Your awesome guide to creating a storyboard for video production

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Your awesome guide to create a storyboard for video production.02

Creating a video storyboard is one of the most important aspects when it comes to video production. A storyboard is your torchbearer in the dark territory that is video production. It sheds light and guides you onto the steps you need to undertake to create an impressive and memorable video. Video production is a very complex and daunting process. A video storyboard becomes your roadmap through this complex process.

A video storyboard can be created through various ways. Sketches, illustrations and photos are the most widely used pieces to create a storyboard. A video storyboard is created by placing all the illustrations and sketches in an order that will represent your video shot by shot till the very end. You can think of it as a comic strip representation of your video that captures the theme and message behind it. Video storyboards are very important for advertising and marketing agencies. They help them build a connection with the clients and business so that they can relate to the agencies vision. A positive outcome can lead to project approvals, which is what any advertising or marketing agency would want.

Essential Steps to create a Video Storyboard:

1. Create a blank template

Blank Template

Creating a template is the very first step to construct a storyboard. There needs to be predefined plan that decides the number of frames and the order they are to be placed in. This gives a skeleton to the storyboard which is of great help. Place blank rect

angular sketch spaces or illustration spaces in order along with action and dialogue columns below it to collate your visuals with the script. Creating a template depends on how you plan to approach your video production and the number of messages and dialogues you want to convey through each single frame.

2. Create a moodboard for design, fonts and colors


A moodboard is created to predefine the mood and aesthetic of the video adhering to the brand’s guidelines. It involves things like fonts, colors and icons that capture the brand’s image effectively, without breaking any guidelines. There are certain guidelines and conditions that are discussed between clients and agencies. Brands like a certain style, aesthetic and design to their video content. Agencies need to discuss these guidelines and conditions beforehand and then create a structure and theme according to the client’s requirements. Adhering to the guidelines is key and that is what creates trust between clients and advertising agencies.

Colors and fonts say a lot about the brand and this is an area that is to be tread very carefully. You do not want the colors to be too loud and break the identity or mood of the brand itself. A moodboard is basically a utility board for the video storyboard. It decides what color, design and font will be used to deliver the message in the storyboard in the best way.

3. Create sketches for each frame


Here comes the most creative and important part. Creating sketches for a video storyboard does not necessarily require supreme art skills. The most important thing is the vision and the message. The message can be conveyed through something as simple as block and stick figures. As long as the message is conveyed appropriately and creatively, it does not matter what level of artistry is involved in creating the sketches for the video storyboard. Creating the sketches is usually the responsibility of the designers you have at your disposal. Bridging the gap between the idea and the sketch that expresses is the key element. This is why it’s preferable to have a brainstorming session with your ideation team and designer team while finalizing on the sketches.

4. Add actions, dialogues, motion indicators and camera movements


The next step is to decide what you want convey through each frame according to the script. The content in each frame should be concise and appropriate to the visual. Cramming too many actions and dialogues in frames results in destabilization of the storyboard. It will start to appear disjointed. To maintain the flow, the amount of actions and dialogues should be equally distributed through all frames. A video storyboard completely relies on the balance you maintain between the visual and the dialogue.

Haphazard distribution of content is the ultimate sin one can commit while making a storyboard. This is a thin line you need to tread very carefully.

Adding the dialogues and sketches does not culminate the process of making a video storyboard production. Designing and ideation is just a section of video production. When the video actually comes into production, there is a camera crew involved. When they look at a storyboard, they need to know when and how the camera moves in each and every frame. Arrows are the most common indicators used to convey how the cameras will move in each frame. Also, if there is a moving object in a frame, you need to indicate in what direction the object will move. A video storyboard is a roadmap for the entire video production team. Each and every member should know all the actions that are to take place in each sketch while a particular dialogue is being spoken. A video storyboard is all about preparedness. It’s the master plan to your perfect video.

The concept of video storyboards have revolutionized the video production process completely. Video production is a lot more organized due to video storyboards and made the process efficient and error-free. Your ideas and creativity get the perfect outlet in the form of video storyboards. With the perfect roadmap in the form of video storyboards, any complex video production process can be completed seamlessly, providing you extra time and resources to be allotted to other aspects of production. Execution requires planning. Video storyboards are your perfect plan to execute any and all forms of video.

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