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By September 16, 2020March 7th, 2022Explainer Video

Most developers think that once their app is live, their work is done. But that isn’t the case. Promoting the app is key for its success. But any business which has a mobile app knows how difficult it is to promote the app. Since traditional marketing strategies are redundant in this digital world, majority of the business market is shifting to social media video marketing to promote their business apps.

Wondering why that is?

Because it simply works. The easiest way to increase traffic- create an explainer video!

Living in this digital age, it isn’t surprising at all that people would prefer watching explainer videos rather than read about it. People grasp visual information faster than text. If I instruct you about how to swim and show you a video for the same.

What do you think you’ll grasp to first?

Of-course the video! Let us understand why explainer videos work.

Explainer Videos- The ideal format

No other format comes close to instantly engaging the audience as explainer videos do!

According to a recent study conducted by HubSpot:

Video marketers get 66% more leads & 54% increase in brand awareness yearly than those who do not focus on video marketing strategies!

Keeping in mind that everyone loves a good storyline, your script must thoroughly explain the most attractive features of your app, as on how it would improve the audience’s experience. Help your audience visualize your app being used in different scenarios that will help them believe your app is the ideal choice!

Some key points to remember while brainstorming for promo videos:

1. Keep it entertaining

Viewers are more likely to share your promo video with their friends if it’s entertaining. You don’t need to overdo it; just a small laugh works wonders! If you play your cards right, promo videos can easily get viral and reach a large cluster of the audience which in turn leads to an increase in app downloads.

2. Create Effective Strategies- increase in ROI

App explainer video – a type of video content with the best ROI available for marketers! Creating a smart strategy for the promo video directly impacts the target audience in a way that gets them hooked to your app!

Companies understand the importance of this and make the smart decision of hiring the pros! An established promotional video production company knows how to cut through the noise and deliver an increase in ROI through the app. They execute their strategy by producing visually stimulating promo videos for a specific target audience.

3. Aesthetics

Using the right typography, color combination and sound is inevitable to bring the video to life! It is important to ensure an effective visual environment for the target audience which they can happily resonate with.

4. Filter content

Grasping the attention of the target audience is only possible when unnecessary content from your promo video is removed. Keep it short, crisp and to the point. Viewers only need to see a few key points to develop an interest for the app. Eventually, if your video gets them interested, they are bound to download it & share it with their friends!

5. Know your audience

It pays to know your target audience well! When you are brainstorming different ideas on creating the video, think from your target audience’s perspective. Analyzing the target audience data should be the first step in creating an impactful video marketing strategy that will help promote your business app. In the process, you’ll understand better about what your target audience’s preferences are, which will help you brainstorm ideas much more effectively. Thus reducing the guesswork.

6. Add Animation in the video- The perfect cherry on cake!

We all know how enjoyable it is to watch an animation video. Establishing a trustworthy relationship with your potential customers is so valuable. The best way to achieve this is by creating explainer animated videos. You can easily communicate about your mobile app’s features along with the innovative processes you undertake to provide the best customer experience.

It’s cost abiding and adding animation in the promo video would be a cherry on the cake that would make your business stand out from the rest. Check this animation styles that work for your video marketing strategies. If you play your cards right, your animated promo videos can go viral on social media easily.

7. Let the customers do the convincing!

People trust other people; it’s as simple as that. Let your customers convince your potential customers. An honest, candid Q/A video speaks volumes. The audience always loves a good story that they can relate to. Let the customers happily share their experiences of using your app. This strategy induces trust in other potential customers and can highly impact your app downloads.

8. Get To Know the App Store’s Video Requirements

For promo videos for apps in the App store, there are some strict guidelines that Apple and Android have. But that shouldn’t stop anyone from making an engaging promo video for users to watch.

While Apple allows up to three previews for each language for an app- it restricts the length of the promo video to 30 seconds! Your video should be short and fast-paced to keep the viewer engaged. It is also crucial to ensure that the video is mobile-friendly in both orientations – landscape & portrait.

Marketing can be tricky. That’s no secret. Adhering to the right marketing strategies can help attract your audience easily and that’s why most companies prefer hiring video marketing experts. Explainer video makers can produce videos of any format – be it producing a short, crisp 30-second promo video to a comparatively longer promo video. They know how to make it work for you. One such established company which is an expert in video marketing is Communication Crafts.

Save your precious time by getting your video promo work for your business!

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