved. When you minimize distractions, high quality of work is often delivered.

Mimic your office set-up

Getting a proper chair, desk and table enables a perfect ergonomic workstation that fuels productivity. Avoid sitting on the bed or the couch as it might be distracting. When you mimic your office set-up, chances are it will remind you to stay focused and alert about your duties. This cuts the time you’ll need to settle and adjust in the ‘new’ workspace.

Set a routine

Setting a daily routine or a task list every day before starting to work for the day makes for an efficient work day. Just because you’re not in the physical office doesn’t mean you have to shy away from those duties. Picking up a start and a stop time of working hours also helps with collaborating with your teammates. Getting dressed up for work is another tip that can prevent laziness from kicking in.

Separate home tasks from work tasks

This is extremely important to do as you want to avoid cooking your meal while responding to that important email. It’s not ideal to mix up these tasks and can lead to your chores taking over your work day! Set timers and hourly deadlines for yourself so that the balance is maintained. It’s just as important to take short breaks while working- just like how you’d go up to your team mates in office to discuss that new movie you watched last night!

How we suggest you manage teams while working remotely. This one is for the Leaders, Managers, and Bosses of course!

Video conferencing is the key

Video conferences give a human touch to your interactions. The communication becomes more interactive and engaging when you have your video on! Platforms like Zoom, Skype and Google Hangout, Microsoft teams enable hassle-free video conferencing and provide features like screen sharing to maximize productivity. Make sure everyone is included!

Let your team mates know you’re online

To avoid any hurdles, it’s important to let your teammates know when you’re available. An empty desk in the office sends a clear message you’re not available, but this isn’t the case when you work remotely! Put in a word to your coworkers before you head out for a walk or have your lunch, so your teammates don’t wonder why they haven’t heard from you!

Be responsive

Being proactive and as responsive as possible during your availability is how seamless communication works! Ensure that all the urgent emails and messages are answered right away!

Check in the progress

If you’re a manager or a team leader, it is essential to do frequent checks on your fellow teammates. It’s a lot easier to track the progress in person, but it becomes a little difficult while working remotely. It’s important to realise that your teammates can’t walk up to you and clear out their confusion – so checking up is an essential!

Working from home can come off as a challenge to some, but with these tips, you too can rock your remote working experience. That too while delivering all the necessary work. The employees of Communication Crafts are setting a great example of successfully working from remote location. With dedication and disciple, the team has managed to go above and beyond when it comes to their daily tasks! Hire video editors with us and boost your online presence, even during the pandemic! Want to produce an awesome corona awareness video? You do just that with our video animators for hire! Want a catalyst for your powerful marketing strategy? Our expert remote animators for hire sky rocket the number of your viewers online, accelerating your business!

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