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Metro Pharm International

Streamlining and improving business processes with a custom inventory management system

Digital Solutions We Provided

Custom Inventory Management System

Product Development

The Challenge

  • Metro Pharm needed a custom inventory management system to centralize vendor and seller warehouse processes.
  • They needed efficient data management to receive real-time updates about their inventory. So that they can notify the supplier through the system to update the warehouse stock when needed.
  • They needed to manage third-party customer orders as well.

The Solutions

  • Created a custom bespoke warehouse and inventory management system that adheres to all their business needs.
  • Links the Amazon vendor central & seller central order
    to the warehouse process flow.
  • The system allows loading of vendor central & seller central
    data and allocate the product against the required quantity.
  • Users can now manage third-party orders easily.
  • The warehouse team can keep an eye on their inventory and notify the supplier PO through the system to update
    the warehouse stock.

Technological Approach

  • Integration with Amazon Vendor & Seller Central.
  • Analyzed raw data provided by client and
    created a systematic workflow.
  • Expert consulting on tech stack and database to use.
  • Complete development of a secure and scalable system along with the migration
    of existing data to the system.
  • Ongoing tech support and maintenance to keep their system up to date with the current market.

The Results

  • Cut costs and Increased Profits

  • Better Customer Service

  • Manual work load decreased

  • Improved data visibility

  • Eliminated inventory stock issues

  • Enhanced business productivity


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The Tech Stacks

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