Your guide to create the perfect Instagram video

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This social media app takes the cake as the most downloaded application on the Apple App Store. With its 849.3 million potential Instagram viewers, it’s the most sought after digital marketing platform for the businesses! The informal feel of Instagram video marketing connects to audiences naturally, unlike average, cliché and pushy advertisements. The question of ‘how to make Instagram videos’ that create a lasting impression will prevail until you find the right video marketing services. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on Instagram all together. Our Instagram video marketing team recommends you leave it to us!

Facts worth mentioning about Instagram:

– 130 million users tap on shopping posts every month.
– One third of the most viewed stories belong to businesses.
– 62% of people become more interested in a brand or a product after seeing it in stories.
– 200 million estimated users visit at least 1 business profile daily! That creates a lot
of business potential, do the math yourself.

Before shooting for the perfect Instagram video, make sure you’ve followed these important steps:

Step 1: Establish your criteria

Purpose of the video: What’s the purpose of your video? Are you announcing a new product or do you want to show your dedicated team behind the scenes? The possibilities are endless, your Instagram video can depict anything. It can be an educational video, brand video, a tutorial, behind the scenes, sneak peek into your new product etc.
Type of the video: Determine the type of the video. With a diverse scale to choose from, it’s essential to establish the type of your video. The video can be completely animated or even a combination of motion graphics and live action. It’s up to you! Even better, you can consult us.

Step 2: Set the right mood!

In order for all the elements to come together nicely, it’s important to brainstorm during the initial stages. After determining the criteria of the video, it’s essential to evoke a certain emotion in the video. Instagram videos are known for being quirky, fun and refreshing. Pick an emotion fit for your brand. To fine tune this, you can also whip up a quick mood board to guide your inspiration for the colors, theme, characters, sounds, fonts, and lighting.

Check out this blog on mood boards and storyboards, it’s sure to help you gather your thoughts!

Step 3: Mind the duration

Use autoplay to your advantage by using powerful visuals, bold texts, and unusual shots. Eye catching content is watch latches on to the viewer. When the video content is strong, the duration of the video doesn’t become a hindrance. The viewer will be compelled to finish watching that video!
Preplanning the length of the video avoids end moment confusion. We recommend you keep the video short, raw and natural to reach to your target audience.

How you’ll post your video also becomes an important criteria in determining the length of the video. A Timeline video would have max 1 min per slide limit, whereas the stories on Instagram can be 15 seconds and disappear post 24 hours. IGTV, on the other hand, has 15 minutes when uploaded from mobile and 60 minutes from web!

Pick your player!

Step 4: Boost your video with subtitles

As Instagram videos play automatically with the sound turned off. Consider adding text or subtitles as the focal point of the video. Shift the focus of your content from audio to visual, as more and more videos are being watched on mute. Work through this by adding subtitles or adding no sound at all.

Step 5: Write the perfect caption

We believe in ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, judge it by its title. Even better- by its description! The cover of the book might not be that important but we all know that the description of the book determines whether you’d be interested in the book. The caption of the video intrigues your audience, compelling them to watch the video, or click on your post from their explore feeds!

Step 6: Don’t forget hashtags

Adding hashtags generates 12.6% more engagement to your post! Make sure that the hashtags are specific and relevant to your brand. This enables you to reach out to the audience that is actually interested in your content. The favorability of the brand increases with more tailored content on the feed. Stick to your brand values and it’ll do wonders for your brand!

PS: Don’t be like that guy #who #does #this #to #get #more #likes

Step 7: Post away!

Instagram is a fantastic tool that connects your brand to its target audience at a low price, unlike other advertising tools that come with a hefty price tag. Its interactive tools become a bridge between brands and viewers. Whether it is a story, a photo post or even a video, the multiverse platform becomes a catalyst for growing businesses. As a leading Instagram video production team, we know that’s not all! Our experts know how to make the most out of your Instagram algorithm.

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