Quick Tips for Making an Effective How-To Video

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How to video making tips

The search for ‘How to videos’ on YouTube have grown by over 70% in just a year. From small crafty fixes to big scaled projects, people are always turning to how-to videos in the hour of need. Don’t know how to bake a cake with just 3 ingredients? Neither do we, but we all know it’s just a search away! Calling your mum was the original way of understanding something but with times, we too have changed. We’re dependent on how-to videos now! With educational and an interactive narrative, it makes learning diverse spectrum of interests easy. Whether it is video production, software tutorials, culinary, fashion, wood works or just a nifty do-it-yourself, YouTube how-to videos cover it all!

– 91% of people turn to their smartphones when it comes to a task
– 67% of millennials agree they can learn anything they want with YouTube how-to videos
– 75% of growth subscriptions comes from mobile devices
– Internet users spend at least 6 hours per week consuming video content

We’re all aware of the great benefits provided through video content. Check out this blog on video statistics and you won’t need further convincing!

Here are expert tips that will help you create engaging how-to videos!

Start with an awesome idea!

With endless topics at your disposal, the world of how-to videos is an ocean of opportunities. Endless topics for your company to create, but it’s important to analyze the needs of your target audience as well. When you showcase your expertise, it becomes a great way to build brand awareness. When you create awesome content on topics related to your company, it establishes trust and also shows how knowledgeable you are in the industry!

For example, if you’re a video production agency, it’s a given that you’re going to create how-to make videos. We recommend you narrow it down and get innovative with the topics.

Do your research

Okay, here’s something that will get you ahead of the game. Google a topic you’re interested in making a video on, check out if there has been a film made on it already. Chances are, there is a how-to video for the topic, but if you’re lucky, you might be the first one to make a how-to video on that particular topic! That’s more than good news! With tons of analytic tools available to research, it becomes very easy to take a scientific approach to decide your content or even a title for your content.

Focus on the ‘how’

There is a reason why your viewer is interested in your video, they want to learn! Don’t complicate your video by adding lengthy explanations. Cut to the chase and don’t beat around the bush. Provide a brief introduction and jump to those parts that will actually help your viewer. It’s important to provide information in digestible bits. All you have to do is remember you’ve got a problem to solve and you’ll be good to go!

Write a great script

Since this is an educational video, it’s important that all steps are included. It’s important to have a correct order to your video, so writing a script will save you a lot of time when it comes to shooting. A great script can help you cover the nitty gritties of your video, whether it is audio cues or visual effects, scripting covers it all. A good script will clearly map it out! Short, simple sentences in a step-by-step manner can get the job done! Your improvisation can sit out on this one.
– Keep it short
– Avoid technical jargons
– Keep it very conversational and interactive
– Personalize your content- address your audience directly
– Stay true to your brand
– Explain and simplify complex subjects- your audience doesn’t know it all and are here for a reason!

Wanna take it up a notch? Make a solid mood board and a story board for your video

Keep it simple!

Bombarding and overwhelming your audience with too much information will not end well! Dense information is hard to process and tends to bore your audience. Simplify all the steps of your video and keep all the relevant information, making it an easy to follow narrative. You don’t want your viewer wandering off to another video now, do you?

Have fun with it

Don’t worry too much about it! You have a great idea and a cool script, now you just have to let the cameras roll! There are tons of ways to give your video a personality that resonates with your brand. Whether it is adding motion graphics in your video or playing with sound effects, make sure your viewer learns something while having fun with it!

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