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Videos are a crucial part of any marketing campaign. More than 70% of online traffic in the future is going to come from the media. With more and more internet traffic being attributed to videos, it makes more sense than ever to work with all the different types of videos that can be made!

So how exactly do videos become a part of a marketing strategy? We’ve explained it here:

As content creators and video producers, sure, all of us want our videos to go viral at some point in our video marketing journey. There isn’t a magic formula that will ensure a video goes every time, but worry not! You do have the power to make an awesome video that will be loved by many- which in turn will result in higher reach.

And these increased gains across different social media channels results in improved brand awareness and often boost in revenue.

You can’t ever guarantee that a video will go viral, but you can definitely put out a hit video that’s going to skyrocket your viewer engagement across various platforms!

Here is a guide which will help you!

6 things that bring a video to life

1. Use the right format
2. Power-packed supporting text
3. Tell a story
4. Stimulate your audience emotionally
5. Do the unexpected
6. Don’t be promotional and pushy

1. Use the right format

It’s important to optimize your video to fuel the social sharing status. Play your cards right, and your audience is bound to be in love with the video content you share.

Here are the things you can do:

  • Make sure the video has the right format for the platform you’re posting it on.
  • Most of the videos are played without audio. Make sure your video has subtitles so that viewers can still understand what’s going on.
  • Optimizing video content for different mobile devices.
  • Have an engaging thumbnail image that would make the viewer curious to click on the video. Videos with custom thumbnails receive a 30% higher pay rate than those without.

This way, you can strategize for an optimal mobile viewing experience. Create an awesome vertical video today!

2. Power-packed supporting text

The headline is where people instantly get to know the brand. Every video needs a perfect headline. This inseparable pair has the power to draw impactful reactions out of your audience. Click-worthy headlines provide clarity and set adequate expectations from the video.

Here are some text overlap tips that makes the video stand out:

  • Font size: The text should be big enough so the viewers can easily read it, without having to zoom in.
  • Font Colour: There is a whole different science to colour psychology. Different colours have varying effects on people. For instance, blue colour creates a feeling of calmness, while green is associated with relieving stress. The colours you choose should reflect your brand and the storyline- it can help set the right mood.
  • Animation: Adding animation is always a good idea. Animations are appealing and people love watching eye-catching animation.
  • Text Positioning: Don’t place the text which will try to compete with the visuals. Instead, strategically place it at the top or the bottom of the video (using appealing font).

3. Tell a story

“Only humans tell stories. Story sets us apart. For humans, story is like gravity: a field of force that surrounds us and influences all of our movements”

Jonathan Gottschall, author of The Storytelling Animal

When a story is being told, our sensory cortex immediately lights up. Let’s be honest, watching a mini-movie than a commercial is a lot more interesting. The smoothly flowing storyline, a plot and a solution or even a message being conveyed power pack your video! This way, your audience will keep on coming for more and more!

Companies such as Amazon, Nike, Reebok, Google and Facebook have been known for creating emotionally compelling and power-packed stories all the time.

And how do they do it?

By making sure the video is about their world and what’s important to them. If it is not, one thing is sure, they are not going to be interested in it. You need to make it about the people. This might not be doable all the time, depending on the story you tell, but try to find that human angle, even one point that can help connect with the audience on an emotional level. There’s no need to exaggerate it, but focusing on even a single point and sharing it through video in creative ways will create a large resounding impact!

4. Stimulate your audience emotionally

When you tell the story perfectly, it evokes the right emotions and that’s what gets those shares rolling! Whether it is happy, sad, inspiring or upsetting, it intrigues your viewer to finish watching the entire video and that’s what going to increase your rank-ability.

This way, the visibility of your videos rise with every video you keep on posting. When people are emotionally invested in what you have to say, your message directly gets imprinted on their memory and they automatically relate to your brand’s values. And with time, more and more people will trust you more and your credibility and market presence will increase.

5. Do the unexpected

Everyone can do the cliché and the average. It takes experts to come up with innovations in storytelling, experts like us! Diverting from the norms and stepping out of the box is often applauded and anchors onto the viewer’s memory. When you do the unexpected, it gets the people talking, leading to more shares and more people engaged with the video. It’s advisable to be remembered as the brand that did something rather than just a normal live-action commercial.

It’s a common error to limit your products to live-action or just talking head videos. Instead, you could opt for a unique style of animation suitable for your company or an awesome stop motion video that sets you apart from the rest!

Want to know more about stop-motion video? Check this blog out

6. Don’t be promotional and pushy

Viewers don’t enjoy commercials, let alone pushy adverts. A typical viral video doesn’t focus solely on the product, pricing or the benefits. Jumping onto the sales wagon isn’t a good idea! Instead, try to add your mascot or your brand colours to boost your brand awareness. Many times, good videos focus on personalizing the viewer experience. If you’re a sports gear brand, a good idea for your video is to make a motivational and an inspiring video rather than solely focusing on a product.

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