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Tutorials surely have helped a lot of people in all the forms they come in. With the advancement of time and technology, video tutorials have garnered immense views and preference. These power-packed videos full of information on specific topics have surely replaced boring written manuals and instructions. With the transformed methods of communication, video tutorials have truly enhanced audience interaction and information deliveries across various media platforms. Video tutorials enable seamless transfer of instructions as compared to text-based articles or even ebooks and infographics. Along with added feature of grasping attention, video tutorials thoroughly educate your audience, making your company stand out from the crowd.

Moreover, Video tutorials have added benefits:

– Reduce manpower assigned for service inquiries and support.
– Educates and empowers team members along with familiarizing newer members with company products and policies.
– Provides a positive learning experience for customers and new audiences.
– Makes launching new products and features a piece of cake!

Here’s how to make video tutorials that help you deliver the most!

Determine the level of complexity

Tutorial videos aren’t exactly always simple or straight-forward. ‘How to’ videos often act as an effective teaching method for someone who isn’t familiar with the topic at all. You have to wisely use jargons or complicated methods, even to explain something complex to a not-so-tech-savvy individual. A side by side, slow and simple guide can classify as a beginner-level video, whereas an expert-level tutorial consists of detailed information and complex details. Troubleshooting tutorials should be simplified enough to follow step by step. You can determine these factors during the planning stage of your video by considering the viewers’ perspective and target audience statistics, thus differentiating the complexity level of your videos according to the type of audience.

Pick the perfect style

With various types of videos available, you’ll be left with multiple options before settling on the type of video tutorial you want to make. Well, choosing the ideal style isn’t enough; researching the type of script and creating an effective storyboard eases the video production process.

Here are some brilliant and effective video styles to choose from:

Factors you should look out for before picking a style:
– Budget
– Time
– Brand
– Context

Decide on the narration

Your perfectly crafted script will come handy during this phase. The type of narration is crucial as it enhances the impact created by the video. You could choose your team mates, employees, marketing experts, HR or even hire a professional voiceover artist who would do justice to your script.

Here are some pointers to remember while scripting:
– Keep your sentences precise and to the point
– Pace your dialogues correctly and naturally
– Be conversational and interactive

Check this out to know more about how to write a video script?

Select the right audio

There is more to sound than just narration. Key elements such as background music and sound effects should not be sidelined. Often, videos don’t include any sound at all and are solely based on subtitles and captions or no music at all to limit distractions while explaining complicated processes. While in reality, the overall video viewing experience is enhanced when the right music is selected to match the mood and style of the video. You can hire sound artists for unique and specific music or even explore royalty-free sound effects available online!

Take it from us, sound streaming will be a fun exercise!

Monitor the quality

Your tutorial is a reflection of your brand quality too, similar to your social media presence and websites. Quality is the last thing you want to compromise on. Often due to various budgetary restrictions, it’s okay to use smart phones, editing software and pre-existing equipment as long as they are used expertly to create good quality tutorial videos.

While you’re at it, make sure these 3 parameters aren’t jeopardized:

1. Lighting
Lighting is an element which has all the power to make or break your video! Lighting is extremely crucial to get professional results even within a low-cost bracket. Getting the right light indoors depends on your next trip to the hardware store! Invest in high quality lighting equipment which will last you a lifetime! If you’re shooting outdoors, ensure the right amount of sunlight exposure and adjust with appropriate shades.

2. Shooting
Depending on your style, your shooting equipment can consist of rented cameras or even a high quality camera on a mobile device. Along with shooting equipment, the right microphones should be acquired or you can directly do a complete voice over on your computer system!

3. Editing
Don’t limit yourself to pre-existing editing software on your computer. Perform a thorough research on the availability of editing software online which could expand your horizons. You could also benefit through free and innovative editing tools. Fun texts, interesting effects and overlays can tone your tutorial video’s coolness up a notch!

Keep it fun!

Choosing the right compelling title will ensure your audience reaches to your video and decides to click on the ‘Play’ button! Titles like “How to bake a cake” or “Step-by-step tutorials” gives your target audience just what they’re looking for!

Elevate your tutorial video by adding interesting camera angles, different effects and also playing with the speed of your video. Most importantly, stay true to your brand by choosing the right brand colors, fonts, styles, and icons!
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