Motion graphics can REALLY transform your live-action videos

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Blog27 V1 Motion graphics can REALLY transform your live-action videos

We know you have stopped scrolling through your social media feed when you came across that really cool video on various occasions. All of us have been through this, even ended up reposting that video because we wanted our friends to be captivated by it! Animated videos do have the power to stimulate your emotions despite not being so real. By 2022, 82% of all internet traffic will be of videos and we’re not surprised! The engrossing and light nature of animation leaves a strong impression on our memories. We know it’s effective, fun and interactive.

Wondering how to elevate your video production game? Combine two of the greatest video production styles and let the magic happen!

When animated videos don’t get the job done, what do you do? It’s easy- You rely on the real world, actors, location, and props! Live-action production makes for diverse and beautiful videos. They can be shot anywhere, can consist actors or real people and real locations. Live-action videos are often the easiest to be shot. They require least of the fancy software or equipment- you can record it on your phone or that camcorder you bought for your 18th birthday. Live-action videos are the cherry on the cake when you have a physical production or a location to show off- or even when you have some really cool team members- like ours! Live-action explainer videos work wonders when combined with animation, it could be any type of animation, from whiteboard animation to 2D or 3D motion graphics.

Gone are the days where all the design work was just limited to photos and posters. Motion graphic videos are the perfect amalgamation of texts and graphics. The setting of a motion graphic video usually includes characters, shapes, texts and animated statistics. The depiction of the story is basically brought to life by simple and beautiful animation- which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. To sum up, what motion graphics are in a simple language- they’re a great melting pot of visually appealing content! As a leading motion graphics agency, we know exactly how to introduce your business stylishly and remarkably through motion graphics live-action videos!

How motion graphics transform your live-action videos

Higher retention and engagement rate

When you have a message to send across and you do it creatively, people are bound to watch. 65% of viewers get through more than ¾ of an interesting video when compared to boring and bland videos. Motion graphics have a very high retention rate. A great example would be Facebook motion graphics video which has 135% more organic reach.

Add data in a visually appealing way

Want your audience to remember important numbers? Motion graphic animation is the way to go. Live-action videos can communicate figures alone, reciting numbers also lead to the audience losing attention. When the data is visualized, the audience remembers why it’s important and is more likely to remember it!

Connect to your viewers even without any audio

When a video starts playing on social media platforms, often the audio is on mute. Thus, it’s never advisable to solely rely on audio. Even when presenting at an exhibition or a conference, your booth can grab people’s attention through projected motion graphics video. Here’s a stat to make you believe what we just said- 85% of videos watched online are watched without sound.

Illustrates and simplifies complex ideas

We know you have a great physical product but how will you show off its functions or explain technical details? No points for guessing: Through live-action and motion graphics video! Don’t sacrifice the power of live-action videos, just enhance it by communicating complex information through motion graphics. Visual information is communicated 60,000 times faster than just plain ol’ boring text.

Creates a cohesive brand identity

Limitations of live-action videos can be crossed when you mix these two types. Incorporating your brand value in the visual content becomes so much easier because of the limitless possibilities of motion graphics.

Make talking head videos interesting

You can’t just rely on audio to keep your viewers engaged. While giving an important business presentation, there is often a plethora of key points and visual aid. Similarly, data visualization, overlaying text, illustrations help the viewer to follow along the key points.

Nobody can deny the power of motion graphics. As a leading motion graphics agency, we know the power of a well done explainer video.

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