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YouTube videos serve a lot many purposes for the uploaders as well as the viewers. Behind that video you just watched on YouTube, there is an entire process of creating a YouTube video with a vast compilation of important components that need to be addressed. From branding to researching, finding the right equipment, and even optimizing the video to reap the most benefits of this popular platform, the boxes to check are endless. With so many important elements to start with, it becomes rather complicated to start somewhere. This list will ensure just the right beginning of the process of making your perfect YouTube video!

Let’s get started

Perform keyword research

This SEO tactic enables accessibility to the right search engine keywords that include your video in the search. Your video’s performance is drastically enhanced through simple keywords and search terms for your video title as well as the Meta description. For instance, if you’re an arts and crafts channel, your audience might look up ‘DIY décor’ or ‘DIY wall hanging’. Doing your bit of research along with sophisticated keyword search online gets you ahead of your competitors!

Pro tip: Insert a well-written copy of your video transcript in your description to maximize the visibility of your video.

Look out for your competitors

The best way to create unique content is to study what the competitors are doing. When you look at how your competitors are creating their content, analyzing gaps, and filling them could lead you to adding more value to your content. This research is quite simple. You can begin with creating a list of your competitors, analyze their videos in terms of the engagement and even look at the videos that don’t have much traffic. This way, you can create just the right content that resonates with your audience.

Set a cohesive tone

As mentioned before, your video is not just a single entity. The perfect video has the right balance of the mood, music, lighting, colours, composition, characters and much more. The tone of the entire video needs to be consistent since inconsistency is off-putting. Imagine you’re watching a really funny video and suddenly the character starts bawling their eyes out, absurd right? Whatever you’re choosing, stick to it! Collect enough footage for the mood you’re going to reflect in your video!

Wondering how to create a YouTube video series on a budget? We’ve got you covered.


Making a YouTube video does not have to break the bank! Utilizing pre-existing equipment or hardware is the way to go, although new age smartphones with high-quality cameras do good justice to shooting videos! Top it off with an inexpensive tripod for enhanced stillness, which is bound to work wonders with the smartphone. Even the built-in webcam in your laptop can be used for shooting client testimonials and webinars! Although, the choice of your equipment largely depends on the budget, the timeline, type of the video etc. So choose wisely.

Test that audio

Poor quality of audio is not enjoyable and instantly impacts the overall performance of the video. In order to produce a clear, polished and a sophisticated video, it’s imperative to conduct audio tests before you get to shooting! Audio tests give you an idea of how close your actors need to be with the mic/ camera while also giving you the option of voice over. It even helps you understand the natural background sounds. Scripting is a crucial part of the video. A solid script guarantees minimal goof-ups and an overall seamless, professional video!

Check your lights

Lighting is another crucial aspect that determines the quality of your video. If your budget permits, investing in portable lighting is always a good idea. You can even build your own DIY lighting kit by getting equipment from a local hardware store. If not, choose a location with natural lighting that can be manipulated! Ensure your lighting doesn’t create harsh and distracting shadows in the frame. Conducting a lighting test will save a whole lot of last moment surprises.

Design the best intro and outro

Your video intro has to be interesting enough to draw and maintain the level of attention of your viewers. Remember the last time you closed a video because it wasn’t intriguing enough? Well, it’s happened to all of us- more than we can remember. A consistent, catchy and attention-grabbing intro is extremely crucial. Your intro can include a variety of subject matters, from a brief introduction to a simple “We’re going to learn how to cook with just 3 basic ingredients today” can keep the audience glued to their screens.
Given your intro engaged your viewers the way you wanted to, now it’s time for an action-oriented outro. Encouraging your audience to take action, visiting websites, liking, sharing, subscribing, leaving a comment are some common call-to-action which have proven to spark motion!

PS: Don’t leave your audience hanging and confused as to what to do!

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