Social Media Videos: Easy Way To Increase Business Sales

By September 11, 2020March 7th, 2022Social Media Video

It is no secret that social media marketing works wonders in effectively increasing sales for any business- small or large. Since everyone is mostly staying indoor during the pandemic, social media traffic increased to a whopping 3.6 billion people worldwide!

It has been observed that day-to-day operations are shifting to the digital world in 2020. With traditional marketing strategies out of question, most of the business market is shifting to social media video marketing for promoting their brands.

But what is Social Video Marketing?

Simply put, videos created & shared through social networks to promote a product/service & engage with potential customers, in an attempt to increase business sales & brand awareness is social video marketing.

The introduction of new, trendy video content options like LIVE, IGTV, and Stories has driven 80% of all consumer traffic to the social media landscape!

Since the business environment is more inclined towards the digital world, marketing strategies of various brands are shifting towards video marketing this year. If you were looking to change your marketing strategies for good, now would be the perfect time to switch to video marketing and grab your audience’s attention as people are glued to their gadgets.

Customizing social media marketing strategies that engage the target audience, which in turn helps increase business sales is what truly matters!

So how do you cater to this? Well, not as difficult as you would have imagined.

Adhering to specific marketing strategies that have worked wonderfully for our customer’s businesses, we at Communication Crafts have expertise in creating videos for social media since the last 15 years. Let us tell you what we make sure of including in our client’s social media video that makes it work!

Pointers to remember while creating Social Media Videos for Marketing:

1. Short videos work best
2. Interactive explainer videos
3. Thorough Research

a. Know your audience

b. Filter content

4. Video Testimonials
5. Fit videos to the platform
6. Lights, camera, action

1. Short videos work best

People do have a short attention span. Creating short engaging videos would keep them interested but also get the message across quickly. This might not be the appropriate approach for Q/A videos or explainer videos but as long your video is engaging, it works!

In such short videos, it is important to honey-pick your most relevant content that will grasp your viewer’s attention. Short videos work best to help viewers remember your brand.

2. Interactive explainer videos

Not only do explainer videos facilitate in getting the message across easily, they also have the dynamism to keep the target audience interested. Although lengthy in duration, they sure are a great way to educate your audience in-depth! Since people these days prefer having complete knowledge of products/services; creating interactive animated explainer videos effectively suits this need! And adding animation to your video would be like a cherry on the cake! Because let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy watching animated videos?

Here are 5 reasons why animated explainer videos are important.

3. Thorough Research

Surely creating a decent video is not a difficult job. But is it effective enough to engage with the target audience the way you imagined it would? If not, here are some important aspect you might have not thought of in hindsight.

a. Know your audience

It pays to know your target audience! When you are brainstorming different ideas on creating the video, think from your target audience’s perspective. Not only does it remove all the guess work, but you’ll also have a better understanding about what would work and what would not.

b. Filter content

Grasping the attention of the target audience is only possible when unnecessary content from your video is removed. Keep it short, crisp and to the point- viewers only need to see few key points to be interested in the business. Eventually, if your video gets them interested in your brand, they are bound to return for more information and maybe even buy it.

4. Video Testimonials

Seeing is believing! Show your customer testimonies in a way that simply compares your products with your competitors. Focus on getting the message across on – why your company’s product is the ideal choice for the customers? Answering these unique questions through a video help people trust you more. The audience always loves a good story that they can relate to. In addition to that, producing a video testimonial can help convert your leads into actual profit. Check this Testimonial Examples Which Can Help Increase Conversions.

Even when customers volunteer to write about their experience on social media platforms, make sure you don’t let that opportunity pass! Engage with them kindly. Running an interactive social media video campaign makes your business stand out among other competitors.

5. Fit videos to the platform

There are so many different types of videos for social media such as:

  • Facebook Ads
  • IGTV Videos
  • Facebook 360
  • Stories
  • Slide show Video Ads
  • Twitter Videos
  • Instagram Videos
  • Facebook Videos
  • YouTube Videos

Adhering to platform-specific explorations while creating marketing videos is important, as the demographics of the audience vary drastically on different platforms.

According to research conducted by Hubspot, the most recommended time frames for social media video are:

  • Instagram Videos: 26 seconds
  • Twitter Videos: 45 seconds
  • Facebook Videos: 1 minute
  • YouTube Videos: 2 minutes

It is crucial to ensure that the video is mobile-friendly in both orientations: landscape & portrait.

check this Guide to Determine the Perfect Length for your Video

6. Lights, camera, action

People love to see what goes on behind the scenes of a company which they would want to engage with regularly.

If you highlight the teams that are working for the betterment of their customers in a time like this will work wonders for the business. It adds an element of believability and makes your audience feel one with you.

Blending regularly to create unique types of marketing videos can bring in an audience from multiple social media platforms and demographics that can help increase the popularity of the company. To get it right from the beginning, many businesses go with a pro for creating videos for social media.

As a leading digital marketing and social media video maker company, we have expertise in this industry of more than 15+ years. Our team of professionals have worked on the production of many videos for social media that have helped businesses grow and educate customers. With the best graphic designers, expert social media marketers, scriptwriters, animators, and video experts, we cut through the noise to make your marketing video as effective as possible which in turn helps your business grow significantly.

Don’t think twice.

Hire the pros and increase your business sales through social media video marketing!

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