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By September 9, 2020March 7th, 2022Explainer Video
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Struggling to convert your hard-earned leads into customers for your business even after following specific marketing strategies to increase traffic on your websites? Going through different marketing strategies but still not as effective to increase profits?

Well, how can you make your business flourish then?

It’s simple! Unleash the power of a testimonial video! Simply put, a customer testimonial is an existing customer sharing their take on your brand which is key for increasing business sales.

There is a possibility that established businesses can have lesser profits compared to same scale startups. Wonder why are they ahead in the game? It is because they have strategically added testimonial video marketing to their digital marketing strategies.

But why is client testimonial video necessary for your business?

Think of it like this, when a potential customer would read all about the services or products you are offering, how would they want to place their confidence in you? With customer reviews of-course! Customer testimonies convince them that they’ll be satisfied if they use your products.

And this is what makes a huge difference!

Testimonials can be in written or in video forms. But video testimonials add a personal emotional touch viewers can totally relate to. It makes your approach appealing and authentic. Well-made videos with effective messaging have the possibility of going viral if they are available online on social media streams like YouTube and Facebook. And that can, prove to be quite beneficial if you play your cards right.

Being in the Digital Marketing industry for 15+ years, we at Communication Crafts are, not only expert in producing video testimonial service for our clients but have delivered incredible testimonial videos for our clients that have helped increase their business sales. Let’s see how we achieved that!

What features must a testimonial video have:

1. Capturing a real moment

Whatever your product or service may be, try to capture a customer using it in real-time! Capture their emotions and reactions for it! People love watching review videos and they add a personal touch to your testimonies which help you connect better with your potential customers. In addition to that, it helps build better customer relationship and even makes your brand more credible.

2. Customer case study

What better way than sharing a story of your customer’s personal problems and how your products or services is the most ideal solution to what they were looking for! Different customers sharing their different experiences using your products, help people understand better what makes your company the better choice among your competitors. What better way than it coming from a customer’s testimonial explaining why?

3. The journey of the customer

Nothing beats a well-narrated story that keeps the viewer glued to their screen till the end. Keeping the buyers’ demography persona while producing testimonial videos is important. You have to put yourself in customer’s shoes to understand the problems the customers are facing and then present your product/service as the ultimate solution. The better your story-telling, the better they’d be able to relate.

4. Feature different target customers

According to the insights provided by Google, 68% of buyers prefer product videos from people who would are ‘just like them’! Taking customer testimonials from varying personalities of all ages, ethnicities, genders, and backgrounds can prove to be beneficial as it will appeal to all demographics.

For instance, your testimonial video can show different perspective of the same product, through the lens of a parent and their son. These types of testimonies help the viewer’s relate better to their needs and affirm their faith in your business.

5. Excellent testimonial video production is crucial

Having a higher quality video not only appeals to your potential customers but also help them visualize much more effectively. Including high-quality sound and superior level of visuals not only shows your effort behind producing it but also speaks volumes about your intentions to help people choose what’s right for them.

6. Show why you are the right choice

Seeing is believing. Show your customer testimonies in a way that simply compares your products with your competitors. Why is your product the ideal choice for customers? What about your product can make your customers trust your more? Answering these unique questions through a video help people trust you more. Empathizing with them, can help convert those leads to actual profit for your business.

In a nutshell, you have to produce the best testimonial videos that really connect with your audience and shows the true nature of your business which is why getting it right the first time is equivalently important.

As a leading digital marketing and testimonial video production company, we have expertise in this industry for more than 15+years. Our team of professionals have worked on the production of many client testimonial videos that have helped client businesses grow and educate customers better. With the best graphic designers, scriptwriters, expert animators, whiteboard video maker, testimonial video producing experts, working for you, whose goal falls nothing short of meeting all customer requirements, we just know how to make perfect testimonial videos that work for your business.

Make the smart choice of hiring the right people and getting it right the first time, with Communication Crafts!

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