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Video consumption is growing, and the growth is unlikely to slow down

Video is taking over the world. Well, if not the whole world, at least the world of marketing. And why not, producing a marketing video has become irresistibly cheap. And the audience, simply can’t help pressing the next button before getting immersed in another video. A smartly created video is the best way to communicate the features or benefits of your product or service.

This trend is unlikely to slow down since all across the world, the video infrastructure is replacing traditional media space rapidly. You want to learn a new skill, you want to demo a new product, or you want to find a new service. Video has penetrated everyday life way beyond our entertainment needs.

A new breed of Video Marketing Agencies is emerging

The new-age CMOs’ ever-increasing hunger for video content is giving rise to a new kind of Video Marketing Agencies. These agencies are different from your run-of-the-mill creative agencies or the erstwhile video production houses. An agency that creates video marketing strategy, does video production and distributes the video content across digital platforms.

London based —- or New York Based —- are great examples of such businesses.

This new opportunity is motivating traditional advertising or creative agencies and video production houses to acquire a new set of skills to make most of the growing video demand.

The problem is- How to acquire video production skills quickly and without breaking the bank?

For an Advertising or Creative Agency, its easy to acquire video retainers from their existing clients who need a large volume of video content for Social Media Marketing or to run their branded YouTube Channel. The challenge is setting up high-end infrastructure, buying a variety of software, and hiring an army of experts to deliver the volume.

Similarly, for a traditional production house, the core skill lies in a live-action content generation, which is an expensive craft. Their existing expertise in post-production is often unsuitable for low-cost high-volume video content requirements.

To find a solution, they often turn to freelancers. Only to learn that working with freelancers can be, at best, a short-term solution.

Working with freelancers would leave you high and dry.

Most creative studios and agencies regularly work with freelancers to meet an odd spike in demand. They understand too well that operating at the mercy of a freelancer for regular work is not a practical solution.


– Freelancers work on one project at a time, so when they get busy with another job, they can’t help you.
– Freelancers work individually, which means the onus of putting together a team for large projects rests with you.
– Freelancers’ are expensive and their pricing only works for a one-off requirement.
– There are issues of reliability and accountability when you don’t have experience of recruiting freelancers.

The alternate of building an in-house team may not prove a brilliant choice either

Firstly, building an in-house team is going to be a massive drain on your finances and infrastructure.

Secondly, the risk of investing in an in-house set-up multiplies when you are entering into a new service. You’ll need to offer attractive pricing to your customers and will have to be ready to mold your team and offerings as you get a hold of the market.

The solution lies in developing an offshore team

Setting up an offshore video production team is easier than you may have imagined. The global IT industry has already set a glorious example of how businesses can rapidly grow and offer a dramatic cost advantage to their clients by forging offshore alliances.

Onboarding an experienced offshore video team can bring you many exciting benefits:

Keeps your business risks low

When you work with an established offshore team that offers reduced entry barriers such as risk-free trials, flexible engagement models, etc. This way, tapping a new opportunity becomes easier for you.

Gives you a competitive edge

Offshoring reduces your execution cost and frees your resources to focus on planning and strategy. This gives you a unique competitive advantage.

Gives you agility and scalability

When you are looking to grow your business rapidly, you’ll have to provide for room to scale your team, modify your services, and alter your infrastructure quickly. As an entrepreneur, you know it too well, that this is easier said than done.

I suggest looking for an offshore video partner that is experienced, flexible, highly-rated. You can thank me later.

Happy outsourcing!

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