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When it comes to content creation, video content has become the go to form of content for digital marketers and advertisers. Due to the rapid expansion of internet as a medium, videos are not enclosed to television now. Adding to that, social media has made videos accessible to each and every individual. But the real game changer, when it comes to video consumption, was mobile phones. Video consumption increased exponentially with the rise of the mobile phone industry.

Since videos have become such an essential marketing medium, video production and editing has become a key factor that decides the quality of content any marketing team puts out. But the cost of video production and editing is high and the process is time consuming as well. Creating new videos for each and every project is almost impossible and promises almost negligible ROI. This is where repurposing video content comes into the picture.

Repurposing video content is smart, time saving and easy on the budget as well. Using the same video in different formats, durations and edits enables you to give a fresher approach to the idea every single time. Video types such as product videos, explainer videos and even corporate videos can be optimized and reimagined by repurposing them over different forms of media. Let’s look into some ways videos can be successfully repurposed.

Corporate Videos:

A corporate video captures the ambitions and business approach of any organization. They can be used for internal communication with employees, to motivate them to achieve more and also to inform them about important changes and achievements of the organization. Corporate videos can be used for external communication as well wherein the organization advertises their brand image and work ethics to potential customers as well as potential employees. Rather than communicating ethics, targets and the vision of the organization individually to each and every person, a corporate video can encompass all of it into a single video making the communication more crisp and effective. A corporate video company needs to ensure that all the aspects should be included seamlessly in the corporate video.

There are various ways to go about a corporate video. Here are a few ways in which a corporate videos can be recycled and repurposed:

  • Website landing page – A website is the home ground for each and every organization. It’s a place you can share your vision unabashedly. A corporate video should be posted in its original form on the website landing page so that it stands completely congruent with the organization’s ambitions and ethics.
  • YouTube and video sharing platforms – YouTube presence in this day and age is absolutely crucial for any organization. YouTube provides a magnanimous viewer base and organic leads and engagement for video content. The most important aspect of YouTube is that you are directly in contact with the viewer, who can interact with your video by liking and commenting on it. For this reason, corporate videos when posted on YouTube, need to be more crisp, more aesthetic and engaging. Decreasing the length of the video, focusing on the most important points and engaging with the viewers is very important when it comes to posting video content on YouTube. A shorter yet crisper video will gather more participation and appreciation from viewers.
  • Social media platforms – Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc are very popular amongst the younger generation. The content on these platforms needs to be as concise as possible along with being very attractive. Sharing few snippets from the complete video can increase curiosity as well as generate more leads due to the short duration. Facebook and Instagram have a story feature now that have changed how we view videos. The videos shared on the story feature are most vertical and give a different aspect to the content altogether. To utilize corporate video content well with this tory feature, some of the content needs to shot and edited in vertical form in form of snippets. Social media platforms are mainly utilized for teasers and trailers of your original content. The shorter the video, the more participation and engagement it will get.

Product Videos:

A product video or a product demo video is a form of video made to advertise, market and promote your new product. It’s made to create awareness about an upcoming product that will be launched in the market for customers to purchase. Product video production is slightly tricky process as it requires loads of creativity and wit to make consumers notice and then eventually buy your product. The essential part of a product video is not only to showcase your product, but also explain the features and benefits of your product in a very creative way. Since product videos or product demo videos are very creative, this gives a lot of scope to recycle and repurpose the same video in lots of different contexts.

Product videos are basically explainer videos showcasing the value of any product. There are few ways in which you can repurpose product videos:

  • Website landing page – When showcasing a product on your website landing page, the product video needs to be in its purest and most detailed form. This is where the customers come to when they want to watch your product for the very first time. The product video needs to be posted with all details and for the original duration of your entire video.
  • YouTube and video sharing platforms – Consumers visit YouTube for any product to check its specifications and features. When posting your product video on YouTube, it is important to focus on all the important details and highlight them to make it easier and quicker for the consumer to understand why he should buy your product along with how they can use your product efficiently.
  • Social media platforms – Social media is widely used by the younger, impatient generation. Teasers, trailers and screenshots are the heroes of social media platforms. Organizations are now creating specific launch teasers and trailers for their products to create buzz and curiosity among people. Also, the story feature on the Facebook ecosystem enables you to share screenshots and information about your products without revealing too much. Social media is all about creating buzz. Keeping content concise, to the point and engaging is the key.

Explainer videos:

Explainer videos is a type of video used to explain complex data and information in a simpler manner using visuals representations and diagrams. The sole purpose of explainer videos is to share a vision or concept in the shortest amount of time. The best explainer videos are the ones that wow and surprise the consumer with creativity and spontaneity. Explainer video production is a complex and tough task. It requires a lot of ideation and brainstorming to come up with ideas that stand out and appeal to the consumer.

The most appealing ideas in this digital and internet centric age are the ones that are most concise and the most creative. The main purpose of an explainer video to garner engagement and generate leads. When consumers come across ideas and concepts that attract them, they are ready to consume further more content from the source content creator, which is great for engagement and participation.

Explainer videos are essential for any organization and brand to have in their armory. But since animation and creation is a tedious and expensive job, you need to find ways to recycle and repurpose that content to have far more reach among consumers. Here are a few ways in which you can repurpose explainer videos to generate more engagement:

  • Website landing page – Explainer videos need to be in their most detailed form on the website landing page. The website is your ground zero and hence, no stone should be left unturned to make the website landing page the best place to view your explainer videos. Explaining your vision is extremely crucial and how you do it will speak volumes about your organization to the visitor. The content on your website landing page needs to be pristine.
  • YouTube and video sharing platforms – YouTube is the most convenient platform to watch video content hence the explainer videos on YouTube need to be very precise and important information and details need to be focused on. YouTube users search for the most generic things on the platform and since a lot of organizations post similar generic content, your explainer videos need to stand out. They need to be concise, easy on the eye and to the point. The viewer wants information in a simple yet appealing manner.
  • Social media platforms – Since explainer videos are short and concise to start with, they are popular in their original form even on social media platforms. Aesthetics and design matter the most on social media platforms, so it’s better to make attractive edits and animation of the explainer videos to be the highlight on social media. The story feature can be used to focus on the most important information and details of your explainer video.

To sum up, repurposing of video content is very essential at this day and age as content is viewed in different ways on different platforms. The users and consumers come with as certain expectation on any platform and want to consume content according to their predefined expectations. The most important aspect in video production today is planning. You need to plan in advance how you can repurpose your videos all over the internet in different forms. This gives you an upper hand over other organizations who don’t plan this aspect. When it comes to video production and repurposing of videos, planning and user awareness is the key. Repurposing is winning.

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