The Do’s and Don’ts of Homepage Videos

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Remember the time when you set up your own website? We’re sure it was a truly memorable and proud experience. Your website is the gateway to your brand’s long lasting impression. A memorable first experience of your brand is extremely crucial for your potential customers. With tons of distractions, the constant threat of your viewer exiting your webpage without paying any heed is often a fear that lurks around. You think that’s scary? How about your viewer visiting your competitor’s website because they found your website B-O-R-I-N-G! That won’t be the case if you provide a delightful, interactive and a positive experience! Begin with adding fun-to- watch homepage video to your website. Well, we’re the team next door for a reason! We’ve got you covered with the dos and don’ts of those perfect homepage videos!

Wonder why homepage videos are the bee’s knees?

Your average viewer will spend 90% more time on your website because of your homepage video
8 out of 10 people have made a purchase after watching a video on the website
Including a video on a website homepage results into 66% more qualified leads per year!

Here’s what can you do to create an exceptional homepage video

The Do’s

Have a clear goal

Think of the video as an answer to addressing the functions of your business. Highlight the important elements of your business in a fun and interactive manner, showcase your values and other elements unique to your company. Resonating with your audience is just the right approach when it comes to spreading awareness about your brand. Imagine going through multiple webpages and videos and still not having a clue about the business, this is a nightmare you’d want to prevent. Your homepage video should establish the key elements about your company within the first 20 seconds, questions such as what services you provide, why one should opt for your services, what can be expected from your company, your final product etc should be answered in the video in an engaging manner.

Don’t forget to keep it conversational!

Know your audience

This is the initial experience your first time viewer might have of your brand, making it all the more important to make sure it’s memorable! Incorporate all the elements that are consistent throughout your website. Addressing your target audience will up your chances of leaving a lasting impression. Showcase your brand and engage with your viewers through this unique strategy. When you choose to emotionally appeal to your audience, your numbers are bound to increase. Better yet, include a still of your office and get your office folk to be a part of the video. Research suggests that company culture videos play a crucial role in leaving an impeccable impression on your audience.

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Introduce your brand clearly

Urge your audience to find more details about your brand. This is exactly the platform where your viewers have the opportunity to learn everything about your brand. Homepage videos are the perfect tool to convert your viewers into customers! The more transparent, raw and engaging your video is, the higher are the chances of enabling a great client business relationship.

What elements should your homepage video consist of?

Addressing a problem: Every company has a different approach, whether it is providing services or products. Address the problem that is being resolved by you.
Highlighting solutions: After addressing a concern, this is your time to shine. Depict how your brand adds value, troubleshoots and innovates.
Include customer testimonials: Potential customers love hearing recommendations from real people! Take it from us.

Test the auto playing function

Okay we know this is a, ‘to be or not to be’ scenario. To auto play or to not autoplay can be the most confusing question there has to be! Depending on the content you’re planning to put as your homepage video, you can make this decision easy and logical. Let’s be real now! Auto playing a video can be annoying, can slow down the webpage but not auto playing will only lead to driving your audience further away. So, we suggest a middle ground approach where you can auto play a preview of your clip and the viewer can continue playing on their choice. With this approach, you’re bound to intrigue and engage your audience while giving them the freedom of choosing their next step!

Bonus tips:

– While auto playing your homepage video, opt for a silent mode or let your audience choose to switch on the sound option.
– Keep the video short and sweet.
– Don’t show too much motion and movement.

Make it the centerpiece

Homepage videos have a strong correlation with conversions. Any compromise on the placement of the video could lead to the potential going to waste. Let your homepage video take the spotlight on the page; avoid any major distractions by scaling down design elements. Don’t bury your video under heavy text either. Make sure you have a bold and clear display button that allows your audience to play the video.

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The Don’ts

Don’t generalize

Most of the customers use search engines to find what they’re looking for. When you narrow down your goals and functions, you’re allowing yourself to be found by potential customers. With specific keywords, your viewer is bound to find the answer to their questions.

Don’t go into every single detail!

You’re bound to bore and overwhelm your audience when you get into all the nitty gritty all at once! We know how tempting it can get to include every single detail in your video, but we sincerely urge you to resist this temptation. The ideal length for your video should be anywhere under 2 minutes.

Don’t hamper your viewer’s experience

Your homepage video should assist in navigating through your webpage instead of getting into their way! Facilitate important interaction through this video with a clear cut message and good placement! Include necessary buttons on your player so they don’t have to shuffle through buttons for just volume control. Let your audience have the control over pausing the video or even turning the sound off altogether.

Don’t just focus on homepage videos

When you solely focus on homepage videos with no other relevant and important information, your audience will be left dazed and confused. Inserting explanatory copy will go hand in hand with your homepage video, which will result in boosting your overall customer engagement!

First impressions are crucial and are extremely important for creating a memorable experience, we know that! Keep these dos and don’ts handy when you are creating your homepage video and thank us later! With over 15 years of experience in the field of video production, we’ve got videos down to the T.

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