Expanding Horizons with Awesome Animated Explainer Videos

By February 24, 2020May 2nd, 2022Video Production
11 Expanding Horizons With Awesome Animated Explainer Videos

Explainer videos have taken the content world by storm. But the buck does not stop there. Add animation to the mix, you get something even better. And it’s glorious.

Animated explainer videos have become the most sought after content medium in recent times. Content creators love animated features as they provide them with more creative freedom and require far less resources than shoot based features. Viewers also love animated features as they are minimalistic and more informative.

The best animated explainer videos on the internet have quite few things in common. They are minimalistic, to the point and very good on the eye. It’s not about conveying a message, when it comes to explainer videos. The message needs to be delivered in a pinpoint and creative manner.

In the world of science and technology, the competition is increasing at an exponential rate. Invention of new products and services is not enough. IT’s important for brands and companies to make consumers familiar with their products and services. This is where animated explainer video production comes into the picture. They help consumers understand and get familiar with your products and services. This also significantly decreases customer queries and service related issues.
Let us dive deeper into the world of animated explainer video production to understand why they are such a popular too in the world of advertising and marketing.

They create brand awareness

Animated explainer videos are quite helpful in creating brand awareness and connecting with the consumers. Keeping up with the trends helps create a buzz about your brand and gathers more participation and engagement from consumers. Using unique designs and colour palettes for animated explainer video production will help consumers relate your brand to those unique elements. This will create a unique identity that will stay ingrained in the viewer’s mind for a long time.

They increase conversion rates

Almost 75 percent of viewers are likely to buy a product on watching an explainer video. That is one astonishing statistic which clearly shows the impact explainer videos have on consumers in today’s world. Animated explainer videos provide furthermore insight and creativity which helps communicate better with viewers. Fluid animations and info-graphics always impress viewers while relaying any kind of message. Animated explainer video production is powerful and require less amount of effort. That makes them one of the best forms of video content.

They provide better ROI

Animated explainer videos have proven over time that they increase engagement significantly. Videos are also very transparent when it comes to tracking statistics and engagement on content. Animated explainer video production costs significantly lesser than advertisements and shoot based features and their engagement is similar if not more to them. This clearly shows that they are a better form of investment than making advertisements and videos that cost a lot more.

They help you rank better on Google

It’s a well-known fact that Google absolutely raves for video content. There is more chance of your content featuring on ranked Google pages than having plain texts or just info-graphics on it. Animated explainer videos help your website feature in better ranked Google search pages and create further engagement with the consumer. Also, the best explainer videos come into the informative category, which gives them furthermore chance to be featured as Google is one of the greatest tools to solve doubts and issues.

They are the perfect pitch

Animated explainer videos are the best way to pitch any product or service. They can shared over multiple platforms which increases their hit rate and helps more consumers understand your product or service. The best animated explainer videos help in understanding products in the simplest yet most informative manner. Fluid animations make the video attractive and appealing, making it simpler to convey as well as receive the message. Next time you need to pitch a product or a service, keep in mind that an animated explainer video will work a lot better than an advertisement or a shoot based video.

In this day and age staying ahead of the competition is extremely important. Getting creative with your branding content is an absolute must. Millions of videos are uploaded on social media every minute, so it makes it ever more difficult to make content that stands out. Explainer videos make this colossal task simpler for branding and advertising agencies as they provide an outlet to explain your product and service along with expanding on the vision and identity of a brand.

The introduction of animation in the world of video production made the process simpler and more convenient. It made the process cost effective along with providing a lot more creative freedom. With ever-flowing ideas in an agency like ours, we feel the impact and importance of animated explainer videos totally.

Communication Crafts has one of the most creative and hardworking film production teams around. Animated explainer videos are our forte since we absolutely love making them.

Let’s team up to make an awesome explainer video.

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