Moodboard & Storyboard: The vital cogs of video content production

By January 23, 2020May 2nd, 2022Video Production

Behind every great video you watch is the dynamic duo of moodboard and storyboard. When these two are done perfectly, the outcome is brilliant most of the times.

Creating any form of content requires inspiration and planning. Since consumption has become fickle and selective, it is important for brands to plan and create content that is goes on to trend online and invokes popular culture. While creating videos, there needs to be a certain amount of clarity and transparency between all parties working on it, including writers, editors and animators. This helps them in deciding how to approach a certain video production project.

A video moodboard and a video storyboard provide a proper skeleton to video content production. They help in identifying what needs to be portrayed in a video along with how it needs to be portrayed. To execute brilliant ideas, we always require brilliant planning. A video moodboard along with a video storyboard is that step of brilliant planning that helps in guiding our ideas into perfectly executed projects.

The role of a video production agency, such as ours, becomes pivotal since only with the right expertise can you create the perfect moodboard and storyboard. Of course, it takes time and a lot of creativity to create them. But every effort we put in is worth it. You’ll know when you see the final outcome.

This is how a moodboard looks like.

A moodboard, as the name suggests, depicts the overall mood or aesthetic of a video project. It’s the preview of the mood you can expect throughout the video. A few things that comprise the idea behind a moodboard are:
• Colour palette
• Font style
• Design inspiration
• Thought behind the whole idea
• Character and icon design
Along with these essential components, a moodboard very importantly helps us plan our approach towards the project. A corporate project a creative project will need to be approached in very different ways. Crossing lines when creating a moodboard is unadvisable. There are certain designs and ideas that are particularly identified with only a certain form of video content. For example, corporate videos need to have a sophisticated and clean design along with minimal use of bright colours and clear fonts. When creating a video moodboard, this needs to be kept in mind. Using eccentric designs and font styles along with brighter colours for such videos should be strictly avoided. Same goes for the projects which require creative and millennial approach. Brighter and eccentric fonts and design do the trick here! You cannot approach them like a corporate video at all. A video moodboard is more like a utility board that will help us identify all the tools we will need in creating video project, which makes it absolutely crucial to the process.

And this is how a storyboard looks like.

A video storyboard is a sequential map for frames to be integrated into a video project. Frames, sketches, illustrations are few of the components that are used to create a video storyboard. They are placed in an order that represents your final video frame by frame from start to end. Think of them as a comic book representation of your video project. There are a few essential steps you need to follow to create the perfect video storyboard which you can check out here How to make a storyboard for video production.

A video production process involves various content creators including writers, editors and animators. A video storyboard helps them integrate all their ideas under one roof. As a video production agency, we know the importance of a video storyboard while creating video content for our clients and even for ourselves. It helps us simplify and collate the project along with making clients understand our vision and approach towards the project. Ideas and visions are meant to be shared and video storyboards help everyone involved in the project to improvise.

Video production was quite a disjointed and haphazard process before the introduction of video moodboards and storyboards as a part of the creation process. They have provided us with a structure and a roadmap to be followed when creating and producing videos. Storyboards really help in optimising and simplifying the planning process for a video. While moodboards provide a vision and an outlook towards the project. When both of them go hand in hand, creating the perfect video content becomes incredibly easy and satisfying.

Communication Crafts is a pioneer in the field of video production. Video storyboards and moodboards are where our ideas take flight. Feel free to get in touch with us to know more about how these two deliver the magic you have been looking for in your videos.

The best storyboards and moodboards make for the best video content.

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