Tips to Create the Perfect Stop Motion Video

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Stop Motion Video

It’s quirky, it’s fun and cool without a doubt! Stop motion is one of the most captivating and intriguing styles of animation to ever exist! We’ve all been mesmerized by iconic stop motion animation commercials, which probably led us to go to the nearest art and craft store to try our hands-on clay stop motion. But you can do much more than that. You can use stop motion animation format for the next holiday, celebrating your company’s anniversary or even a new campaign for thanking your customers! With more than 87% of marketers using video content, a great video sees organic traffic increase by a staggering 157% from SERPs.

Videos have to be short and to the point, if you want to keep your viewers glued to the screen. Videos around 2 minute long see the most engagement compared to comparatively longer videos.

But what exactly is a Stop-Motion Video?

Stop-motion video captures each frame one at a time. So thus the name “Stop-motion”. Objects are moved between frames to create an illusion-when the sequence of images are played quickly.

Why is creating a Stop-Motion Video important for a business?

The plot of a stop-motion video is to capture the imagination of the viewers.

People recall visuals much more than text. And since videos are great at resonating with the audience, creating a video that fits well with your audience’s demographics that they can relate with emotionally, can help increase your brand’s awareness and popularity in the market.

That’s why video marketing is a crucial aspect to consider for any content marketing strategy.

Want a better idea of what we’re talking about? Check this cool stop motion campaign we came up with!

Cool ain’t it?

Here’s how even you can produce an awesome stop motion video:

1. Selecting your concept

This technique works with just about any object- which can move! Small scale and handmade stop motion videos are highly doable for anyone who’s just starting. Pick out two apples and make them walk around the office! A makeshift studio is more than enough in this case as this technique is highly liberating and allows imperfection.

2. Finding the perfect surface

Please for the love of God, stay away from platforms or surfaces that move! Seriously- No wheels! Not only will this reduce the chance of the perfect shot but will give inconsistent results every time you shoot. Having discrepancy from frame to frame is a big red flag.

3. Setting up adequate lighting

Avoid allowing natural light in the room, as the sunlight keeps on constantly changing- the slightest shift in your lighting will be highly noticeable in your video! The perfect lighting suitable for this technique is flat, even and well-placed lighting. Well placed light with some diffusion will work its magic or you can pull up those settings from your live-action video- that works great too! Beware of reflections or hotspots.

4. Setting up the right background

The perfect backdrop for this would be a crispy and seamless paper backdrop. So grab that paper of choice- 4-foot paper roll, light stands, crossbar and some clips to fasten the paper to your surface of choice.

The right background you ask? Here you go!

5. Place your camera

When you’ve got everything in its place, it would be time for you to steady your camera. A good ‘old tripod will do the trick! Ensure the legs and the centre column are all locked down. You can even use your phone with a steady tripod for the shooting part!

6. Add an external display to your camera

Make the whole process more efficient by adding an external display to your camera. This way, you won’t have to keep running back and forth to the camera to track the progress. A small line of HD can work for this part, plug it in with your DSLR through HDMI, hook it up with a light stand and you’re all set. If you don’t have an external display, a spare monitor or TV can work too!

7. Shutter release

Get an extra camera controller if you’re planning to invest in stop motion films for the longer run. This way, you eliminate the need to touch your camera. Remember, any external movement in your camera can jeopardize your film!

8. Choose your format

As stop motion films are just pictures, you have all the control over the quality. Most of the stop motion films are between 12fps and 24fps (1920×1080). We recommend JPEG at the medium quality for a smoother flow. Having said that, we also encourage you to experiment!

Using the right video format ensures that your videos are of high quality and different device-friendly, which means more viewers will until the end. But in this process, they are more likely to engage more with your video by liking, commenting and sharing with their friends!

9. Opt for a higher frame rate

When you opt for a higher frame rate, you enhance the overall flow of the animation. Want to move something across the frame? Why not take 24 pictures instead of 12?! Unlike other animation methods, planning isn’t the key here- experimentation is!

An insider tip: The more pictures you take with slighter movement, the smoother and longer your animation will be! Did something take too long? No biggie. Just remove those frames.

Neat innit?

Also! Take extra blank frames.

Import and navigate to the first image you took, click on it and select image sequence. This way, you’ll turn your images into a cohesive time-lapse on Premiere. All you need to do is get on with it! So get to experimenting!
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10. Keep the video crisp

One minute of a video has the same value as 1.8 million words. Let that sink in.
With an average attention span of 8-12 seconds, this is all you have to hook your audience to your video. And that’s why keeping it simple to the point is important. Of course, you need to sell, but do it in a way that would intrigue the audience. The video is no place for details! Just a couple of talking points that would keep the audience in-tact and want them to come back later on! 80% of people recall a video ad they saw in the last 30 days!

This is where creating a short and fun video can pave the road to success for your business.

That is why most businesses and organizations hire the pros who cut through the noise and simply make it work!

That’s where Communication Crafts come into play!

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