Tips on Creating Business Videos That Customers Will Love to Watch

By December 29, 2020March 7th, 2022Animation Video, Explainer Video, Social Media Video

Everyone enjoys watching a video!

As long as it is entertaining, people are going to be glued to their screens!

Be it a business video, product video, testimonial video or behind-the-scenes- people are always curious to know new interesting things about a brand. The key is to deliver it to them in an intriguing way that gets them hooked instantly.

And that my friend can be the beginning of many great things for your brand!

If you are a small business owner, I know what might be going on in your head- do I really need a video to grow my business?


Video has so proven to show so many advantageous results for businesses of all sizes. 86% of people want to see more brand videos from businesses in 2020.

Living in this digital age, we have witnessed the rise of social media platforms.

4.14 billion!

That’s the number of people using social media in 2020. Yes you heard it right. Shocked? Wait till you see what becomes of the figure in coming years.

Top social media platforms- LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter- have been instrumental in helping brands and businesses establish an online presence.

As with the constantly evolving technology on these platforms, businesses have been able to engage with their target audience much better. Social media has even provided a way to build brand awareness, push content and easily reach potential customers around the world.

That’s the power of a video.

And that’s exactly why you should start making videos. When you create engaging videos that provide some sort of value to your viewers, people will be more aligned to watch it. Simple as that. Implementing a great video marketing strategy can transform the face of your business!

But how do you create such a great company video?

We got you! Over the last many years, our video experts at Communication Crafts have been creating business videos for our clients all around the globe. The videos we created have shown incredible ROI and engagement, and we are here to tell you some important tips on how to make your video work wonders too!

Here is everything you should think of for your next business video.

  1. Know your target audience
  2. Have a solid script and concept
  3. Let your existing customers share their journey
  4. Make sure professionals are working on the video
  5. Add a powerful call-to-action
  6. Unleash the power of YouTube
  7. SEO
  8. Mobile optimized videos

1. Know your target audience

Before you write the script for the video or begin the shoot, think about who your audience is and what they like and don’t. This will help you create content that will speak directly to your audience.

Not only you’ll save valuable time in the process, but will remove all the guesswork and help you launch your company video in quick succession.

2. Have a solid script and concept

Some of the best company videos are a simple hello. Best company videos are the one which are under 90 seconds.

People do have a short attention span, and even shorter if the video is lengthy or boring. So make sure your video is fun and entertaining!

Place your company video on your website or any social media channels you are on. Play your cards right and you can create an astounding video that has the potential to go viral!

Fun fact: Conversion rates double when a website has a video.

3. Let your existing customers share their journey

Want to reel your buyers in with no extra effort? Enter testimonial videos!

What better way to convince your audience to buy your products or services than coming from your existing customers?

Have a face-to-face free talk with your customers. Let them share their journey with your company and how your products or services were of valuable use to them. Why they choose you among your competitors?

Oh, and don’t forget to shoot! These types of questions are frequent to come up, and answering them would help customers trust you.

Have a look at some great types of customer testimonials you can create!

4. Make sure professionals are working on the video

You don’t need a Hollywood set to shoot a great video! Of course not. But if you don’t have enough experience shooting a video, you should definitely consider hiring video professionals who simply can deliver outstanding videos as the requirements may come.

Not only it’ll make your job easier, but such teams are experienced business video maker, who easily create the video as you need. From a small business video to a relatively longer one, a professional business video production agency knows what it takes to create a wonderful video for you.

5. Add a powerful call-to-action

You’ve worked hard creating a perfect video that your viewers enjoy watching. But of course, you want them to buy your products or services.

So how do you make sure that you’re viewers know where to buy it?

Add an engaging call-to-action that instantly connects with your audience. It’s an easy opportunity to point them to the next step where they can make a purchase.

6. Unleash the power of YouTube

With over a billion users who watch over 250 million hours of video each day, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world.

And it’s exactly the place where your potential buyers make searchers see your product videos or “unboxing videos”, so it’s essential for you to be there.

Website visitors are 64 to 85% more likely to purchase a product after watching a video about it.

Now convinced that video is the real deal?

Pro tip: Including a video transcript will help make your video accessible to the hearing impaired, and will also help boost your SEO.

7. SEO

A good business video should always be optimized for SEO.

Here’s what we mean by that exactly:

  • Adding keywords in the title
  • Adding appealing Description & tags
  • Uploading a transcript

From an SEO perspective, these factors ensure that your video can be easily found by people searching your brand name or keywords associated with your products, services or industry.

8. Mobile optimized videos

These days, people use mobile devices of different sizes. So you have to make sure your videos are optimized for playback across different devices. You don’t want your company video to overshoot the screen size. That would create a bad impression of your brand on the audience. And you don’t want that to happen obviously.

So make sure the video is optimized for mobile phones, desktops and tablets!

That’s pretty much all you need to know to make it work!

Looking for an amazing video production agency? Communication Crafts is the one for you!

We’d love to help create a great business video for our company. We’ve been in the business video production since 15 odd years! So we know requirements can vary drastically, and yours will too, but that’s not a problem for us! Tell us your needs, and we’ll create a great business video for you at a great price!

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