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Rewind to your elementary school days. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Chances are, you’ll see chalkboard drawings and colorful figures that helped you remember your A-B-Cs. Well, that’s what whiteboard animation videos do! These videos break down hard to remember information in a pictorial method, making it easy to remember!

Stats suggest that there is an average of 15% increase in the recall rate when people are informed through a whiteboard animation video. Mostly because it’s engaging and fun! A study on human psychology suggests that information is easily retained when presented in an interactive method.

Whiteboard animation is a to-the-point and descriptive method of content marketing. This imaginative method appeals to the masses emotionally and logically. The ongoing storyline is depicted through a hand continuously drawing with a marker. Whiteboard videos have minimal colors, often only the brand’s colors.

Whiteboard Animation is preferred because:

It’s simple: The distinct continuous drawing by a hand on a whiteboard is the aesthetic of the classic whiteboard animation video. The essence of the video is grasped easily due to its minimal style. When you bombard your viewers with a lot of information, retaining the important message becomes difficult. Well, that’s solved by the whiteboard animation video!

It guides the process: The guiding nature of whiteboard animation videos directs the attention of a viewer towards important content, highlighting its educational nature. According to a leading educational psychologist, students that learned through a guiding hand displayed a higher comprehension rate.

It compresses abstract ideas: The simplified method of explaining makes for a hassle-free explainer video.

The checklist to your own whiteboard video

Define your brand identity
Prioritize the objective of your video
Choose your audience

Your awesome guide to ‘how to make a whiteboard animation’

1. Write a great script:

The catchy tune of the last advertisement you came across still ringing through your head? Well, the success of any advertisement (no matter its platform) can be attributed to its script! Your collection of images needs a narrative to go alongside to create a coherent story. The script should consist of all the dialogues that need to be synced with the frame-to-frame progression and the typography that is to be displayed onscreen- it could be bullet points, titles or anything else!

Writing a great script begins the answer to the question, ‘How to create whiteboard animation?’

PS: Don’t forget the sound effects!

2. Make a mood board and sketch a storyboard:

Gather your thoughts and ideas visually by assembling a mood board! Inspirations are drawn out easily when you have references in front of you. Type of fonts, colors, characters, themes, and moods are established through the mood board. Build upon the mood board by creating a storyboard, by sketching the per frame transitions, details of the composition of the frame and the angle of the shots. The visual planning will eventually make for a hassle free film production.

Want to know more about moodboards and storyboards?

3. Select your style and animate:

With various options such as glass board background, stich board, chalkboard, and notepad, selecting the style that goes with your brand is crucial. Notepad style is seen as a natural and effective style when animating for a tutorial, whereas the famous glass board background is more versatile.

– Select the type of strokes and colors: Choose the right colors to entice emotions and brand awareness. Beware of creating an overboard and tacky film! No one wants to be overwhelmed with too many colors! Color psychology should be kept in consideration while choosing the colors. The various types of strokes enhance the overall experience. Options such as chalk, pen, marker, and pencil are usually available.

– Choose accurate visuals: As the center of the entire video would be surrounded around the character, it is important to ensure connectivity throughout all the frames.
Focus on the action and expressions of your characters during an animation. Importance should be given to the duration of the film, transition of each frame and the entry and exit effects.

4. Record and sync your audio:

This is the final step to creating your awesome whiteboard animation video. Every visual need a narrative to create an eloquent message. Post the recording session, each message should be synced with the right frame.

Insider tips on how to create whiteboard animation

– Keep it simple
– Mix and Match styles
– Add personalized elements
– Appeal your audience psychologically

Well produced video has a 90% chance of being shared amongst viewers! Yes, you heard it! Experiment with your ideas and make your films on platforms such as Explaindio, Easy Sketch Pro 3, Videoscribe for free! These easy to use interfaces enable you to get the best output. Whiteboard animated videos impact the brand positively and make learning a memorable experience.

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