How to Get Benefits of Using Whiteboard Animation Videos

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According to 85 percent of marketers, video effectively captures online attention. What’s more, viewers retain 95 percent of a message when obtained visually, making video a worthwhile addition to your marketing strategy.

Unfortunately, you’re not the only one to use videos for raising brand awareness, driving purchases, and influencing the overall sales to funnel. Other businesses rely on videos to make branding decisions!

The question is – how do you make your videos stand out?

The answer is whiteboard animation videos!

Unlike other marketing videos, whiteboard animations command the attention of viewers from the presentation’s start to finish. Their content creation process lends to information being consumed more quickly than other visual styles.

Find out why having whiteboard videos to illustrate your company, services or products is a great move:

1 – Create Visually Arresting Content

Brands vying for customer attention mostly resort to fancy, colorful visuals for better performing campaigns. But with everybody trying to out-peacock one another, sometimes less is more!

Whiteboard videos have a raw, simplistic quality that makes the content seem more authentic. The minimal use of visuals in a deliberate, distinctive way attracts attention by virtue of stark imagery and being different from traditional online content.

The more memorable your whiteboard animation, the more customers will seek out further information about your company.

Combine bite-sized information with aesthetic visuals and catchy narration/music to engage customers. Include critical information that warrants their attention:

– Unique value proposition
– Achievements
– Innovative technology
– Lucrative offers

According to the Online Publishers Association, 80 percent of viewers can recall a video ad they viewed in the previous month. Make sure the information you convey sticks in the viewer’s mind for weeks with whiteboard animations.

2 – Convey More Information for Faster Conversions

Humans process visual information 60,000 times faster than other mediums. The best whiteboard animation videos take this to the next level. They’re an irresistible channel for content because they’re:

– Easy to do
– Inexpensive compared to other videos
– Rich in viral potential

They convey more information clearly and often include a narration that reinforces the imagery. As a result, brands can express more of their sales message without losing the viewer. In fact, 36 percent of businesses receive less customer support tickets by using animated videos that explain policies and offers to the audience.

Whiteboard animations increase sales and boost micro-conversions like clickthrough rates and social shares. 64 percent of entrepreneurs experience more sales after using animated videos.

So, take your top-performing text-based and develop a whiteboard video for your target audience. By condensing a 30-minute sales conversation or a lengthy marketing whitepaper into a 1 or 2-minute whiteboard animation you get more attention from busy individuals and reduce the time it takes to expose them to your offer.

Please note that whiteboard videos are not a cure-all for poor engagement and low sales figures. However, a solid strategy coupled with great offers can improve your brand’s marketing performance.

3 – Explain Complex Subject Matter With Ease

65 percent of viewers see more than three-quarters of a product video. However, that still leaves a whopping 35 percent unaccounted for.

One of the many reasons why audiences drop out without watching the full video is the complexity of the subject matter. Remember, your audience’s attention span is less than that of a goldfish!

Whiteboard animation videos help enhance engagement by stripping the video content of all non-value adding elements. The result – a visual experience that’s bursting at its seams with meaningful content. The consequence – audiences feel the engagement.

Here’s when a whiteboard animation video works best:

– When you don’t have a massive database of visual content for the product/idea you want to promote in the video
– When you need to publish the video quickly
– When the budget for a full blown professional video isn’t just there for you as a brand
– When the subject matter you wish to cover is complex, involves a lot of facts and figures, and requires visualization by the audience

4 – Increase Your Brand Recognition

Video marketing makes it easier than ever to reach a wider audience, even more so than audio or text-based content.

A whiteboard animation video is more suited to an international audience. Due to the combination of narration and visuals, this type of video is easily approachable to an audience that does not speak English.

Adapt your whiteboard animations for a global viewership:

– Create subtitles in your audience’s native language. This is a fast, low-cost method of increasing your videos’ accessibility.
– Develop an alternative narration in their native language to substitute the English narration.

In this way, you can easily convey heavy, complicated and emotional content that does not translate well in live-action. Break down the subject matter and engage your audience without alienating them.

Since whiteboard animation does not use real characters or visuals, it strikes whatever emotional tone your company needs without coming across as depressing, chessy, and over-dramatic.

5 – Tickle Your Audience’s Sense of Wonder

Use whiteboard videos to appeal to the inner child within your audience. Many of them grew up watching cartoons and animations, and there is a sentimental factor at play.

Your videos may remind them of simpler times when they watched a particular animation or character. Nothing is as effective as whiteboard animations in such cases!

The best part is, you can do all this without breaking the bank. Why? Because whiteboard videos cost less than regular videos. In fact, a professional can complete a whiteboard video within a few hours with the right set of tools or software.

What’s Next?

A whiteboard animation video is unassuming. It is not fully animated like cartoons and there’s a giant hand moving across the screen. Doesn’t sound too appealing, right?
Yet such videos are being used by the world’s biggest brands, like Coca Cola and Carlsberg, to present complex information or data in an innovative way without boring the audience to death.

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