11 Features That Must Be Implementable In Video Presentation

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No one likes going through a boring presentation. Presentations should be fun to interact with. The most troublesome part of designing a presentation is figuring out how to begin with the first slide. But how do you keep it interesting throughout?

Being in this industry for more than a decade, our teams of expert graphic designers, animators have worked on creating unique presentations for our clients.

While people still somewhat use a Presentation Maker at times, our experts have listed some design features that any Presentation Maker application should provide, for the presentation to be engaging.

11 features to must include in any Presentation

1: Colourful Slides
2: Embedded Video
3: Animated videos
4: Video Presentation
5: Consistency Design
6: Visualize Data
7: Keep slides to bare minimum
8: Create great graphics
9: High-quality pictures
10: A good start
11: Section headers

1: Colorful Slides

Draw the attention of the target audience by selecting the right colors that appeal to them. Color psychology plays an interesting part in designing the presentation.

Vibrant colors, unique illustrations, and a distinctive layout are key aspects to keep in mind while using a presentation maker. These elements prove to be more than just a visual experience. Choosing the right mix of colors has a psychological effect on the audience and can essentially set the right mood.

2: Embedded Video

Watch an explainer video embedded in the slides that can be effective for the target audience. It is a great way to create an interactive experience for the viewer. This not only gives the presenter a well-required break from continuously speaking, but the audience also gets to visually interpret information in front of them.

3: Animated videos

Adding animation in the video would be the perfect cherry on the cake. People love a good storyline and telling yours creatively can sell easily. Even adding some cool animated slides strategically in the presentation would entice the audience to read it.

4: Video Presentation

When hosting virtual meetings put on a great show by creating a video presentation! Using great audio and snappy animation makes the viewer feel like they’re watching an interesting video when they’re just watching a slideshow.

5: Consistent Design

When using a presentation maker to put the slides together- each slide should draw the audience’s attention in such a way that they are compelled to go to the next slide. This means it is important to use a consistent color scheme, appealing typography, and a great overall theme throughout the presentation. Using random distorted colors for each slide, would not be appealing to the eye or set the right tone for the presentation.

People exposed to the well-designed layout have a higher cognitive focus, more efficient mental processes, and a stronger sense of clarity. Bigger fonts for the heading, lowercase font for the body, all such factors matter in creating a comprehensive presentation.

6: Visualize Data

Including important statistics or data analysis is always vital to include in the presentation to help the viewer get a better idea of things. Creating informative graphs and simple charts using the presentation maker can resonate better with the viewer.

7: Keep slides to a bare minimum

There is no point in adding unnecessary information to the presentation. The main goal of the presentation is to get the key points across to the audience. More so, make sure not to cramp up each slide with many bullet points. People wouldn’t want to read so many points on each slide. They will lose interest.

Sometimes less is more- talk only about the essential points that the viewer should remember. Keep your slide deck to around 10 slides if possible. Even if the presentation is 30 minutes long, the audience would have a chance to digest the on-screen information.

8: Create great graphics

Although any presentation ought to have a written summary of things to help tell the full story, no one in the audience is going to be looking at the text all along. Including graphics in the slides is a great way to create a visually appealing presentation.

Creating visuals that sync backgrounds with text are difficult and even more stressful when the presentation needs to be made on short notice. The simple solution in such a situation would be to hire a good graphic design company that knows their way around creating impressive custom presentations quickly.

9: High-quality pictures

Another great way to play with visuals in the presentation is by including eye-catching photos. If not all, at least some of the slides should have photos that look appealing with the theme of the presentation. Something as simple as adding photos can make a huge difference to the presentation.

10: A good start!

Get the audience on board from the first slide! Try incorporating this and the presentation is already off to a great start. Make a crisp yet strong opener to arouse the audience’s interest and makes them want to follow up on the next slides.

11: Section headers

When moving onto the next point, rather than cramping it up in a single paragraph, divide the content into smaller body sections by including a new section header. This helps keep the content crisp and get the message across easily.

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