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Explainer videos have taken centre stage as one of the most important forms of video content on the internet. And they have some power packed stats to support their meteoric rise.

Video content is expected to rule over 80 percent of the internet by the end of 2021. It’s time all content creators bow down to the undisputed king of the content world. The growth rate and engagement that video content is gathering is staggering, which actually does not come as a surprise. The creative freedom and customer connect that video offers is unmatched in front of other forms of content.

Explainer videos play a major role in the rapid influx of video content all over the internet. Brands and companies are now very reliant on explainer videos to form a direct relationship with the customer. They are the ultimate form of convenience from both ends of the spectrum. When it comes to brands, they make their job easier in explaining their product or service to the customer. On the other hand, customers find it very easy to look up explainer videos on social media platforms and website landing pages to understand a product or service at their own disposal.

Not having explainer videos as a part of your content armoury seems quite lacking in today’s world and might leave you trailing far behind competition. Not yet convinced? Well we have some incredible stats and figures for you that will make your job easier.

• Over 60 percent of customers are likely to buy a product after watching a video online.
• Visitors stay 2 minutes longer on a website that has explainer videos.
• More than 90 percent of consumers say explainer videos help them understand a product or service better.
72 percent of businesses who use forms of video content on their website have experienced better conversion rates.
83 percent of businesses say that homepage explainer videos are effective.
• Explainer videos that are within 15 seconds are shared 37 percent more often by visitors.
• More than 50 percent of senior executives prefer watching video content on websites rather than other forms of content.
• Almost 50 percent of businesses are using explainer videos on their homepage and are very satisfied with the result.
• The retention rate of an explainer video shorter than a minute is a staggering 77 percent.
93 percent of businesses say that videos have increased the understanding of their products or services.

Are you impressed? Well that is how explainer videos have been creating an impression all around the branding and content world. They gather enormous engagement and help existing customers as well as potential customers keep in touch with your brand and its services.

Explainer videos are just an idea though. The execution is extremely vital in this case. Explainer video production might be a short process but it is critical nonetheless. They can go either side of the rope very easily. The information and the visuals need to be perfect for it to appeal the viewer instantly. Need more information on explainer video production? You can read it here @ Amazing explainer videos and why do you need them.

Communication Crafts has one of the best film production teams around. We have one of the best portfolios of explainer videos around since we know their extreme importance in brand building and direct communication. No number of explainer videos are enough explainer videos.

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