Educational Videos- 3 Step Guide For Creating A Great Video

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An educational video educates the audience on many difficulties they may be facing in their day-to-day life. Since most people are visual learners, creating a captivating educational video is difficult. This is where the animation comes into play. Adding animations in the educational video helps enhance the learning experiences of beginners. With appealing visuals & high-quality sound, animated learning videos are gaining popularity by the day.

As many businesses are now including animation in their educational videos, it is becoming a new trend in the market that is booming for business! Creating animated learning video helps enhance the audience’s experience.

But why educational videos?

People comprehend visuals much faster than text. And that’s why educational animated videos are the preferred medium of educating students these days. Videos are a time saving, efficient, and more convenient option. You can watch a video and quickly intake a lot of information in a very short time-span. Creating good educational videos are easy. By infusing multimedia components like sound, video, graphics, and animation, educational videos help create an amazing learning atmosphere. Videos aid the learning process because they engage viewers and help them retain important information. Many educational videos even have analytic features that enable teachers to track student engagement. This allows the teachers and institutions to see how effective the educational videos are and how can they enhance the learning experience.

Educational videos- the goto studying medium during Covid-19

We are in the middle of a pandemic which won’t disappear anytime soon. To ensure the safety of students, governments all over the world have closed educational institutions and have shifted to remote online education. With more than 1.2 billion children in 186 countries that have been affected, there has been a drastic rise in e-learning.

How to Make Animation for Educational Videos Work

1. Selecting the right content

Throwing a textbook at students to educate them isn’t effective any longer. Living in this digital age, people prefer watching learning videos that educate them in less time- which is something a textbook fails to do.

Creating an effective educational video, firstly means to choose the most important information you want the audience to know. Since people have a short attention span, adding unnecessary information would make it difficult for them to consume the whole video.

Keeping the educational video simple and crisp would create an immersive experience that would captivate the audience’s attention.

2. Just the right animation style

Animation has been the game-changer in educating the audience. It has paved the way to make storytelling appealing yet informative. The traditional animation style has paved the way for new modern animation techniques.

The most popular techniques for creating animated educational videos being:

    • Typographic animation: In its essence, it is a mixture of text and motion. With its unique implementation of fonts and animation design, this type of animation style can do a great job in emphasizing specific readings that your audience won’t easily forget. This type of animation technique is great for creating short E-learning animation videos for students as it helps enhance the learning experience.
    • Stop Motion Animation: In a nutshell, the essence of this animation technique is that the creator takes several photos by moving objects slowly, so as to create an illusion of a continuous video being played. Not only is it easy to produce but also effective in engaging the audience. Check this really cool stop motion video tips!
    • Motion Graphics: These are pieces of animation with text as a major component, which creates the illusion of motion. Such animations not only add depth to a story but also drive the message across easily to the target audience. Such motion graphics design animations, combined with sound can be used for creating a broad range of educational videos.
    • Screencast Animation: Recording content on the screen which is backed by narration – it’s as simple as that! Teachers can directly solve problems and record it. It does a great job in getting the message across to students in a systematic & comprehensible way.

The types of animations styles are abundant. But choosing the right type of animation to create the best educational video that the audience can resonate with is what truly matters. From the audience demographics to the content be shown- many factors go into play while deciding the right animation styles.

It might seem like a lot of troublesome work if you are making it for the first time using an educational video maker. But that’s where Communication Crafts comes to play! Whether you have just a vague idea or want us to work on the whole project, we help create the best animation for your educational video that your audience will love.

3. Make it compelling to watch

Everyone loves a good storyline! Who said educational videos are boring to watch? On the contrary, if you play your cards right- your audience is going to love watching the learning video. From the animation to the colors being used, the design process to the high-quality audio- all these factors are essential for creating the best educational videos.

Animations should be fun no matter how complex the topic is. The more realistic the animation in the educational video, the more appealing it becomes to the eye!

Adding animation in the educational video helps people understand the subject at hand better and curates a positive attitude, yielding better learning results. Selecting a bang on animation format with just the right content makes animated educational videos so effective. Realizing this, many businesses prefer to go with a pro who knows their way around making effective learning videos.

With 15+ years of experience and a team of 150+ experts, we at Communication Crafts have profound expertise in creating educational videos. Being a leading video production company, over these years we have produced appealing, unique learning videos globally for our customers. From creating custom video marketing strategies for your business to the production of the animated educational video, we do it all! Our teams consist of professional scriptwriters, expert animators, and video producers that create animated videos appealing to the human eye! As per your requirements, we select the best animation style that helps deliver content which will leave your audience amazed. Simple as that. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us and we always strive to achieve it.

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