How the perfect thumbnail garners more clicks on your video!

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You’ve probably heard it countless times, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. While it may be true for an actual book, on the internet, surfing through videos- it just isn’t the case!

But hey, we don’t disagree with that! We get it.

Did you know more than 500 hours of video content is uploaded on YouTube every minute!

That’s a lot of videos! And that’s where a good thumbnail can make all the difference when it comes to a viewer clicking through to your video, rather than other videos.

Just like a book cover tells what the book will be about, the thumbnail lets your viewer know what the video is about and why it’s something they should be interested in.

What exactly is a thumbnail?

A video thumbnail is a single image that represents your video.

Whether it is a Google search, websites or social media previews, it convinces your audience to pick and choose to watch your video!

In simpler terms, the task of a video thumbnail is to convey what your video is about or why they should watch it!

A thumbnail is a gateway to your video, perhaps a book cover or like a movie poster. It compels your audience to click the ‘play’ button!

Custom thumbnails can be created on various online platforms or could also be the perfect still from your video!

Fun fact: 90% of top-performing videos on YouTube have a custom thumbnail!

Why use thumbnails?

On social media, whether it is for leisure or educational purpose, people want to see the best videos! And they are quick to judge which the best is, by seeing the thumbnail of the videos.

That’s how people surf online and scan out what they think is the best!

You see, that’s why a good thumbnail matters!

But what if your audience doesn’t get to see how awesome your video is?

Well, create a great thumbnail and the tables can be turned in your favour!

Our video experts put in insane amount of work for the entire process of scripting, shooting and uploading the video. Even after we produce appealing videos for our clients, our work isn’t done. We know that even though the video is great if people don’t find it appealing at the first sight, they won’t give it a watch.

So what do we do that makes people want to watch it?

Well, we make sure to add a custom, appealing thumbnail that instantly grasp the viewers’ attention and makes them click on the video.

Most people don’t know that creating a good appealing thumbnail for the video is a powerful marketing tactic- it can help you get more click-through conversions & easily help your brand stand out amongst your competitors.
So if you’re having a tough time getting more views on your video, don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together everything you need to know on how to create the perfect thumbnail for your video!

Here it is.

Create the perfect thumbnail

  1. Emphasize on emotions
  2. Adjust the contrast and play with colours
  3. Include branding elements
  4. Beware of Clickbait
  5. Use animation
  6. Ensure high resolution
  7. Remove unnecessary elements from the thumbnail

1. Emphasize on emotions

Displaying human emotions often captivates the audience. This trick does the task of intriguing your viewers and leading into them clicking on the video. For instance, if your thumbnail depicts the content of the video to be shocking or surprising, it will instantly influence your viewers’ perspective.

2. Adjust the contrast and play with colours

When was the last time dull and dreary colours grabbed your attention?

Hard to recall. Right?

Bright, vibrant and vivid colours make your thumbnail pop. It’s always preferred to have a great colour scheme throughout the video. In case your video doesn’t have such colours, you can always use editing tools to create a thumbnail that attracts masses! Or you could let bold text work its magic in the thumbnail!

3. Include branding elements

Including elements from your brand can boost your brand loyalty and recognition.

When you have a bond with your audience, it increases the trust they put in you- making it super easy for them to recognize you even amongst hundreds of other search results.

Consistent watermarks, logos, consistent thumbnail style are some great ways to be identified at just a glance.

4. Beware of Clickbait

There is no point of fooling your audience by creating dramatic and irrelevant titles. The thumbnail must be relevant to the content of your video- in case of a discrepancy between the thumbnail and the video the viewer might exit the video. This would result in your video being less discoverable.

Use exciting titles and graphics will surely get your video noticed, so don’t be afraid of actually stating out shocking content of your video.

5. Use animation

Animation in thumbnail has been a new wave. Experimenting with animation makes your video stand out in the crowd and gives your viewers a glimpse of the video. Animation can take your monthly newsletter or email marketing to another level altogether!

6. Ensure high resolution

When embedded on your website, these thumbnails, despite being small appear enlarged on the screen. Especially when the possibilities of the viewing screen are endless, which means it could be a desktop or a TV screen. A blurry or a pixelated thumbnail drives your audience further away from your video. We’re sure that’s the last thing you want for your company. So the point is, ensure that you create a high-resolution thumbnail.

7. Remove unnecessary elements from the thumbnail

A clean, crisp and clear image that translates the essence of your video is extremely crucial.

Including bold and clear visible text with vibrant colours is one of the quickest ways to grab the eyes of your viewer.

To arrange the necessary elements in your thumbnail efficiently, the ‘rule of thirds’ should be applied. Okay, let’s simplify this for you- open your phone’s camera, turn on the gridlines and place the content along the lines or where the lines meet. This neat trick enables the clean display of content.

Quick Recap!

Surprised there was so much to learn about just an image representing a video?

Whether you’re looking to upload videos on YouTube, Facebook, IGTV or your website, a great custom thumbnail will help you get more people clicking on your content. All you need to do is brand your video accordingly and optimize your thumbnail so that it is device-friendly.

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