Importance of Real Estate Videos in today’s world

By January 7, 2020May 2nd, 2022Video Production

Real estate is one of the most rapidly developing sectors worldwide. Since it is expanding at an exponential rate, this has brought in a huge amount of competition within the sector. When there is great competition, excellent marketing techniques come to the rescue. Real Estate videos are an extremely crucial tool when it comes to marketing in the real estate sector. An excellent real estate marketing video can go leaps and bounds in attracting consumers if they are made the right way.

The explosion of social media platforms and websites in the past decade have made marketing an essential tool for all kinds of businesses and sectors. Marketing and advertising enable you to stay ahead of the competition and provide an exclusivity to your products and services. In a sector such as real estate, which is so cut throat, real estate video marketing becomes ever more important.

Real estate videos are the future of the real estate sector as

  • They are cost effective.
  • They provide great ROI.
  • Most of them can be created within a time period of two weeks.
  • They are simpler to understand and engage with than 3D walkthroughs.

Let us delve deeper into the real estate videography and look into some examples that will make it simpler to understand real estate marketing videos.

bSafal Glade One:

Real estate videos are should made in a way that they transport the viewer to the location or the project. They need to be very to the point, simple and crisp.

Real estate videos provide a great advantage when it comes to engagement and activity from the consumer’s side. It has been observed that there is a significant spike in recall rates and site visits when Real estate companies make attractive and detailed real estate videos.

This video was initially created as a theatre marketing video, but the narrative is so crisp, that it worked efficiently on social media and landing pages as well. The best kinds of videos as those that can be repurposed and recycled to be used all throughout the media ecosystem. This is where creativity becomes our greatest weapon. Real estate video production require a lot of creativity and simplicity.

Gala Celestia:

Animated content is very popular among content creators as well as consumers. The advantage with animation is that you don’t have limitations to the kind of content you can create and express in your videos. As you can see, the voiceover and the animations work seamlessly to provide a wonderful audio-visual experience to the viewer.

Familiarizing the viewer with the project is essential, and that can be achieved by having a crisp and relatable narrative along with visuals that provide a sense of inclusiveness. The feeling of ‘being home’ is a feeling that is unmatched. The purpose of real estate video production is to provide the viewer of that ‘being home’ feeling.

Gala Marvella:

This real estate video portrays the perfect combination of still renders and animation. Integrating real life and relatable situations and circumstances is essential when it comes to real estate videos. Viewers must feel that the project is something they need and it will make their life better. Offering great solutions to common day problems is the best approach to implement this. This video perfectly encapsulates all of this very well, without losing any appeal and attractiveness.

Real estate videography is an essential tool in the real estate sector as they provide an outlet to promote and showcase your projects with the common man. They could be termed as explainer videos for real estate projects, and if there is a product or a service, an explainer video in the form of real estate videos completely makes sense.

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