Your guide to repurposing content into a video series

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One of the most important reasons to create a video series is to engage with your niche targeted audience. When you try to chase the ranking on Google or even that million viewership point, you lose the essence of the entire purpose. Your priority should be engaging and interacting with your audience, to give them something to look forward to on your page.

Benefits of repurposing!

– Boosts your online presence with SEO keywords
– Redirects viewers on your website from different platforms
– Reaching a completely new audience
– Keeps your brand’s message alive

Factors that help you choose the right content:

– Before you begin the journey of repurposing content, ask around the office, especially your teammates about their favourites or elements that resonates the best with your company’s values. Ensure it is timeless!
Check out the statistics of the content that has created the most engagement in the past, such as new subscribers, organic likes, shares, follows, etc. This will help you determine what sort of content is liked by your niche TG. Make sure it’s of high quality!

– When you’re done with the initial steps, you’ll be ready to make the most of these awesome tips to help you repurpose your existing content into an engaging video series.

Here we go!

Create interactive and engaging content

As we mentioned before, the purpose of your video isn’t to just sky rocket those views up, but to actually build a community of like minded people. The approach should be to drive a sustainable business which is rather meaningful than just pushy sales tactics. Know what your viewer enjoys the most on your page. To tap into their world, you should start considering your social media statistics. Remember, this is one of the most important platforms that help you understand and connect better with your viewers- who could potentially turn into your consumers. So tap on the trending topics on Twitter and explore your Instagram as well!

Pro tip: Always tweet back!

Put your emotionally appealing content on a pedestal

Video series is the perfect opportunity to bring real and natural emotions to the TG through your video. Here, your goal shouldn’t be to create informational content but rather to create entertaining and captivating communication. You can turn that newsletter into a really stimulating episode of this video series. Get real stories and channel real emotions! Capture the most of your audience’s attention through an eye catchy thumbnail! Yes, thumbnails work wonders when it comes to grabbing your viewer’s attention. How to pick the best thumbnail? We thought you’d never ask! Check this out

Record more footage than you think is needed

Shoot as much B-roll as possible! Yes, even when you think you’ve gotten enough, keep those cameras rolling! Record for 2-3 more times than you’re supposed to! This way, you can also create more repurpose-able content such as bloopers or behind the scenes. Who won’t want a win-win situation?!

Keep it raw and add interviews

Add interviews with your teammates, your dept. heads, your interns or even the CEO of the company. This method helps you connect to your audience a lot better and often saves you money. If you do choose to put in interviews, as you should, make sure the space is designed well and is aesthetically pleasing. This video might just be the star of your ‘About us’ web page section!
Before you start the interview, share the questions you want to ask or want to be asked for a smooth flow.

Stuck on how to script? Check this out

Repurposed content should always be an integral part of your marketing strategy. It could be confusing without the guidance of the right team; this is exactly where we come in!

Communication Crafts is totally a pro when it comes to innovation and creation! Repurposing existing content works wonders when it comes to adding more value to your content. Whether it is reaping the benefits of SEO or organic reach, repurposing does it all! We help companies to plan their marketing strategies way ahead of time, so that they don’t have to worry about this later! You’d be delighted to know that we have an expert video production team sitting right here to do that for you!

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