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By June 18, 2020March 7th, 2022Animation Video

Being a leading Video animation company, we acknowledge the importance of diversity in video production. From animated explainer videos to animated motion graphic videos, we love to innovate! Popular misconceptions surrounding animation often results into a company overlooking animation altogether, which would make for a rather incomplete marketing strategy. Some may mistake animation just to be limited for educational tutorials or some might think it’s just cartoons for kids. Well, we assure you. That’s not the case!

Video animation services enable the company to convey complex and abstract subjects in an easy and simplified way. Explainer animated videos compress hours of information and explanation into a short and compelling video. Animation has great marketing value and shows constant ROI deliveries. The more complex the message, the easier it’s going to be conveyed through animation videos.

– 83% companies agree that animation videos on the webpage has increased conversion
– 47% of marketers concluded that support questions had been reduced after using animation explainer videos
– 76% of marketers were able to generate more traffic through their animated videos

Relying on Animation gives you:

Solid brand identity

With the right video animation agency, your company will have the power of portraying the right image to your audience. This stage gives you the perfect opportunity to play with your brand related colours, tones, characters and elements. A research mentions that 90% of judgements of a brand are done alone through its colours. When you attach a specific personality to your brand, your audience is bound to be influenced. It’s important that the colours are used wisely throughout the video. Also, having a mascot or a symbol of identity just enhances the overall animated video. The more fun your video is, the higher its retention rate. Make your colours the key of your animated content and witness your brand recognition shoot up the charts!

Enhanced online visibility

Animated videos are highly shareable. When you use videos in your social media campaigns, your emails or even your website, it encourages your viewers to share that visually appealing video produced by you! Appealing and visually stimulating content takes the cake when it comes to organic growth. With well-planned SEO strategies, these videos help your website gain its presence on Google search and even other search engines. Visiting time on your website is bound to go up when you have an animated video attached. It also increases the overall time spent by your viewer and thus leads to better website visibility. Time spent on your website on average is increased by 8 seconds to 2 minutes. When the session time is increased on any website, it helps the website to get ranked higher and higher in the search, eventually connecting more people to your brand. When you combine these thoughtful strategies with platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, you open up a whole new world of online presence!

A stronger connect with your audience

The narratives shown through business animation videos helps brands get closer to their audience. The strong elements and characters of resonance help in a stronger brand recognition. Because these videos are relevant to the audience, it gives them a mirroring effect and in return increases their trust. When your viewer feels that their problems are being targeted and solved through videos, they’ll feel more connected. A reflection of your buyer’s persona just gives you that. Base your video on sociographic and demographic context! Identification by the audience and picking up on cues will lead to a strong connect with them. For instance, during a global phenomenon, when your company puts out relative content, the viewers will pick it up and feel connected to your brand.

Business animation is essential to enhance your pre-existing marketing strategies. Don’t just take our word for it though! Your company too can experience the benefits of animated videos, with the team next door! High quality videos are the key to achieving successful marketing strategies. It’s a reflection of your company’s professionalism and the type of service you provide, any compromise on the quality will lead to a wrong message going across. To ensure the right message going across, you should hire just the right video animation company. Communication Crafts provides highest quality services when it comes to animation. From one-of-a-kind graphics to innovative marketing campaigns, we do it all! It’s time you get in touch with the best team in town!

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