How to Create & Optimize Your Facebook Video Ads?

By November 13, 2020March 7th, 2022Social Media Video

Video advertising on Facebook can be the game changer for your content marketing strategies. It is the most used social media platform in the world, leading with 2.45 billion monthly active users. Every year Facebook grows and brings drastic changes which enhance the user experience even more.

Facebook has so much potential to take your brand to the next level. Unleashing the power of video content combined with advance ad algorithms of Facebook- you’ve got yourself a perfect fit.

At the end of the day, you want profitable results. And when you allocate so much time and effort making Facebook video ads, you want great returns.

Due to the evolutionary changes Facebook goes through every now and then, if you want your Facebook marketing strategies to succeed, you need to stay ahead of your competitors. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t guide you on how to make or optimize video ads work for your business, and that’s why we are here!

Expert social media video makers at Communication Crafts have put forward key points that they implement for clients, which has proven to greatly engage their target audience.

Here is what they have to say.

1. Quickly engage viewers
2. What’s in it for them?
3. Straight to the message
4. Create appealing video

1. Include a Native video
2. Know your audience
3. Mobile-friendly video
4. Persuasive headlines
5. An effective Call-to-Action

How to create the Video Ads on Facebook that work wonders

1. Quickly engage viewers

Quickly engage viewers
There is so much content to browse through on Facebook. It’s only a matter of time before the user moves onto the next post in the feed. Those precious few seconds in the beginning are your window of opportunity. You need to captivate the attention of your viewers from the first frame. Create an explosive start to the video such that the viewers can’t afford to scroll by without knowing what the video is about.

That’s the secret, captivating audience’s attention quickly. If they like your video, they are sure to share it with their friends and your video can go viral in no time!

Pro Tip: Most of the viewers prefer watching videos without any sound. Make sure that your video has appealing graphics and subtitles so they can know what the video is about without listening to it.

2. What’s in it for them?

A rookie mistake that still many companies make is that they don’t think of the most important question- is it of any value to the audience? If the video ads don’t talk about the pain points of the customers and provide solutions for it, that’s not going to make them want to buy your products. And all that hard work you put into it would go to waste.

So when thinking of ideas for Facebook video ads, brainstorm a way so that it can connect with the audience on an emotional level. Understand your audience- know what they like and don’t and you are sure to come up with a great idea.

But don’t forget, they’re scrolling through the feed looking for engaging video content that will keep them entertained. How to make it engaging? We will talk about it shortly.

3. Straight to the message

Marketers talk about people having short attention these days but forget to talk about similar content their competitors create that work wonders.

Yes, you need to capture the attention quickly, that’s important. You have to deploy attention-grabbing tactics that can create an impact right from the start of the video ad. Do this, and even if the ad is relatively long, people have hooked already, they will watch it till the end.

However, keep in mind that Facebook ad is no place to go into detail. Rather, focus on the selling point- how it is the perfect solution for their problem?

The duration of the video should be defined by the amount of time you would require to convey the message.

We have seen a large number of companies come to us with their video requirements and specifically tell us that they need a 2-min video for Facebook. While we completely understand their perspective, we first think of the key points we need to talk about and then craft a short & crisp video for the same. How were the results? Our clients were completely happy with our creative approach. Our strategies helped them connect easily with their audience.

4. Create appealing video

Create appealing video
Last but not the least, your videos should be appealing to the eye. When you use great lighting, high-quality sound, appealing graphics and aesthetics, the viewer knows something good is coming up in the video that’s worth the watch.

Need to create a video in a budget? A quick read on it, will help.

How to easily Optimize Facebook Ads

So you’ve created Facebook video ads. Now what? Are they engaging the audience just the way you thought it would? If not, you might need to tweak it a bit. This calls for video optimization.

And how do you exactly do this? Here’s how.

1. Include a Native video

A native video is a video that is directly uploaded on a social media platform, rather than embedded as a link from YouTube or your website.

So why does this help?

Well, Facebook has an autoplay feature which automatically starts playing videos as they come by in the user feed. And this feature alone has proven to create more engagement.

Also when it comes to promoting videos, Facebook will promote those videos that are originally uploaded on its platform (under suggested videos section).

2. Know your audience

Another thing you can do for your Facebook video optimization is to understand your audience and the demographics they come from. Facebook allows you to set specific locations, age ranges, languages, and so much more. You can set the regions from where the most organic searches related to your products come from.

This guarantees that the people watching your video ad are interested.

3. Mobile-friendly video

Mobile-friendly video
94% of ad revenue is from mobiles. Since most people use the Facebook mobile app, the video ad needs to be optimized for mobile phones of all sizes.

The video aspect ratio should be:

  • Minimum aspect ratio: 100×400
  • Maximum aspect ratio: 400×100

If you don’t adhere to these formats, chances are the video will be too big to fit on the screen. A study found that due to bad mobile experience 52% of users are less likely to engage with a company. This is where user experience makes all the difference, and you need to make sure it is great.

4. Persuasive headlines

persuasive headlines
Some people never manage to get past the headline. Write a persuasive headline that instantly connects with the audience, and half your work of convincing the leads is done. Remember that the headline is where everything begins — interest, attention, and understanding of the brand.

5. An effective Call-to-Action

The best social media Video ads are those which are short and crisp. These ads engage the audience first and sell later. As ads is a means to promote or make people aware of the brand first, keep it simple. But end with an engaging Call-to-Action that would redirect them to the landing page where you go into detail and make them take the desired action.

If you are looking for simple yet effective ways to make landing pages highly converting, gives this a read. Some interesting strategies you can adopt.

End Story

Between video ads, video posts, stories and live streams, Facebook videos garner up to 8 billion views per day. So if you haven’t thought about incorporating an engaging video strategy for your Facebook marketing strategy, this is the right time to move forward with it.

And the best way to make your Facebook ads work is to hire the pros who day-in, day-out work specifically on Facebook ad marketing. That’s what most businesses prefer to move forward with, as they have seen incredible ROI when professional marketers have implemented their strategies.

That’s exactly the business we are in. Communication Crafts is a leading video marketing company. Our clients come from all around the world. Their requirements are different, but their goal is the same- maximum engagement and better ROI. And we make it happen. Our team of expert video producers, content marketing specialists & experienced Facebook video marketers keep all the aspects in mind, which we listed above for creating & optimizing the video. We help companies establish a better relationship with their audience. We wouldn’t be saying so if we didn’t achieve so.

Bring us in to create your Facebook Ads and see your conversions shoot up significantly!
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