6 Step Guide For Marking Effective Instructional Videos

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Forget reading a block of text- people these days prefer watching instructional videos when they need to quickly solve a problem. Being a part of this digital era, it doesn’t come as a surprise that instructional videos are becoming the popular choice to consume valuable information by the day. It only makes sense to unleash the power of instructional videos for your business or institutions.

But creating instructional videos does not guarantee your audience will even watch the whole video. How to keep your audience engaged throughout the whole video is what truly matters. The video should make the viewers want to come back to your channel & consume more information! If you play your cards right, it is an easy process to achieve this.

Here are the essentials things to keep in mind while making instructional videos.

Making Instructional Videos essentials:

Be yourself

You don’t want your viewers to get bored while watching the instructional video. Of course not! Delivering a great engaging presentation in the instructional video as you would do in person is never a bad idea. People love candid talks! You don’t need a script per-say, just be yourself and candidly talk about the topic as you usually would and it sure to keep them interested.

Show only valuable information

Great teachers would have a lot to say about their subjects. However, while creating instructional videos, sticking to a strict time frame is the key. Some insights on instructional videos show that learners start to lose interest while watching instructional videos after the 6-minute mark which drastically drops after 10 minutes. That is why it is better to have short, crisp instructional videos that cover a single learning objective.

However, there might be times when you need to get a lot of important information across. And that’s completely understandable. But to keep the viewer’s interest, it is better to break down the instructional video into small chunks. This way your viewers can easily go back to a specific instructional video that they need to understand better.

Active Learning process

Instructional videos do enhance the learning experience. To help viewers get the most out of an instructional video, it’s important to provide tools to help them process the information and to monitor their own understanding. There are multiple ways to do this effectively.

  • Embedded questions: According to research conducted by Vanderbilt University, it was seen that embedding questions in the videos were seen with increased learner engagement.
  • Show fun facts: To make sure viewers have fun watching the videos, embed some fun facts in the video which will make the viewer curious enough to continue watching. This will ensure they don’t get bored and keep them engaged in watching the instructional videos.

Shooting the video

There are many essential factors when it comes to making instructional videos. Here are some factors that enhance the quality of the instructional videos:

  • Video quality: Even though the content is good, if the video isn’t appealing to watch, the students won’t prefer watching it even though it is a short one! Make sure to use a recording device that provides high-quality videos. 720p or 1080p high-definition is the most effective choice for instructional videos.
  • Good lighting: Having decent lighting sets the right tone for the audience watching the video. It plays a great role in keeping the audience glued to the instructional videos. For example, in some parts of the video, you can increase the intensity of the lights so that viewers would direct their eyes to it ensuring important aspects of the video aren’t missed. While if the lighting is off-putting, people just might stop watching the instructional video all together.
  • Add animation: Who doesn’t love watching a great animated explainer video? Animations are appealing to watch. The animation isn’t limited by reality—you’re able to express an abstract concept or out-of-this-world idea with visuals and metaphors. The best part of creating animated instructional videos is the ease with which it captivates the attention of the audience.
  • Good sound quality: This aspect of the video is often not given much importance. But when your instructional video has good quality audio, there’s a better chance your audience will still hear what you have to say even if they take their eyes off the screen.

Device Friendly videos

Make it possible for people to watch your instructional video in any learning environment by optimizing your video for all devices. By dynamically responding to the capabilities of the device, you will be able to play your instructional videos more quickly, thus reducing the lag time for the video. If your videos are not served from a responsive platform, this is your first and arguably most important step in making your instructional videos mobile friendly.

Get valuable feedback

Encourage your viewers to respond to your instructional videos by having them comment on your videos – ask questions or opine on the videos. This will help you make better instructional videos in the future as you will be able to attend better to their needs and thus enhance their learning experience.

Learning to create a high-quality instructional video doesn’t happen overnight— this is why most business & institutions go with professionals that know their way around making effective instructional videos in a short span of time.

As a leading instructional video production & digital marketing company- our satisfied clients around the world speak volumes. With expert instructional video producers, great animators, scriptwriters- we create instructional videos that deliver engaging content which in turn enhances the learning experience of your audience. Simple as that. Additionally, if you decide to add animation to the instructional videos, which we highly recommend you do- we choose the best animation style which your audience will easily resonate with. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance at Communication Crafts and we don’t stop until your requirements are met.

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