Why Your Business Needs an Explainer Video in 2020?

By August 17, 2020March 7th, 2022Explainer Video

Traditional video marketing strategies often bare no results, the typical video format resonate with the century old pushy- buying approach. Explainer videos are quickly changing the scenario of video content marketing by combining streamline storytelling along with interactive graphics to create a power packed and an engaging video.

What is an explainer video?

As the name rightly suggests, explainer videos simplify the method of explaining a new product, service or the purpose of a company. The educational nature of explainer videos makes the most complicated of information easy to comprehend, while leaving a lasting impression. Explainer Video Services are most sought after due to their compelling nature. An effective explainer video is between 1-2 minutes in duration. Animation and attractive graphics grasp the audience’s attention right from the get go.

Interesting, interactive and engaging, animated explainer videos do just the right trick for your company. Animated explainer videos enhance the overall marketing strategy. Affordable, expert and innovative explainer video services guarantee higher engagement along with boosted brand awareness.

Stats about explainer videos:
– 7 out of 10 people would rather watch an explainer video than flip through a manual to understand a product
– Explainer videos result to 95% message retained, ranking highest compared to other methods
– Video content makes up for more than 80% of internet traffic

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Creating the perfect explainer video is not the work of an average Joe! You need experts to handle you visionary projects:

Tips on how you can hire the ideal explainer video production company:
– Define the purpose of project and vision accurately
– Review the quality of past projects
– Check the type of video specialization of the company
– Review client testimonials

5 reasons why your company needs an explainer video in 2020

Boost traffic

Explainer videos tend to direct your audience to where you want them. A solid call to action ensures more clicks on your website- providing your company with higher exposure, all through a 60 second explainer video. People who found your video interesting will land on your homepage before you even know it. Compelling video content becomes a great help for smaller businesses. Explainer videos help gain the interest of the target audience without an additional cost or extra time. Customer engagement is drastically improved through visually arresting graphics and an easy-to-follow story line


The visually appealing explainer videos leverages the advantage of being shared easily on social media platforms. The short nature of explainer videos makes for an effortless attempt to draw visitor’s interest which in turn leads to higher sales and leads. A recent study suggested that 93% of companies which posted their explainer videos on social media experienced tremendous growth in sales.

Boosts Branding Efforts

Effective brand marketing is a goal rather unattainable without explainer videos. Explainer videos capture the essence and personality of your company more effectively as compared to generic commercials. It’s no surprise that people prefer purchasing a product they resonate with, especially when the important aspects of a product are highlighted through an explainer video.

Caters to a versatile crowd

Majority of the people consuming content on the internet do it through their mobile phones. The short nature of these videos become ideal for people consuming content on mobiles. The options become limited with written content but with explainer videos, the content can be presented in the most interactive method possible!


Achieving a clear cut and streamline communication is often a hurdle for many companies. With shorter and shorter attention spans, we want to understand the product quickly before we get bored. An explainer video on social media or even your website’s homepage works wonders by attracting more leads and conversions. Explainer videos are known for their simple and educational nature, thus the correct usage of explainer videos can positively impact the sales numbers. Launching a brand new product becomes simpler with the help of explainer videos. Explainer videos eliminate confusion, queries or any barriers that occur throughout the process of launch and marketing. Your audience might not buy something if they don’t resonate or understand it. This highly engaging video works wonders for small business and start-ups. A recent study suggested that explainer videos contribute 72% towards educating people about a new product or a brand.

Communication Crafts has been a leading explainer video production company for over 15 years, designing high quality and effective animated explainer videos for brands around the global. Using appealing, unique and snappy animations, your company can truly stand out with a customizable color palette for the right animated explainer video. With the best explainer video production team by your side, your audience is bound to resonate with the content being produced. Professionally created animated explainer videos also reel in higher profits. Along with accelerated ROI’s, bespoke animated explainer videos improve brand visibility. Established explainer video company’s such as ours facilitate a wider arena and larger scope for animated explainer videos. Our highly skilled story telling skills, expert animators, video producers, script writers and project managers are equipped to provide a seamless workflow for your very own animated explainer video! Grow your business with expert explainer video service providers like us.

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