Expert tips for drafting a Video Script

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You’ve seen all those stats countless times! It’s no surprise that video marketing is one of the most powerful marketing strategies. It’s vital to stay up to date with the trends of the latest advances in the field of video content marketing. Strong video content is indeed a result of moving sounds, eye capturing animation, power packed script and an easy to follow narrative. The truth is, just the mere thought of writing the flawless script is quite intimidating. Don’t worry though; our experts have whipped up the perfect video script tips to help you out! With these killer video script tips, you’re only a script away from producing your very own viral video!

Before we begin, let us tell you that it’s always recommended to brainstorm and furnish your idea before you jump into your script writing session. It’s really important to get the answers to these questions:

– What are you trying to convey through this video?
– Who’s your audience?
– How long do you want your video to be?
– Which platform is your video going live on?

With the answers to these questions, we’re sure you’re going to feel confident enough to start scripting. Gather around your teammates, open up a document and use this outline for your killer script! Check out these video script examples from our team and thank us later!

Video Script tips!

Determine a central character

Don’t let too many elements confuse your audience. Presenting too many characters in your video can lead to distracting your viewers. The focus of your video will thus become simplified when the viewer knows whom or on what to focus on, giving them a smooth flowing storyline. Let’s say it’s a product explainer video, its best having one person explaining the product rather than many.

Pro Tip: Have a series of videos? You can boost your brand recognition when you have the same face in the videos! This will enhance familiarity and increase continuity in your videos!

Write out visual and audio elements

This is an essential step to follow if there are any audio elements in your video. Mapping out the audio in the script puts clear directions for whoever is shooting the video as well as the whole team involved in the production. Insert a small table of audio and visual columns in your script to see what your video will look with your audio!

Produce a script on a trim-to-fit basis

This depends on the type of video you’re making. There are chances you’ll have to fit everything you want in 30 seconds or you’ll have 5 minutes to work with! It’s important to allot a certain number of words per minute. Say everything you have to in your script and start checking your word count, if under you can always add more, if over, you can chop, trim and reword until you get the word count you were shooting for. This method enables your focus on the important message that needs to be conveyed, within a short span of time- keeping it short and concise.

Drive actions through a perfect CTA

Make sure you include your call-to-action in your script! A foolproof CTA drives the actions of your audience towards direction you desir. They’ve watched your video- now what? Do you want your viewer to ‘Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe?’ Or ‘Contact Us for More’?

Why not both!

Confused as to what your CTA can be? Here are some options

-Read related content
-Visit our website
-Schedule a demo

Read your script out loud

Once you’re done drafting your script, gather your people around and read your script out loud. This way, all the awkward sounding phrases can be rephrased or omitted. Tweak your script to sound natural and ensure a smooth flow of the narrative. Look out for those words that sound better on paper than out loud! Make sure you write the script just the way you would speak it.

Shoot your video (stick to your script!)

There would be no point of writing a script if you’re going to divert from it at the shooting stage! Improvisation and minor changes are of course permitted, but don’t just go with the flow. Drafting a script prior to shooting provides you with a smooth shooting experience without any surprises!

It’s of utmost importance to produce a seamless script in order to shoot a smooth flowing video. Thus, keep these video script tips handy to get the best results out of that script. Once you’re done shooting that kick-ass video, upload it on the right platform and reap the benefits of a strong video marketing strategy. Communication Crafts is a leading video production agency, leveraging the best video solutions for over 15+ years. With a high quality portfolio through diverse topics, we know we’re the best when it comes to video production services. Our experts are known to write the best scripts that embody your company’s values and everything else you want your film to do for you! Turn your vision into reality, with great videos!

You’re one hop, ‘script’ and jump away from producing that hit video!
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